MEMBERS PRESENT: Abramson, Blankenship, Desai, Stone, Sottile, Hall, Karickhoff, Lowry, Marley, Stern, Anthony, Jackson, Miller, Cornfeld, Baker, Dennison, Duke, Gross, Perkins, Rotter, Shaver, Dolmetsch, Taft, Woodward, Merritt-Damron, Doyle, Perr y, Brown, Wildman, Cowell, Finver, Januszkiewicz, Green, Guyer, Beaver, Larsen, Reichenbecher, Davis, Stotts, Tarter, Aluthge, Hubbard, May, Pupplo-Cody, Valluri, Wilson, and several guests.

Turner, Gripshover, Simmons, Walker; and parliamentarian, Denman.

The meeting was called to order at 4:05 p.m. by Faculty Senate President Elaine Baker. Because of tight schedules and special speakers, the agenda was reordered, beginning with the report of the President.


Dr. Gilley announced that the new library will be named in honor of John Deaver Drinko who has contributed more than $5 million and has been a long-time supporter of Marshall. More than $28 million has been raised overall for the library; a recep tion is being held Friday, Nov. 1 for Marshall employees who have contributed to the project.

The establishment of the A. Michael Perry freshman scholarship fund was also announced. Freshmen with SAT scores of 21-24 will be eligible, and 500 scholarships at $500 each will be available.


Gubernatorial candidates Underwood and Pritt were invited to speak to the Senate on issues of special concern to those in higher education. Since Cecil Underwood was unable to be present, Dr. Thomas Scott, WV Senator, spoke on his behalf and Char lotte Pritt spoke for herself. Each was given 10 minutes to speak, and both stopped just short of the allotted time allowing for a very brief question & answer period. Both verbally expressed their support for the two recommendations regarding TIAA-CREF parity and the right to allow higher education employees to serve in the legislature. After their presentations, Baker referred to the results of the Legislative Affairs Committee survey and candidates' response to Staff Council concerns which were dist ributed at today's Senate meeting.

Returning to the regular agenda, the minutes of the September 26, 1996 meeting were approved as distributed.


Presidential action on Senate recommendations.

All recommendations from the September 26 meeting have been approved.

General announcements.

James Sottile had been named liaison to the Academic Planning Committee. Ray Blankenship will be the Senate representative on the Computer Center search committee for two new directors. Lisa Moten will be singing at the Organizing Conference this ev ening, thus her dressy attire for today's meeting.

Caroline Perkins reported for the University Calendar Committee:

1.) In order to provide a 2-day fall break without losing commensurate instructional days, time could be added at the end of the fall semester, Thanksgiving vacation could be shortened, or a combination thereof.

2.) It is impossible to delay the beginning of the Spring semester after the Martin Luther King holiday because Marshall now has four different summer sessions.

3.) The committee felt there was no reason that spring break could not occur later in the semester.

Caroline would like feedback from Senators and/or their constituents as soon as possible so she can relay that information before the 1997-98 calendar is finalized.

Bert Gross reported that the ACF is recommending computer equipment and connections for all faculty on all university campuses. Other issues before the Council include the annual evaluation of Deans and Vice-Presidents, dual-credit courses (h igh school and college credit) and Series 36 issues. The final draft of the Series 36 revisions is being held over until at least Nov. 22 and it may go into 1997. Perkins moved and it was seconded to approve SR-96-97-(9) 75 (EC) which summ arizes areas of concern for Marshall University faculty regarding those revisions. After considerable discussion regarding proposed language for non tenured faculty in connection with the librarians' proposal, Perkins moved to postpone until the next meeting so that issue could be clarified. Motion seconded and carried.

Dan Cowell moved to reorder the agenda to consider SR-96-97-(4) 70 (BAPC) first. Motion seconded and carried. Perkins moved and it was seconded to approve the proposed medical withdrawal policy. Steve Hensley, Associa te Dean of Student Affairs, spoke to the need for such a policy. After much discussion regarding accommodating special cases, Perkins moved to amend by inserting the phrase from the University immediately after the word "withdrawal" in the first sentence. Motion seconded and carried. It was then suggested that the word confidential be added before the word "detailed" in the first sentence. After more discussion, Taft moved to table and send back to committee for revi sion. Motion seconded and carried.

SR-96-97-(3) 69 (BAPC): To approve changing the definition of "Minor" in the university catalog. Perkins moved and it was seconded to approve. Motion carried.

SR-96-97-(5) 71 (FPC): To approve Executive Policy Bulletin no. 11 with modifications (Appointment and Evaluation of Faculty Deans at Marshall University). Shaver moved and it was seconded to approve. John Hubbard moved and it was seconded to amend the document by making several corrections. While the various changes were being discussed, it was also noted that the Deans had serious concerns regarding the 2-tier committee structure that would ultimately delay the whole process . The Deans would like to see more faculty representation in the first committee and eliminate the second. Miller moved to postpone and send the document back to committee for revision. Motion seconded and carried.

SR-96-97-(6) 72 (CC) through SR--96-97-(8) 74 (CC): To approve the following course changes - CD 426L and CD 427L to NC/CR; a change in title, content and catalog description for BSC 415; and changes in alpha designators fo r MGT 300, 310, 330, 340, 410, 430, 440 and 441. Blankenship moved and it was seconded to accept. Motion carried.

Because this evening is trick-or-treat night for children, May moved to adjourn. Motion seconded and carried. Meeting adjourned at 5:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Wildman, Secretary
Marshall University Faculty Senate


Elaine Baker, President
Marshall University Faculty Senate

Dr. J. Wade Gilley, President
Marshall University