Thursday, October 26, 1995



The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Faculty Senate President Elaine Baker. The minutes of the September 28 meeting were approved as distributed.


Presidential action on Senate recommendations.

SR-94-95-(112)219(EC) Recommended policy on accommodations for disabled students - Has now been signed by the President and is approved.

Community College speaker. Maury Ryan who has been invited from the Community College to answer questions about maximum teaching loads for Transition Institute Faculty could not attend today's Senate meeting; that matter will be deferred until the November meeting.

Institutional Hearing Panel. Baker announced the results of the balloting for the Institutional Hearing Panel:

Professor Assistant Professor

David Cusick Karen Baker

Dan Evans Linda Hunt

Ben Miller Deanna Mader

Nancy Stump Karen Mitchell

Herbert Tesser Ed Woods

Associate Professor Instructor

Helen Linkey Christopher Oehrlein

Karen Simpkins Carolyn Uihlein

Computer survey. Baker asked Senate members to complete the survey forms prepared for each senator to determine ease of access to e-mail messages and other online information.

NCATE team. Members of the North Central accrediting team would like to meet with faculty members for a dialogue session; that meeting will be November 6 at 4:00 p.m. in the Alumni Lounge in the Student Center. All senators are encouraged to attend.

Home page. Jan Fox, senator from academing computing in the Medical School has offered to provide her department's expertise in setting up a home page for the Faculty Senate on the internet.

She displayed some sample pages to show how they might look. After a brief discussion, she received positive response from Senate members and was encouraged to proceed.

Report of the University President:

Visiting high school seniors. Dr. Gilley mentioned that 303 high school seniors with ACT scores of 25 or above are visiting the campus today. It is hoped that many of them will make Marshall University their college choice.

NCATE visit. The North Central team will be on campus November 6-9. Our report is thorough and in order; one of the issues that will probably be addressed is the state bureaucracy required to conduct state business.

Senate Bill 547. The final draft of Marshall's report for the state with five-year projected revenues and expenses has been completed and will be mailed tomorrow. We will wait for the response of the Board before taking any further action.

ACF report:

Caroline Perkins reported that the guidelines for program change have been approved and will become Administrative Bulletin #30; each campus will then be required to report how it will comply with those guidelines. At its next meeting, a resolution will be presented to the Board to solicit support from the Legislature to protect student volunteers from lawsuits. The policy for citizenship and the curriculum has not yet been dealt with.

Committee recommendations:

SR-95-96-(2-4)221-223(GR): To approve the following course changes - ACB 641, ACB 643, and PMC 635; to approve the following course addition - BIC643. Castellani moved and it was seconded to approve. Motion carried.

SR-95-96-(1)220(GR): To approve the following course changes/deletions/additions - MCB 643, MCB 645, MCB 648. Sporny moved and it was seconded to approve (with a friendly amendment to correct MCB 643 change from 4 hr. credit to 3 hr. credit). Motion carried.

SR-95-96-(5)224(CC): To approve new forms and guidelines for the change, addition, and deletion of courses. Miller moved and it was seconded to approve (with friendly amendments from Graduate Committee for language and/or punctuation changes). Motion carried.

Standing committee reports:

Academic Planning - Bert Gross reported that the committee is involved with the program review process. Future agenda items include further reviews and the updating of the University's mission statement.

Athletic - Daryll Bauer stated that the committee has met twice and discussed the Mid America Conference; the Athletic Department is taking steps toward making the move. The department's fiscal house is in good order; Big Green activities include fundraising with a goal of $1 million. Several Senate members requested a copy of their budget to be presented to the Senate.

Budget and Policy - Caroline Perkins reported that there have been four meetings so far and that a campus-wide course overload policy would be coming to the Senate soon. The committee is also working on limitations to the current drop policy to discourage students from "course shopping." The committee has also appointed an academic appeals officer.

Personnel - Tom Wilson said that a couple of grievances are being investigated. Executive Policy no. 9 is being formed with regard to patent. Also, inequities with regard to employer contributions to pension plans between higher education (6%-6%) and public education (4.5%-7.5%) is being discussed. The committee has received national salary information from CUPA and regional information from SREB; the committee is working on quantitative criteria for merit pay.

Other business: In order to formalize the offer to construct a web page for the Faculty Senate, Miller moved and it was seconded that we accept the offer from Jan Fox and her department to do so. Motion carried.

Agenda requests for future meetings:

--Maury Ryan from Community College will address teaching loads for Transition Institute Faculty at the November meeting.

--Keith Spears of Adult and Extended Education has requested time to address the Senate.

--Charles Manning, Chancellor, will be attending the December meeting.

--Presentation of Athletic budget by a representative of that department.

--Request from the floor: Perqs for faculty--fees vs. benefits.

Meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Wildman, Secretary

Marshall University Faculty Senate


Elaine Baker, President

Marshall University Faculty Senate


Dr. J. Wade Gilley, President

Marshall University