Wednesday, July 06, 2011
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Marshall University science educator wins research award

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. – Dr. Derrick Kolling, a chemistry professor at Marshall University, has been awarded a $35,000 Cottrell College Science Award to continue his research on photosynthetic oxygen evolution.  The grant funding is part of the spring 2011 awards given by the Research Corporation for Science Advancement (RCSA), which seeks to support early career scientists at primarily undergraduate institutions.


“I’m very pleased to receive this award. It means that our lab will be able to continue research on the catalyst responsible for photosynthetic oxygen evolution,” Kolling said. “A better understanding of this catalyst will allow researchers to design abiotic systems that may be used to generate hydrogen fuel from water and sunlight.” 


Kolling, who has been at Marshall since 2009, said the funds will allow five additional undergraduate students to participate in summer research over the next two years. 


“RCSA is one of the premier agencies that support the research of starting faculty,” said Dr. Michael Castellani, chair of the Department of Chemistry.  “Derrick’s work is incredibly exciting and engages large numbers of our undergraduate students.  He’s been a great addition to our department.”


The Cottrell Awards are given for research in the physical sciences or for research in closely related fields.   According to a news release from RCSA , eligible faculty must be within the first three years of a tenure-track appointment and within 12 years of receiving a doctoral degree.


Since 1988, five new faculty members in the Department of Chemistry have received RCSA awards, and four of those awards have come in the last six years,” said Dr. Chuck Somerville, dean of the College of Science.  “This shows that the Chemistry department is having great success in bringing top-tier chemists to the College of Science.”


The Cottrell Awards, totaling $1.8 million, were given to 48 young scientists this spring.

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