Q: How does Sigma Alpha Epsilon support its chapters and members with educational programs?

A: SAE has developed the web-based True Gentleman Initiative (TGI) Program, which is the framework for all educational programming. The program is based on 12-core areas of chapter development and builds partnerships between the chapter, host institution, alumni, parents, and Fraternity Service Center. Each chapter has a complete library of online officer notebooks to store and record officer information, files, and officer goals. The website also has a section dedicated to personal development, called the "Portfolio." Chapters have the ability to have their outstanding programs featured as "programs of the week" on the TGI's homepage area called "What's New on the TGI." The SAE Foundation sponsors the annual Leadership School to deliver personal development training and skill building to more than 400 brothers each year. The SAE Foundation also recognizes top students with a generous scholarship program. The TGI program was awarded the "Outstanding Educational Programming Award" by the Association of Fraternity Advisors in December 2002.

Q: What does Sigma Alpha Epsilon require for new member education or pledgeship?

A: Pledge requirements are stated in the Fraternity Laws, Section 47, stipulating a pledgeship from four to twelve weeks during which a complete course of education prescribed by the chapter shall take place. The Fraternity Laws state that the education should include orientation on the history, laws and traditions of SAE on both national and local levels. Also included is instruction as to standards, culture and gentlemanliness, which are expected of a member of SAE. The Fraternity Laws do not require any written or oral examinations at any time during, before or after pledgeship. Hazing is prohibited.

Q: What do collegiate dues pay for?

A: Collegiate dues pay for a number of functions of the Fraternity: the member services department at the Fraternity Service Center, the regional director program, a portion of the costs of the annual John O. Moseley Leadership School, TGI Institutes, risk management services, upkeep of the Levere Memorial Temple and many other general services provided by the Fraternity Service Center. The dues also cover the case costs of The Phoenix pledge manual, badge, and membership cards.