Welcome to the South Charleston campus!

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It’s our goal to provide you with the quality education you expect from Marshall, only closer to home. Prior to 2016, most coursework offered here was for graduate students, but we’ve expanded our offerings in order to provide opportunities for undergraduates in specific majors for their first four semesters. We’ve also added some services and activities undergraduates want, as well as connections to the Huntington campus so you’ll be ready when the time comes to finish your degree in Huntington.

Undergraduate students in the following majors may attend the South Charleston campus for a complete schedule for their first two years:

  • Engineering
  • Athletic Training
  • Computer Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry

Students interested in pre-pharmacy and pre-medicine may also be able to get full schedules for the first two years. Students in other majors may attend the South Charleston campus, but may not be able to get a full schedule for the first two years.