Bid Award Information

Historical Award List

Bid# Description Vendor(s) Amount
R1600976 Twin Towers Emergency Generators Jordan Smith Electric


R1602116 Stacking Chairs, Seated Risers and Storage Carts U Buy Rite Inc / Wenger Corp


Wenger Corp


R1601391 Linen Services White Way Cleaners


MU17TEMPS Temporary Services Adecco/ Express/ Kelly


MU17CISCO  Upgrade  Verizon  $2,453,555.00
 R1701202  Cisco SmartNet Maintenance  Pomeroy IT Solutions Sales Co $ 87,959.95
 R1701155  MU Smith Hall Renovations and Upgrades  ZMM, Inc. $74,527.00
 R1701154  MU Jenkins Hall Renovations and Upgrades  Bastian & Harris Architects, PLLC  $273,979.00
 R1700961  Twin Towers Residence Hall HVAC Upgrades  Pending
 R1701398 Partial Re-Roofing of Douglass Center School of Medicine  Par Roofing Co., Inc.  $151,000.00
 MU17MAILSYS  Mail System  Pending