Minutes of the Marshall University Faculty Senate, Thursday, May 16,1996, at 10:00 a.m., in the John Marshall Room, Memorial Student Center

MEMBERS PRESENT: Stone, Hall, Karickhoff, Lowry, Marley, Stern, Anthony, Jackson, Miller, Dennison, Duke, Gripshover, Gross, Shaver, Spindel, Taft, Woodward, Merritt-Damron, Doyle, Perry, Wildman, Cowell, Finver, Guyer, Larsen, Simmons, Castellani, Aluthge, Hubbard, May, Valluri, parliamentarian, Denman; and several guests.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Abramson, Blankenship, Desai, Bauer, Turner, Sporny, Baker, Perkins, Rotter, Brown, Green, Krasnow, Reichenbecher, Walker, Davis, Stotts, Pupplo-Cody, and Wilson.

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Susan Jackson, Vice-President of the Faculty Senate. The minutes of the April 25, 1996 meeting were approved as distributed.


Jackson reported that the reason for Elaine Baker's absence today is due to scheduled surgery she had recently; she is doing very well and looks forward to a speedy recovery.

President Gilley has approved all Senate recommendations of April 25, 1996. From the March meeting, Sections 1 & 2 of SR-95-96-322 (FPC) [salary issues] have been disapproved; therefore, the entire recommendation will be returned to committee for revision. SR-95-96-47 (CC) [course addition MTH 130E] has now been approved.

Jackson referred to two pieces of information to be reviewed: 1) the proposed schedule for next year's Senate and Executive meetings as well as the standing committee deadlines for recommendations; and 2) the Marshall University Mission statement as revised and included with the agenda packet; it will not be acted upon until next fall but is being distributed now so that it can be shared with colleagues for their input.

Bert Gross alerted Senate members to issues being studied this summer by teh Series 36 Revision Committee: appeals process, faculty contracts, academic professionals designation, and faculty evaluation. Any input regarding any of these issues should be given to Bert before June 6 when the committee begins its work. Sarah Denman added that it has been requested to extend the original deadline of September 1 to October so that faculty will have a chance to react to any proposals before they are finalized; that extension will likely be granted.


Dr. Gilley stated that it has been a relatively good year for Marshall, both here and in the Legislature. The fund-raising process continues for the new library/information center; he thanked those faculty that have participated. He deferred the remainder of his time to Lee Moon and members of the Athletic Department.


Athletic Director Lee Moon stated that it had been a difficult year in that two major coaches had to be hired as well as completely new administrative staff. Graduation rate of athletes has increased to 47% (overall university rate is 35%). In budget projections, revenue will exceed expenses by $191,000. Moon then introduced both new coaches Bob Pruett and Greg White who each spoke briefly, emphasizing their commitment to academics and inviting faculty to contact them about any concerns or suggestions they may have.

Ben Miller moved and it was seconded that their time be extended by 10 minutes. Motion carried. Moon then reported that after Marshall's recent NCAA evaluation, the Athletic Department has been certified without sanctions. Two recommendations that the NCAA did make was continued growth in women's programs at Marshall, and an expanded student athlete program. Barbara Burke, Associate Athletic Director/Women's Sports, reported steps being taken to provide growth in women's athletics, and Moon stated that there will be an increase of staff for the student athlete program as well as the provision of physical space in Gullickson Hall for that purpose. He then distributed budget data and answered questions regarding that information.

As faculty representative for NCAA, Bob Sawrey briefly reiterated the Athletic Department's commitment to academics and invited faculty input as well. In conclusion, Lee Moon presented a $100,000 check from the Athletic Dept. to Dr. Gilley for the new library/information center.


Before proceeding with the printed recommendations, Bert Gross moved and it was seconded to suspend the agenda to consider a matter related to parking. He then stated that in light of a recent telephone message from the Parking Office regarding an enforcement of regular parking regulations for Session A (Intersession), he would ask that "the Faculty Senate urge (1) that the Parking Office abide by the published policy and (2) if policy changes are thought to be desirable that proposals be presented to the Faculty Senate through appropriate channels." When asked if that was a motion, he replied that he so moved, and it was seconded. After some discussion, the motion passed as presented.