Abramson, Blankenship, Desai, Stone, Sottile, Hall, Lowry, Stern, Anthony, Jackson, Baker, Dennison, Duke, Gross, Perkins, Rotter, Shaver, Dolmetsch, Taft, Woodward, Merritt-Damron, Doyle, Marley, Perry, Brown, Wildman, Finver, Green , Guyer, Beaver, Larsen, Reichenbecher, Simmons, Walker, Davis, Stotts, Tarter, Hubbard, Dumke, Pupplo-Cody, parliamentarian, Denman; and several guests.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Karickhoff, Miller, Sporny, Gripshover, Cowell, Januszkiewicz, Aluthge, Valluri, and Wilson.

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Faculty Senate President Elaine Baker. Minutes of the January 30, 1997 meeting were approved as distributed.


There was no presidential action on recommendations since there were none passed at the last Senate meeting. Baker welcomed Bonnie Beaver as a senator from the Medical School ; she also introduced Warren Dumke as a senator for this semest er, temporarily replacing Jeff May in the College of Science.

Baker referred to library budget information as well as additional recommendations coming to the Senate for this meeting that senators should find at their places today.

By way of information, Baker stated that all recommendations passed by the Faculty Senate are now available on the Senate home page.

Two announcements from Dr. Denman's office (Academic Affairs):

1.) Data will be collected again this summer for summer school classes with regard to class size; it will be done in the same way as last summer so as to have 2 years of comparable data to work with.

2.) The "Meet the Scholars" program is being re-established. The award will be given annually to the top faculty researcher for the year.


Bert Gross reported that the Series 36 recommendations for revision have been sent to the Chancellor. The Programs Committee will address those issues in March.


SR-96-97-(4) 70R (BAPC): To approve the addition of a medical withdrawal to Section 2 of the university withdrawal policy (p. 40 of the 1995-1997 undergraduate catalog). Perkins moved and it was seconded to accept. Gross moved to amend by adding as the last sentence: Students who receive a medical withdrawal shall receive a grade of W. Motion seconded. After much discussion, the amendment carried. Motion as amended carried.

SR-96-97-(51) 117 (LC) (BAPC): To approve increasing the base budget of the library by $200,000.00. Ed Taft moved and it was seconded to approve. After the presentation of supportive figures for the increase, the motion carried.

SR-96-97-(52) 118 (AC): To approve the following two policies and procedures: 1) Marshall University Department of Athletics Policy on Transfer of Student Athletes, and 2) Policy and Procedures for Hearing on Appeal of Denial of Request for Re lease to Transfer. Simmons moved and it was seconded to approve. Guyer moved to amend by substituting the following wording for nos. 5 & 6 of the first policy:

5. Releases usually will not be granted to a student-athlete to attend and compete for an institution against which Marshall University is scheduled to compete in the student-athlete's sport.

6. Releases will not be granted to a student-athlete who wishes to transfer and to compete for an institution which has employed a coach who previously coached the student-athlete at Marshall University.

Discussion followed during which time both Lance West, Athletic Director, and Bob Pruitt, Head Football Coach, spoke to the policies in general and answered questions from the floor. After more discussion the amendment passed; motion carried as amend ed.

SR-96-97-(53) 119 (BAPC): To approve amending the WP/WF policy passed at the January 23, 1997 meeting by eliminating the final sentence: To accommodate the policy of high demand courses, students who withdraw from and pre-register for the s ame course will be administratively removed. Guyer moved approval; motion seconded and carried.

SR-96-97-(54) 120 (BAPC): To approve amending Sections V and VI (Academic Rights and Responsibilities) of the MU Student Handbook and corresponding sections in the undergraduate catalogue. Corley Dennison moved to withdraw this recommendation from consideration so that the Student Conduct and Welfare Committee can look at it. Motion seconded and carried.

SR-96-97-(55) 121 (EC): To approve a Proposed Action Plan for Marshall University and West Virginia Graduate College. Guyer moved and it was seconded to approve. Nancy Wilson from WVGC spoke to the proposal which would address areas of conso lidation for faculty governance above and beyond the promotion and tenure issues. (By way of information, Elaine announced that the following persons from Marshall have been named as members of the joint committee for promotion and tenure: Jewett Cooper, Elaine Baker, Lee Olson, and Herb Tesser.) After some discussion, motion carried.

Glenda Lowry moved and it was seconded to amend the agenda to add 5 recommendations from the Curriculum Committee. Motion seconded and carried.

SR-96-97-(56) 122 through SR-96-97-(60) 126 (CC): To approve change in title for CI 367, FCS 427, FCS 358, and change in title and content for FCS 470; to add EDF 475, FCS 320, FCS/469/569, German 101 & 102; to delete Ge rman 230; and change in content and credit hours for ART 112, THE 112, MUS 142. Susan Jackson moved and it was seconded to approve; motion carried.

Academic Planning - No report.
Athletic - In Ben Miller's absence, Baker reported that $55,243 is the post-season net income from football championship monies; when additional income from merchandising, concessions and marketing are considered, the total comes to $122,206.
Budget & Academic Policy - Report consists of recommendations just dealt with in this meeting.
Personnel - No report.


A question was asked about Marshall Day at the Legislature, plans, date, etc. No more definite information is known yet--Elaine will follow up to obtain more information and see that it's publicized in order to have good representation in Cha rleston.


The topic of computer installation and technical support from the Computer Center was raised--it was suggested that someone from the Computer Center be invited to speak to the Senate.

Meeting adjourned at 5:03 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Wildman, Secretary
Marshall University Faculty Senate

Elaine Baker, President
Marshall University Faculty Senate

Dr. J. Wade Gilley, President
Marshall University