Thursday, November 16, 1995



The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Faculty Senate President Elaine Baker. The minutes of the September 28 meeting were approved with two corrections: 1) Dan Cowell was present at the meeting, and 2) NCATE should be corrected to be NCA.


Presidential action on Senate recommendations - All recommendations passed at the last Senate meeting have been approved.

Appointments - Ed Scheiner was appointed by the Executive Committee for a five-year term to the President's Advisory Committee on Student Fees.

Report of the University President:

Senate Bill 547 - Dr. Gilley stated that even though the 5-year financial projections have been submitted to the Board, a steering committee is working toward a 5-year strategic plan which must incorporate the 34 Board initiatives (copy of initiatives included with agenda).

Enrollment report - Referring to the report provided for Senators at this meeting, Dr. Gilley noted that Marshall's enrollment has remained stable, although we're entering a period of time where there's a 23% decline in high school graduates. Marshall will be concentrating on increasing its retention rate and attracting part-time students.

Certifications and recognition - Marshall University has been named to the Templeton Foundation honor roll as a character-building institution. The North Central committee is recommending full accreditation for Marshall for 10 years. The NCAA has certified our athletic program; Marshall is among the first 50 of 300 to be certified.

A question was asked of the President regarding the faculty salary goal of 95% of SREB; he replied that our salaries are actually quite close to that goal due to the $5000 salary increase at Marshall over the past three years and the lack of increase for many southern schools during the same time period.

ACF report:

Since a discussion of the Board initiatives was the topic of the report, Duke moved and it was seconded to allow a non-specified time for discussion. Motion carried. Caroline Perkins invited comments and questions concerning the initiatives. Some of the points made or issues raised were:

--None of the initiatives should be enacted until financial implications are made clear and costs known.

--Citizenship goals are fine, but it would be difficult for students to find time for community service when many of them already work one or more part-time jobs just to finance their schooling.

--Quantitative analysis is not always measurable in terms set out in the initiatives. Intangibles such as communication, analytic thought processes, etc. cannot be quantified.

--Qualitative analysis requires volumes of time and money to accomplish.

--Standardization defeats uniqueness and/or innovation; can't be applied across the board since a university by its very nature is a very diverse group of individuals.

--There is an academic conflict in preparing for life's work vs. for life itself; guaranteeing employment should not be the bottom line.

--There are positive things about the document; there are good goals, but we need the tools to implement them. Also, there are quite a number of areas that have already been addressed and are in the process of being implemented.

Transition Faculty and CTC discussion:

With regard to instructional loads, Dr. Ryan stated that that topic is being addressed with faculty actively participating in the process. After some discussion, Ed Taft expressed his continued concern regarding this issue and asked that the Community College reconsider the 15-hr load.

A question was asked about facilities for the Community College. The present Huntington High School has been considered, but it's too far away from the Marshall campus, and parking would be a big problem. Since nearly 2000 Marshall students are enrolled in the Community College, some site much closer to campus must be found.

Committee recommendations:

SR-95-96-6 through SR-95-96-10(GR): To approve the following course changes - PMC 620 and PMC 637, BMS 630, PHS 637, ACB 637; and to approve the following course addition - HST 601. Sporney moved and it was seconded to approve. Motion carried.

SR-95-96-12(GR): To approve the proposal for a new master's degree in Technology Management. Jackson moved and it was seconded to approve. After some discussion with questions regarding where the program will reside (College of Science), and whether it will require additional faculty (current faculty for the present with an additional position later on), the motion carried.

Standing committee reports:

Curriculum - Hal Shaver reported that the committee has met twice and approved several new courses with several more yet to come to the Senate.

Faculty Development - Margaret Gripshover stated that $8741 in Inco funds have been dispersed thus far. The committee is in the process of developing a handbook that can be distributed to the faculty describing the programs available, including such information as amounts available, criteria for applying, application deadlines, etc.

Graduate - William Marley reported that 35 faculty have been approved for graduate status. Five courses have been approved thus far; seven more are under consideration.

Library - Ed Taft said that the committee has met twice; three librarians have been hired recently, and 3 more positions are in the recruitment stage. One issue of major concern is availability of materials once the Health Sciences Library moves to the Cabell-Huntington site. An ad hoc committee has been formed to recommend feasible solutions to document delivery. Ed also distributed information regarding budget and departmental allocations and asked someone from the university administration to address an apparent shortfall from the addtional $100,000 commitment made last spring to the Senate; Dr. Wilcox indicated that the $20,000 needed to make up the deficit could be added.

Legislative Affairs - Dan Cowell could not be present today, but there was nothing to report from that committee.

Old business:

Faculty grievances - Baker referred to a sheet which was distributed at this meeting summarizing the outcomes of faculty grievances as the result of a Senate recommendation last spring.

Baker asked if distributing this information to the Senate was sufficient or if it should go further. Miller moved that the information as summarized here be published in the Newsletter as well. Motion seconded and carried.

Perks vs. costs - Still ongoing.

Monies from Athletics - With regard to monies raised by Athletics being used for equipment or supplies in other departments: NCAA prohibits it.

Open forum:

A request to discuss faculty release time at some future meeting was made.

Agenda requests for future meetings:

--Chancellor Manning will be here on December 14 to meet with the Faculty Senate.

--Keith Spears of Adult and Extended Education has requested time to address the Senate.

Executive session:

The Senate moved into executive session to consider the recommendations of the University Functions Committee regarding honorary degree recipients.

Return to regular session:

Krasnow moved and it was seconded to approve recommendation SR-95-96-11(UF) for honorary degree recipients. Motion carried. It was also asked if it were appropriate to include the name of someone who was previously approved but never received the honorary degree. Hearing no objection, Shaver moved that Burl Osborne be contacted again about receiving an honorary degree. Motion seconded and carried.

Meeting adjourned at 5:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Wildman, Secretary

Marshall University Faculty Senate


Elaine Baker, President

Marshall University Faculty Senate


Dr. J. Wade Gilley, President

Marshall University

s: In order to formalize the offer to construct a web page for the Faculty Senate, Miller moved and it was seconded that we accept the offer from Jan Fox and her department to do so. Motion carried.

Agenda requests for future meetings:

--Maury Ryan from Community College will address teaching loads for Transition Institute Faculty at the November meeting.

--Keith Spears of Adult and Extended Education has requested time to address the Senate.

--Charles Manning, Chancellor, will be attending the December meeting.

--Presentation of Athletic budget by a representative of that department.

--Request from the floor: Perqs for faculty--fees vs. benefits.

Meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Wildman, Secretary

Marshall University Faculty Senate


Elaine Baker, President

Marshall University Faculty Senate