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Thursday, September 23, 2014


1.   Approval of Minutes: May 8, 2014


2.   Announcements: Dr. Larry Stickler

3.   Procedural Notes from the Parliamentarian- Dr. Cheryl Brown

4.   Recommendations:

  • SR-14-15-01 BAPC recommends a staff representative appointed by the Dean of Students serve as an ex officio, nonvoting member on the Budget and Academic Planning Committee.

5.   Report of the University President: Dr. Stephen Kopp

6.   Report of the Provost: Dr. Gayle Ormiston

7.   MU Board of Governors Report: Dr. Marty Amerikaner

8.   Advisory Council of Faculty Report: Dr. Elizabeth (Beth) Campbell

9.   Reports from 20/20 Committees:

  • Budget Working Group                    Shane Tomblin
  • Vision                                                        Tracy Christofero                   
  • Communications Plan                               Ginny Painter
  • Roles & Responsibilities               Stephen Kopp
  • Academic Portfolio                                   Gayle Ormiston
  • Service Portfolio                           John Maher
  • Pro Forma Model                          Michael McGuffey  
  • Key Performance Indicators                     Mary Ellen Heuton 


10. Reports from Standing Committees:

  • No Reports for the first meeting


11. Request to Speak and/or Answer Questions to the Senate: (5 minutes)
  Bruce Felder   (Director of Human Resource Services)
              Frank Gilliam (United Way Campaign)
12. Agenda Requests for Future Meetings:






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