NRHH Constitution


Marshall University NRHH


We, the members of the Marco Lodges Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary, in order to honor and recognize outstanding members of our residential communities, and to promote a higher quality and standard of involvement and interaction in the residence halls, do hereby establish and uphold this constitution.


Article I: Name

The name of this organization shall be the Marco Lodges Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary at Marshall University.


Article II: Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to provide recognition to those who have provided outstanding service or exceptional leadership in supporting the University’s residential communities, through the 4 pillars of NRHH: Leadership, Recognition, Scholarship, and Service.


Article III: Membership

A. Minimum requirements for induction are as follows:

1. Individuals shall be students who have lived in the residence halls for at least one full year during the year prior to induction;

2. Individuals shall have exhibited outstanding leadership and service to the University’s residential communities; and

3. Individuals shall have a grade point average of at least 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.

4. Should a member fall below a 2.75 GPA, they will be granted one academic year of active membership probation to rise about the GPA requirement.

5. Members must remain in good academic standing with the university.

B. There are four categories of membership:

1. Active members live in Marshall University residence halls.

2. Alumni members have moved off-campus or no longer attend Marshall University.

3. Honorary members are individuals (such as faculty or staff) who are not eligible for general membership and have provided outstanding service or exceptional leadership for the University’s residential communities. The number of honorary members the chapter may induct per academic year may not exceed ten percent of the chapter’s membership cap.

C. The total active membership is limited to 1% of the residence hall population.

D. New members will be selected every fall semester as outlined in the Chapter Bylaws.

E. While all inductees receive lifetime membership in NRHH, members must comply with the Membership Guidelines in order to remain in good standing.

F. No fees or dues shall be collected from NRHH members or applicants.

G. Attendance is required at all general assembly meetings.

H. All members must abide by the Student Code of Conduct.

Article IV: Executive Board

Section I: Executive Structure

A. The Executive Board of the NRHH is composed of five members:

1. President

2. Vice President for Recognition

3. Vice President for Recruitment and Retention

4. Vice President for Administration and Finance

5. Vice President for Community Service and Outreach


Section II: Executive Board and Advisor Duties

A. Positional Duties:

1. The President shall:

a. Preside over all chapter and Executive Board meetings.

b. Create special committees, as needed.

c. Maintain correspondence with the CAACURH AD-NRHH and the NACURH Services & Recognition Office

d. Coordinate the annual affiliation process.

e. Attend the CAACURH, and No Frills conferences, or designate a representative to attend in their absence pending available funding.

2. The Vice-President for Recognition shall:

a. Chair the “Of the Month” Submissions.

b. Promote and coordinate the submission of “Of the Month” Awards.

c. Chair recognition events each semester.

3. The Vice-President for Recruitment and Retention:

a. Solicit nominations for membership candidates

b. Distribute membership applications.

c. Receive and prepare applications in accordance with the Bylaws.

d. Notify candidates of their application status.

e. Facilitate the overall selection and induction process.

f. Plan and organize the induction reception each semester.

g. Keep record of all membership standings.

4. The Vice President of Administration and Finance shall:

a. Keep records of NRHH Chapter business.

b. Maintain the NRHH website/facebook/etc.

c. Submit monthly report to advisor.

d. Keep accurate records of all funds spent.

e. Be responsible for any fundraising events.

5. The Vice President for Community Service and Outreach shall:

a. Liaison with other campus organizations for community service initiatives.

b. Plan at least one community service event per semester

c. Coordinate advertising and marketing.

d. Attend all RHA General Assembly meetings as the NRHH representative.

B. Overall responsibilities

1. Officer must attend all NRHH general assembly and leadership meetings. 2. Excused absences must be approved by the staff advisor.


Section III: Elections

A. Requirements

1. All candidates must be a member in good standing for the year in which they intend to hold office.

2. All candidates must have been an active member for at least one

semester prior to their candidacy.

3. All candidates must hold at least a 3.0 GPA at the time of election.

B. Election Process

1. Elections shall be held each spring.

2. If elections are held at a general meeting, each candidate will receive five minutes in which to speak to the chapter, followed by a question-and-answer period.

3. If elections are held electronically, each candidate shall submit a statement not to exceed 500 words to be distributed to the general membership. Candidates shall also make their email addresses available to the members for questions.

4. In order to win, a candidate must receive a majority of the votes cast.

5. In the event of a tie, and immediate run-off election shall be held between the top two vote receivers.

6. Each officer shall be elected to a one-year term, beginning in May and ending the following May.

7. Elected officers shall be sworn in annual NRHH student leader training.

C. Officer Oath

The Officer Oath is as follows:

“I, (name), pledge to uphold and honor all the principles, values, and beliefs of the Marco Lodges Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary at Marshall University. I solemnly swear, as an executive officer, to serve the Chapter to the best of my ability, and to protect and uphold the dignity of our constitution, NACURH, NRHH, and the well-being of this chapter.”


Section IV: Removal from Office

A. Terms

1. If an officer is not performing their designated duties or they do not meet all

requirements in the constitution they may be removed from office.

B. Removal Procedures

1. Any NRHH member may submit a written complaint to the NRHH advisor.

2. The NRHH advisor will advise the officer of the formal complaint and allow the officer to file a formal response.

3. Should the issue persist to a second complaint is filed with the advisor, the advisor will call for a challenge of competency at the next general assembly meeting. The officer may be removed by a 2/3 vote of the general membership.

4. Membership status will be evaluated separately at the discretion of the membership.


Section V: Succession

A. Executive Board Vacancy

1. Should an executive office become vacant, the vacancy will be presented to the executive board for possible nominations from the body. Appointments can be made through a majority vote from the membership.

2. Should no member of the current board wish to fill the position, a secondary election process will be held.


Article V: Partnerships and Affiliations


Section I: Residence Hall Association

A. The Residence Hall Association and NRHH are partner organizations which collaborate and share resources.

B. The Vice President of Community Service and Outreach shall attend RHA General Assembly Meetings.



A. This chapter shall remain in good standing with NACURH and CAACURH.

B. If an NRHH member is elected to a regional or national position, NRHH and RHA will financially support that student in their participation.


Article VI: Amendments and Bylaws

A. The Constitution may be amended by a simple majority vote of all active NRHH members present at a general meeting.

B. The Bylaws may be amended by a simple majority vote of the Executive Board.

C. Financial decisions must be made by a majority vote of the executive board and a majority vote by the delegation.

D. Constitution and bylaws will be reviewed annually by the active membership.


Article VII: Enactment

This Constitution was enacted by a majority vote of the general assembly on February 26, 2013.







Marshall University NRHH


Article I: Meetings and Committees


Section I: Meetings and Voting

A. The NRHH membership shall meet biweekly.

B. The NRHH Executive Board will have scheduled meetings at least biweekly.

C. Committees will meet as necessary to perform their duties.


Article II: Selection and Induction of New Members

Section I: Application Requirements

A. Applicants must currently reside on campus.

B. Applicants must have resided in Residence Halls for at least two semesters (including the present semester).

C. Applicants must have a cumulative G.P.A. of at least 2.75.

Section II: Selection Procedure

A. Applicants will be selected for induction by the Executive Board through a blind review application process.

Section III: Induction Ceremony

A. The fall induction ceremony will be planned by the Vice President of Recruitment and Retention.

B. Inductees will take the following oath:

“I, (state your name), agree to uphold and honor all the principles, values, and beliefs of the Marco Lodges Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary at Marshall University. I promise to continue the tradition of recognition and service in theresidence halls. In my efforts to serve this chapter, I will uphold the NRHH constitutionto the best of my abilities.”