The essential services category includes *noncompetitive, routine, and repetitive purchases.

Essential Services with terms and conditions must be approved by the Office of Purchasing.

Departments may request payment of these goods and services via Pcard or an encumbrance document.  Unless exempted, the Departmental Pcard is the preferred method of payment for these services.

Essential services may include but are not necessarily limited to the following

  • Accreditation fees and site visit costs
  • Advertising
  • Association/Membership dues must be approved in Accounts Payable; Cannot use departmental PCard
  • Athletic and Academic team travel and related expenses (non competitive purchases)
  • Attorney Fees (Legal appointment by Deputy Attorney General); Cannot use departmental PCard
  • Books and related items, including those for libraries and Bookstores
  • Cash advances; Cannot use departmental PCard
  • Contracts for artists, entertainers and speakers with approved terms and conditions signed by Purchasing, and others who are charging travel expenses only for their services; Cannot use departmental PCard
  • Credit card fees and related expenses
  • Employee travel, subsistence, and other reimbursement
  • Equipment maintenance contracts with approved terms and conditions and signed by Purchasing
  • Federal, state, county, and municipal fees and assessments; Cannot use departmental PCard
  • Hospitality expenses; Form MUB0G 3.0 is required
  • Insurance premiums (after BRIM approval); Cannot use departmental PCard
  • Inter-library loan charges
  • Inter/intra-institutional charges and fund transfers; Cannot use departmental PCard
  • License fees of all types after Purchasing reviews licenses with terms and conditions
  • Medical and doctor’s fees, prescriptions, drugs, medical sundries, fees for human subjects, medical studies, tests, x-rays, CAT Scans, MRIs and emergency medical procedures and test of all types (non competitive purchases)
  • Motor vehicle and aircraft fuel
  • Postage
  • Refunds; Cannot use departmental PCard
  • Registration and tuition fees (Note: registration fees for conferences are part of travel)
  • Resale merchandise, sundries, food, related items used by auxiliary services
  • ROTC uniform item
  • Shipping, handling, and freight charges
  • Software, software licenses, and software maintenance agreements with approved terms and conditions and signed by Purchasing. Software exceeding $5,000 is inventoried and must be procured through the University’s asset management system
  • Standardized Patients
  • Student awards, scholarships, stipends, loans, and grants of all types; Cannot use departmental PCard
  • Subscriptions, periodicals, and publications
  • Temporary space rental agreements with approved terms and conditions and signed by Purchasing
  • Utilities of all types, including cable TV and connections and disconnections; Cannot use departmental Pcard