Solicitation Number


Awarded Vendor


MU14REFUNDINS Tuition Refund Insurance for   Students Sallie Mae  
MU14PRENTERINS Renters Insurance for Students Sallie Mae  
R1400916 Furniture and Equipment for MU Visual Arts Center  

Pending – Multiple Awards

MU14AthAudit CPA Firms for annual audit and tax  reporting - MU Athletic Dept. and the  Pending

Open End

MU15AthBus Ground Transportation for athletic teams Pending

Open End

MU15ATHINS Group insurance coverage to various sports programs Pending     Open End 
R1401040 Langendroff Apparatus & Accessories Pending  
R1401001 Equipment move for Smith Hall Art Department Central Van & Storage Inc.  $29,300.00
MU15PARKING Parking Permit Hangers Pending    Open End 
R1401055 Buskirk Hall Boiler Replacement Dougherty  $232,895.00
MU15VEND Vending Services Pending  
R1401058 Exterior Restoration to Twin Towers Wilson Restoration   $346,202.00
R1401077 Renovations Admissions & Health Sciences Library Pending  
R1401151 Terason t3200 Ultrasound System Terason  $30,000.00