Stone, Desai, Bolling, Karickhoff, Wyant, Lowry, Baker (E), Evans, Sottile, Isaacs, Rowe, Cirillo, Welch, Sporny, Duke, Freidin, Powell, Jarrett, Baker, Greenwood, Mulder, Westbrook, Adkins, Castellani, Carlton, Schmitz, Stickles, Donathan, Ford, Moorhead, Hollis, Bailey, Cody, Szarek, Shah, Wang, Rhoten, Brown, Delidow, Chaffin, Rider, Rotter, Davis, Tesser, Wilson, Hankins, Hardman, Meikamp, parliamentarian, Gross; and, several guests.

MEMBERS ABSENT: Weible, Baker (K), May, Somerville, Doyle, Battle, Nair, Linz, Guyer, Appleton, Brown, and Russell.

The meeting was called to order at 4:02 p.m. by President Donathan.

1. Approval of Minutes from meeting dated 5/13/99

President Donathan noted that the minutes from May 13, 1999, are on cassette tape but have not yet been
transcribed. This will be done ASAP and distributed for approval.

2. Announcements:

President Donathan noted that the presidential action on Faculty Senate recommendations of 5/13/99 was
as follows: All were approved or read except the Smoking Policy (SR-98-99-(34) 93 SCW) which was
disapproved by the University President.


To clear up some misunderstandings, President Donathan reported that senate liaisons to faculty senate
standing committees serve a two year term which can be renewed for one consecutive term.
Liaisons are voting members of the committee to which they are appointed.

3. Unfinished Business (elections):

4. Report of the Interim University President:

Layton Cottrill presented a report on the Search Committee for the vacant presidency at Marshall. The Board of Trustees hired Korn/Ferry International to do the search for candidates. The committee reviewed the 20 - 25 candidates that were sele cted. Ten (10) of those candidates were selected to do interviews with in hopes to reducing the number down to 5 - 8 for on campus interviews. The ultimate goal is to provide 3-5 candidates to the Board of Trustees by January 1, 2000. Cottrill also rep orted that there is a strong candidate pool which reflects a gender balanced and diverse group of individuals. Candidates selected were strong and effective in the areas of Leadership, Fund Raising, Legislative Matters and Community Relations, etc. A li st of the criteria that was used to select the candidates can be provided by Cottrill's office.

5. ACF Report:

Dr. Ben Miller reported that there had been two ACF meetings since the Senate met in May. John David (WVU representative to the BOT) has been elected chair of the ACF and is a voting member of the BOT. He also reported that the legislature was looking at higher education and that a consulting firm out of Colorado called NCHEMS had been hired to do the study, and that Chancellor Manning would be very happy to come to the senate to discuss this study. At present, information was being collected about the West Virginia population broken down by county and geographic area to use in the study. He also reported th at Delegate Doyle and Senator Jackson stated that there would be no closing of institutions and no restructuring of higher education unless the present system proved to be insufficient and as a result, was not able to meet stated goals. In addition, the business of Merit pay was discussed -- merit pay is added to the base salary at WVU, but not at MU or WVU Tech.

In September the Legislature set the policy agenda for Higher Education. Evaluation of administrators --- there was a suggestion that yearly evaluations of the Vice Presidents and President be done. Gilley and Hardesty suggested that there not be a yearly evaluation of Vice-Presidents and University Presidents. The committee spoke to Chancellor Manning about a proposal that all campuses of the University System evaluate all Vice Presidents and University Presidents on a yearly basis. Additionally, twelve (12) month faculty are not allowed to donate sick time to another faculty member in need because of the way current legislation is written. As a result, the ACF has agreed to modify this and has placed it on the legislative agenda.

6. Requests to speak to the senate:

There was a presentation presented to the senate by Captain Mark Rhodes. A volunteer from Bank One,
Mrs. Asbury, spoke about the importance of United Way and how its funds are used.

7. Agenda Requests for Future Meetings:

Senator Freidin asked for a list of the 21 programs slated for closure. Monica from the library will speak on the book/journal disposal and other library issues. Chancellor Manning's presence is being requested at a future senate meeting to discuss the NCHEMS study on higher education.

Meeting adjourned at 5:06 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Glenda Lowry
Faculty Senate Secretary


Donna Donathan
Faculty Senate President

A. Michael Perry
Interim University President