Tuesday, April 09, 2013
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University takes proactive approach to anticipated state budget cuts

Huntington, W.Va. -- Marshall University today announced it is taking immediate steps to prepare for expected cuts to its state budget allocation for next year.

A freeze on hiring of non-mission critical personnel and a sweep of some revenue accounts are two measures President Stephen J. Kopp outlined in a message sent to university faculty and staff earlier today.

"All of us are aware of the significant financial challenges facing our state. It is in the news every day," Kopp wrote. "State tax revenues continue to fall and it looks increasingly likely that the state will end this budget year in the red. Although the state budget for next year has not yet been finalized, we do not anticipate that this outlook will improve.... These actions will conserve important resources, while providing the flexibility we need to fulfill our strategic priorities and our public mission."

Kopp added that a downturn in state allocations has been expected for several years and the university community has been working together to streamline operations and identify opportunities to reduce expenditures.

He continued, "Decisions have and will continue to be framed around the priorities and mission of our university, and as such, the best interests of our students and our employees. However, after careful consideration of the circumstances looming before us, we have decided to take action now to avoid more drastic actions in the future. While these decisions are tough to make, they represent the prudent and most appropriate course of action."

Kopp emphasized that the hiring freeze does not apply to searches already in progress or to mission-critical positions, and added that funds already encumbered in the targeted revenue accounts will not be swept.

The budget cuts are anticipated due to declining state tax revenues. The university's administration expects the portion of the institution's budget that comes from the state to be cut nearly nine percent--approximately $5.11 million--for the fiscal year that begins July 1.

Read the president's entire message here.

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