January 25, 1996



The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Faculty Senate President Elaine Baker. The minutes of the December 14, 1995 meeting were approved as distributed.


Presidential action on Senate recommendations.

President Gilley has approved all Senate recommendations of December 14, 1995.

David Woodward was welcomed back to the Senate after being on sabbatical; President Baker also welcomed Mrs. Kay Goodwin, Chair of the WV Board of Trustees, as a visitor.

Baker referred to several sheets of information placed at Senators' chairs, several of which will be used during the course of today's meeting. A sheet with many of the Senator's e-mail addresses was compiled for information as well as for the opportunity to correct any errors. Those Senators who have not yet responded should do so quickly so that they can be included in the new Senate web page.

ACF report:

Caroline Perkins referred to the revised draft of system initiatives which were included with the Senate agenda. The Board of Trustees will be discussing them again at their February meeting; a conference call with Marshall and WVU representatives will take place prior to that February meeting for the purpose of receiving additional input. After some general discussion and the re-emphasis of some suggestions made previosuly, Perkins was asked to stress that Marshall's original general response still stands.

Report of the University President:

President Gilley reported that $3.8 million has been raised thus far from the community (including Marshall employees) for the new Library/Information Center. The fund is expected to reach $4 million by next month which will match the Drinko challenge. Since September 16, 1995, a total of $5.2 million has been received, much of which has helped fund student scholarships.

Dr. Gilley also referred to three of the handout sheets and elaborated on the information provided there regarding new faculty positions since 1990-91 (Transition Institute positions reduced burdens in English and Math departments); enrollment trends and projections; and legislative summary (see attached).

Several questions followed, the first of which was about the new football coach's salary package. Dr. Gilley replied that the base salary is $70,000 plus an incentive package of up to $17,000.

Displeasure was expressed for the lack of media information for Marshall's opening delay (from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.) because of snow on January 12. It especially affected the Med school since their semester had already begun.

A question was asked about the possible merger of WV Tech and WVU and how WVU sees it as a benefit. Dr. Gilley said that we can only speculate since he and Dr. Hardesty have not discussed it; however there are many concerns from our perspective which Dr. Gilley has already expressed publicly.

Dr. Gilley introduced Mrs. Kay Goodwin and invited her to say a few words. She brought greetings from the Board of Trustees and complimented Dr. Gilley as an exemplary manager and a fine University President. Referring to Senate Bill 547, she emphasized that it is indeed the State Legislature's mandate, but that the Board is happy to support it. She appreciates the input from higher education and emphasized that the responses from WVU and Marshall are valued. However, the initiatives will occur and we all will work through them.

Discussion with Dr. Lyle Wilcox:

Dr. Wilcox responded to questions and issues set forth in a memo from Elaine Baker that summarized questions posed previously by Senators:

1) Budget - Funding to deans and programs are pretty much distributed in block amounts working with a base amount of $150,000 plus $50,000 in Foundation money.

2) Summer school - See attached sheet for 1995 and 1996 allocations; the monies budgeted for 1996 includes a 5% increase to reflect faculty pay raises but does not increase course offerings.

3) The library has been allocated $100,000 for this year.

4) The Research Committee allocation was $12,000 for the 1994-95 school year; the committee began with $13,000 this year and then was given an additional $5,000 upon request from the committee.

5) Greatest need or special projects funds:

1994-95 - $100,000

1995-96 - $200,000 - provided by the President which included $90,000 for faculty development and special projects.

6) New positions - In general, the positions are remaining with the department when retirements or resignations occur. There are no new positions in Integrated Sciences thus far. Those faculty working in the Geotechnical area are funded with external grants.

A Senator from Liberal Arts who had just come from a meeting of that college said that they were told that summer school monies in Liberal Arts had decreased by 3% this year. Dr. Wilcox replied that no monies had been shifted to other areas of the university; part-time salaries during the academic year may have affected the outcome in that college; he will be happy to meet with Liberal Arts to resolve the issue.

Discussion with Dr. Keith Spears: Baker announced that Dr. Spears was unable to attend today's meeting--he will be rescheduled for a future meeting.

Committee recommendations:

SR-95-96-(18-20)(GR): To approve the following course changes - MGT 601 and MGT 674; to approve the addition ENG 410/510 and ENG 412/512; and to approve the addition of EDF 617 with a provision that the course title be Applied Multiple Regression Analysis for Educational Research. Sporney moved and it was seconded to approve. Motion carried.

SR-95-96-(21)(APC): To approve the intent to plan a B.S. degree in Environmental Science. Abramson moved and it was seconded to approve. Motion carried.

Old business: None.

New business/Open forum: Brief discussion on the anomaly of large bunches of students showing up for 2nd week of classes (not previously registered).

Ben Miller announced the upcoming Marshall University Jazz Festival (February 1-4) and encouraged attendance.

Agenda requests for future meetings: None.

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Wildman, Secretary

Marshall University Faculty Senate


Elaine Baker, President

Marshall University Faculty Senate


Dr. J. Wade Gilley, President

Marshall University