HELD ON THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 1997, AT 4:00 P.M.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Abramson, Blankenship, Stone, Sottile, Hall, Karickhoff, Lowry, Marley, Stern, Anthony, Jackson, Miller, Baker, Dennison, Duke, Gripshover, Gross, Perkins, Rotter, Shaver, Dolmetsch, Taft, Woodward, Doyle, Brown, Wildman, Cowell, Finver, Januszkiewicz, Guyer, Beaver, Larsen, Simmons, Walker, Davis, Stotts, Aluthge, Hubbard, Dumke, Pupplo-Cody, Wilson, parliamentarian, Denman; and several guests.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Desai, Turner, Sporny, Merritt-Damron, Perry, Green, Reichenbecher, Tarter, and Valluri.

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Faculty Senate President Elaine Baker. Minutes of the March 27, 1997 meeting were approved as distributed.


The Senate Office has not yet heard from the President on any of last month's recommendations, and the one dealing with faculty government concerns with regard to the merger is still pending. Dolmetsch asked what the time limit for presidenti al action is as stated in the Constitution; Baker replied that if not acted upon with 15 days, the recommendations are to go in effect as passed.

Baker announced that the same principles and procedures will be used for faculty salary distribution as last year; the policy is being reviewed but any revisions will be too late to affect this year's policy.

Baker also reminded members that the next Faculty Senate meeting will be May 15 at 10:00 a.m.; Senators are to let her know if they cannot attend.


Dr. Gilley reported that the $6.6 million has been restored, providing a 3.25% increase as required by Senate Bill 547. The Legislature also provided $12 million in bonds for renovations which will be used for Smith and Harris Halls, the Henderso n Center, and an addition to the Fine and Performing Arts Center for a jazz center.

The President also distributed a flyer which names Marshall University as one of the one hundred best college buys in the United States by The Student Guide to America's 100 Best College Buys, a new publication that rates America's colleges and universities.


Bert Gross reviewed the final revisions made by the Board of Regents for Series 36; among several points he mentioned was the compromise provided by the Board for peer review at the institution level, but noted that it applies for appeals for deni al of tenure only; it is not applicable for grievances for promotion. The new document does include annual faculty evaluations, but Gross pointed out that Marshall University (as well as all other schools) already have some form of annual evaluation but a more involved process every third year, so that objection has become a non-issue. The librarian track has been included but there is objection by Marshall librarians as to the proposed titles in the document; therefore, Lisle Brown moved that the Senat e endorse the following titles for library faculty: Professor/Librarian; Associate Professor/ Librarian; Assistant Professor/Librarian; and Instructor/Librarian. Motion seconded and carried.


SR-96-97-(54) 120 (BAPC): To amend Sections V and VI (Academic Rights and Responsibilities) of the MU Student Handbook and corresponding sections in the undergraduate catalog. Dolmetsch moved and it was seconded to approve. Motion carried.

SR-96-97-(61) 127 (GR): To approve the following course changes: CI 521, EDF 631, ATE 591, 592, 637, 664, 666, 667; FCS 427/527; course additions: FSC 602, 614, 665, FCS 509, 569, 570; and course deletions: MCB 630, 621, 655, and 650. Jackson moved and it was seconded to approve. After considerable discussion about lack of rationale for Section A.3, Guyer moved to amend by deleting Section A.3 from the recommendation. Motion seconded but failed by voice vote; the original motion carried.

SR-96-97-(62) 128 (GR) through SR-96-97-(70) 136 (GR): To approve course changes and additions as recommended by the Curriculum and Graduate Committees (see agenda for specific courses). It was moved and seconded to approve; motion carried.

SR-96-97-(71) 137 (CC): To approve the following course changes: CI 101, CI 201, CI 403, CI 409, CI 421 and CI 445. Dolmetsch moved and it was seconded to approve. In ensuing discussion, it was suggested that curriculum changes that involve only title or numbering changes be taken care of at the college level rather than come through the Senate in the future. Suggestion noted and will be referred to the Curriculum and Graduate Committees for consideration and action. Original motion carrie d.

Dolmetsch moved to suspend the agenda to add a recommendation from the Executive Committee. Motion seconded and carried. Baker asked Susan Jackson, Vice-President to preside so that Baker could participate in the discussion.

SR-96-97-(72) 138 (EC): To approve a recommendation that no additional funds be put into the continuing merit pool of money until all merit policies have been reviewed, thus freezing merit monies at the 1996-97 level. Baker moved and it was s econded to approve. After some debate about the consequences of such action, the motion vigorously carried. Jackson returned the gavel to Baker.


Physical Facilities - Allen Stern reported that the committee is still struggling with parking permits.

Research - Ari Aluthge stated that 19 Quinlan grants have been awarded; the next deadline is September 8, 1997.

Student Conduct and Welfare - Margaret Rotter reported that her committee is also dealing with parking permits--who should have them as well as various student grievances.

University Functions - No report.


Ben Miller reported that at a recent Athletic Committee meeting Lance West asked for input from faculty about how Marshall University compares academically with other MAC schools.

The Graduate Committee has recognized the following faculty members for their graduate advising: Robert Angel, John Lancaster and Ed Taft.

Bob Sawrey has asked to speak to the Senate in May in his capacity as NCAA faculty representative.

Baker was asked about the results of the faculty satisfaction survey. She responded that there was a 46.8 return rate and that results had been summarized at the general faculty meeting. Results will be organized by colleges and sent to each Departm ent sometime this summer.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Wildman, Secretary
Marshall University Faculty Senate


Elaine Baker, President
Marshall University Faculty Senate

Dr. J. Wade Gilley, President
Marshall University