Abramson, Blankenship, Desai, Stone, Sottile, Karickhoff, Lowry, Marley, Stern, Turner, Anthony, Miller, Cornfeld, Baker, Dennison, Duke, Gripshover, Gross, Perkins, Rotter, Shaver, Dolmetsch, Taft, Woodward, Doyle, Perry, Brown, Wil dman, Cowell, Larsen, Reichenbecher, Walker, Davis, Stotts, Aluthge, Hubbard, Pupplo-Cody, Valluri, Wilson, Finver, parliamentarian, Denman; and several guests.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Hall, Jackson, Merritt-Damron, Januszkiewicz, Green, Guyer, Beaver, Simmons, Tarter, and May.

The meeting was called to order at 4:00 p.m. by Faculty Senate President Elaine Baker. The minutes of the November 21 meeting were accepted as distributed with the following correction: under item no. 2 (Announcements), Mark Simmons added data for biome dical sciences faculty rather than biological sciences as stated.


Presidential action on Senate recommendations - All recommendations passed at the last Senate meeting have been approved with the exception of the ones concerning Dean's evaluations and the mission statement; those have not yet been re ceived from the University President.

Baker thanked Michael Cornfeld for serving as Senator this semester; Stan Sporny will return in January.

Appointments - Alina Zapalska has been appointed as Senate representative to the Student Media Committee.

The Library Committee recommendation will come before the Senate in the January meeting rather than at this meeting.

Senate elections will be held this spring, and in accordance with the Senate Constitution and figures obtained from Mike McGuffy's office, the number of Senate seats for each college will remain the same with the following exceptions: Nursing and the Medical School will each gain one seat; College of Education will lose one, thus bringing the total number of Senators to 51.


Dr. Gilley updated Senators regarding the affiliate relationship with West Virginia Graduate College. Recent developments include joint technological initiatives in library holdings and access, cooperation in administrative resources, and the development of a southern WV network for distance education; the goal is to serve more students more cost effectively. A short question and answer period followed.


Bert Gross reported on two items that have come back to campuses for reaction and faculty input (material attached): 1) Series 36 revisions including appeals process, librarians' status, and the desirability of creating a division for academi c professionals; and 2) guidelines for offering college courses for high school students. Comments should be forwarded to Bert Gross before January 31, 1997.


Dolmetsch moved and it was seconded to suspend the agenda to address the recommendations regarding the WP/WF policy and the midterm grades policy. Motion seconded and carried.

SR-96-97-(16) 82 (BAPC) (SCWC) and SR-96-97-(19) 85 (BAPC) (SCWC): Owing to the major implications of these two recommendations, Dolmetsch moved that the Faculty Senate postpone consideration and that a special session of the Faculty Sen ate be called for Thursday, January 23, 1997 for the express purpose of addressing these two recommendations; and that in the interim period, the Faculty Senate President poll the faculty by whatever means she deems most expedient to obtain a sense of the faculty-at large on these issues. Motion seconded and after much discussion, passed.

Dan Cowell moved and it was seconded that the agenda be amended for the purpose of introducing an additional recommendation for the Senate's consideration. Motion carried; this item will follow the curriculum recommendations.

SR-96-97-(14) 80 (GR): To approve the following change in the Graduate Catalog: Students who are admitted in the "undecided" category may not take more than 12 credit hours before declaring a specific major. "Undecided" students will be barre d from subsequent registration until they are admitted to a degree program. Perkins moved approval; motion seconded and carried.

SR-96-97-(15) 81 (SCWC) (BAPC): Amendment concerning the university withdrawal policy. Baker stated that the Budget Committee would like to have this returned to them for further refinement; this recommendation will come before the Senate at a future meeting.

SR-96-97-(17) 83 (BAPC) (SCWC): To approve an amendment to the university Class Attendance Policy. Dolmetsch moved and it was seconded to approve. Dennison moved and it was seconded to amend by rewording the recommendation: Absences such as those resulting from illness, death in the family, or institutional activities (those approved by the academic deans, such as debate, artistic performances and athletics) are to be excused when a student reports and verifies them to the instructor. Absen ces resulting from major religious holidays are to be excused when a student reports and verifies them to the instructor in advance. Amendment carried; motion approved as amended.

SR-96-97-(18) 84 (BAPC): To approve the name change from Department of Theatre/Dance to Department of Theatre. Perkins moved and it was seconded to approve. Motion carried.
SR-96-97-(20) 86 through SR-96-97-(49) 115: To approve course additions, changes and deletions as recommended by the Curriculum Committee and the Graduate Committee (see agenda for specific courses). Cornfeld moved and it was seconded to appr ove; motion carried.

Perry moved to approve the newly-added recommendation from the Legislative Affairs Committee:

That the Faculty Senate endorse an activity known as "Marshall University Day at the Legislature" and that the day include the following parameters and activities:

1. The Day will be held on the same day as the WV Higher Education Coalition's Day at the Legislature, which will occur around the third or fourth week of the session (not to be confused with the Marshall University activities traditionally held on th e session's final day).

2. The Day will provide an opportunity for Marshall University faculty, staff and students to visit our legislators, to ask questions about matters that have impact on higher education, to insure Marshall's visibility, to make our requests heard, and to provide information and receive feedback.

3. The Day will be well publicized.

4. The President of Marshall University will be asked to allocate funding for the Day's activities (in whole or part) in order to provide buses to and from the Capitol, and other expenses including publicity.

Motion seconded and carried.


Physical Facilities - Allan Stern reported that the committee met in October to deal with the issue of an increase in parking fees; that recommendation has gone to Staff Council for their input.

Research - Ariyadasa Aluthge stated that over $22,000 has been awarded so far this year which represents approximately 60% of the funds available. The next deadline for applications is Feb. 2, 1997.

Student Conduct and Welfare - Margaret Rotter reported that the committee has dealt with a specific student grievance this fall, and that the whole grievance policy may be studied and revised next semester.

University Functions - Jerry Doyle presented the committee's report: commencement speaker and honorary degree recipients have been recommended; the Senate should receive that recommendation for approval in January. The committee is working tow ard the selection process for 1998 to relieve the problem of previous commitments for possible candidates. The Committee is also looking at ways to recognize outstanding public school teachers.

Athletic - Since Ben Miller was not here to make the report last month, he said that the Commissioner of the Southern Conference met with the Committee in October to address the restructuring of NCAA; there is an effort underway to be more gender equitable.


With regard to campus perks, that issue will be addressed in April; the matter of tuition waivers has been sent to the Personnel Committee.

There being no further business, meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Kay Wildman, Secretary
Marshall University Faculty Senate


Elaine Baker, President
Marshall University Faculty Senate

Dr. J. Wade Gilley, President
Marshall University

PS: In order to formalize the offer to construct a web page for the Faculty Senate, Miller moved and it was seconded that we accept the offer from Jan Fox and her department to do so. Motion carried.

Agenda requests for future meetings:

--Maury Ryan from Community College will address teaching loads for Transition Institute Faculty at the November meeting.

--Keith Spears of Adult and Extended Education has requested time to address the Senate.

--Charles Manning, Chancellor, will be attending the December meeting.

--Presentation of Athletic budget by a representative of that department.

--Request from the floor: Perks for faculty--fees vs. benefits.