Solicitation Number


Awarded Vendor


R1301096    Website Design for RCBI   Automation Creations Inc.      RC-P1400559


R1301358    Hardwood Floor Replacement   Cincinnati Floor Co., Inc.


R1301266    Elevator for   Welcome Center   Neighborgall Construction Co.


R1301357    Lights and  Fixtures   Cancelled


MU14DRYCLEAN    Dry Cleaning   Services   White Way

Open End

MU14HRLVIDSUR    Camera Systems   Cancelled


R1400697    Science Hall Rooftop   Harris Bros Roofing Co


MU14PRINTING    Printing Services   Chapman Printing

Open End

MU14REFUNDINS    Tuition Refund Insurance for   Students   Sallie Mae
MU14PRENTERINS    Renters Insurance for Students   Sallie Mae
R1400901    Shredder/Baler   Central Business Systems Inc


R1400916   Furniture and Equipment for MU Visual Arts Center  

Pending – Multiple Awards

MU14AthAudit   CPA Firms for annual audit and tax  reporting - MU Athletic Dept. and the Big Green Foundation   Pending

Open End

MU15AthBus   Ground Transportation for athletic teams   Pending

Open End

R1401001   Equipment move for Smith Hall Art Department   Pending