Faculty Senate Minutes 9-28-95


Thursday, September 28, 1995



The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Faculty Senate President Elaine Baker. The minutes of the last meeting (May 11, 1995) were approved as distributed.


Presidential action on Senate recommendations. All have been approved from last spring except the following:

SR-94-95-(107)214(FS) Fitness Center fee waiver - Disapproved.

SR-94-95-(108)215(IS) Maximum teaching loads of 12 hours for Transition Institute Faculty - Disapproved.

SR-94-95-(112)219(EC) Recommended policy on accommodations for disabled students - Still pending.

Parliamentary procedure. Baker referred to the list of terms included with the packet of materials sent out with today's agenda which provides guidelines for parliamentary procedures at Senate meetings. Bill Denman was introduced as Senate parliamentarian.

Report of the University President:

Senate Bill 547. In order to fully fund the classified staff schedule and to provide faculty salaries at 95% of peer institutions in 5 years, a strategic plan must by submitted this year by each university to outline how that will be accomplished without additional state funding beyond 3.25% per year from the state legislature or with a 3% cap annually on additional student fees. Strategies must be provided to cover the projected $7.5 million shortfall. It is expected that restructuring within will drive the salary assumptions since personnel salaries comprise 80% of the budget. All institutions within the state will be supplying their respective Boards with projected revenues and expenses, and that information is due November 1. It is anticipated that any cuts will occur in the 4th and 5th years.

Simmons moved to expand the discussion by 10 minutes. Motion seconded and carried. Several questions about the plan were directed to Dr. Gilley:

--Outsourcing. Another name for privatization; some possible options are security, mail, dorms, etc. Currently, the campus bookstore and food service are privatized on Marshall's campus.

--Summer school. Could be an option but students pay a significant amount of summer school costs so savings would not be that much.

--Responsibility for decisions made. Input will be solicited from all consituencies on campus, but each institution will then present to the Board of Trustees its recommendations. The first course of action will be attrition; the current turnover rate is 5-7% across the university.

--Course of action. After all data is collected and shared between Boards, a common set of policies will evolve across all institutions that would be uniformly applied.

ACF report:

Caroline Perkins referred to three policies currently being formulated at the Board level: guidelines for program change, citizenship and the curriculum, and college credit opportunities. (Information about the policies were included in the Senate packet.) A fourth topic still under discussion is the domestic partners policy--it will be on the agenda for the next meeting.

Liaison senator for Legislative Affairs Committee:

Dan Cowell, Dept. of Psychiatry, volunteered for the position and was immediately elected by acclamation.

Other business:

Mike Campbell, Bookstore Manager, was introduced after which he outlined plans and policies for the bookstore. He presented floorplans for the renovation of the upper floor which will extend out toward Elm St. and should double its size. He would like to move toward educational seminars such as copyright and other publishing issues. A book club (buy twelve, get one free) will be available and a faculty/staff appreciation day is planned for October. Textbook adoptions are due November 30. A question was asked concerning faculty discounts; they are no longer available. Campbell invited faculty input and looks forward to working with faculty and students to provide desired services.

Baker announced the following appointments as made by the Executive Committee at its last meeting:

Senate Parliamentarian - Bill Denman

President's Athletic Advisory Board - Phil Carter, Patti Walker, and John Wallace

Staff Council committees

Financial Affairs - Xinlong Weng

Planning Committee - Delores Johnson

Physical Environment - Paul Lutz

Legislative Affairs - Dennis Lebec

Staff Athletic Committee - Don Cannon

Library Construction Committee (Fall semester) - Karen Baker

Baker announced that standing committees are beginning to meet for the year and some of the issues that will be coming before the Senate are parking, salary distribution policy review, patent policy and review/revision of the mission statement. Baker then asked for Senate input with regard with the continuing practice of liaison senators making short reports on committee activities. Four reports per meeting would result in just one committee report per semester by liaison senators. Perkins moved continuance of the policy; motion seconded and carried.

Another practice in former years was the assignment of constituencies to individual senators to facilitate two-way communication. Perkins so moved and it was seconded. After much discussion, there was a call for the question; motion defeated by voice vote.

Agenda requests for future meetings:

--Parking, especially for graduate and teaching assistants

--Use of classrooms - dedicated vs. general designations

--Community College - teaching loads for Transition Institute Faculty

Meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Wildman, Secretary

Marshall University Faculty Senate


Elaine Baker, President

Marshall University Faculty Senate


Dr. J. Wade Gilley, President

Marshall University