MEMBERS PRESENT: Joseph Stone, Joe Abramson, Suzanne Desai, Maudie Karickhoff, Laura Wyant, Glenda Lowry (Secretary), Clara Reese, James Sottile (Vice President), Rainey Duke, Nick Freidin, Cheryl Brown, Carlos Lopez, Elaine Baker, Kristine Greenwood, Pam Mulder, Jonathan Cox, Jack Cirillo, Larry Stickler, Stan Sporny, Laura Adkins, Michael Castellani, Matt Carlton, Dan Evans, Jeff May, Denise Landry, Rebecca Appleton, Barbara Davis, Pamela Ford, Wendy Moorhead, Gerald Doyle, Mildred Battle, Darshana Shah, Blake Sypher, Robert Williams, Kenneth Guyer, Beverly Delidow, David Chaffin, Chuck Bailey, Dan Hollis, and Herbert Tesser. 

MEMBERS ABSENT: Blaker Bolling, Bart Cagle, William Westbrook, Seth Bush, Brian Morgan, Bruce Brown, Margaret Rotter, Donna Donathan (President), Dennis Moritz, John Szarek, Tom Linz, Rudy Wang, Bill Rhoten, and Joyce Meikamp.

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Dallas Brozik present.

 GUESTS. Betty Sias, E. M. Taft, Frances Hensley, Larry Froehlich, Allen Stern, Lee Olson, Sarah Denman, Don Van Horn, Barbara Tarter, Steve Hensley, James Hooper, Michael McGuffey, Hal Shaver and four others that I could not read their signature.

 The meeting was called to order at 4:03 p.m. by Vice President Sottile.

             APPROVAL OF MINUTES – FEBRUARY 22, 2001:

             The minutes were approved as read.


            Check your calendars—

·        Wednesday, April 11, 2001 have been designated as “Marshall Alumni Day at the Legislature.” All colleges and their faculty are encouraged to attend.

·        Thursday, April 12, 2001 is the date for the spring General Faculty Meeting, 2:00 p.m. in the Joan C. Edwards Fine & Performing Arts Center. Retiring faculty will be honored. A reception will follow the meeting.

·        Thursday, April 19, 2001, is the date for electing new Faculty Senate officers. The meeting will begin at 4:00 p.m. and be held in the MSC Alumni Lounge. This meeting is for new and returning senators only.

·        On Monday, April 23, 2001 the Faculty Senate will host, at Chancellor Mullen’s request, the first of a series of meetings of WV Faculty Senate Presidents.

·        Thursday, April 26, 2001 is the date for the Faculty Senate’s regular meeting.  New senators and officers will be introduced. The meeting begins at 4:00 p.m. in the MSC Alumni Lounge.


             President Angel stated he had six items to discuss.

·        The Chancellor’s office has been reviewing the compacts and master plans and will advise colleges/universities to take one of three actions: continue, revise or do over. It is Dr. Angel’s understanding that after the first review Marshall will fall in the third first category and he would like to thank all those involved. (Corrected per Jim Sottile at the April 26, 2001 FS meeting)

·        The new Chancellor will be on campus for the statewide faculty senate president’s meeting to be held on April 23rd.

·        Housing/Parking decision made recently. This $48 million project will address the needs to provide more housing and parking for the university.

·        Working hard toward the construction of the Science Technology Building which had, this past December, $25 million earmarked by Congress.

·        Legislature is meeting in its last two weeks. What is going to happen? No one has a good handle on what is going to happen. Governor did not put any money in the budget for SB653 but he is in favor of higher education.

·        An enhancement bill (SB703?) has been drafted to SB653. Half of the new bill is totally new language that revises SB653. It also deals with community and technical colleges in that they should be independently accredited.

            ACF REPORT:

            Vice President Sottile read a report submitted by Ben Miller.


SR-00-01-(25) 66R2 (SCWC): Recommends that the University adopt the attached revision of the Student Code of Conduct. The proposed new Code re-frames the essential elements of the existing Code under six positively-stated Standards for appropriate behavior. This revision will replace the Code of Conduct introduction and sections I – III that appear on pages 62-66 of the 2000-2001 Student Handbook. It will also replace the following sections contained under the heading “Judicial System” on pages 57-60 of the 2000-2001 Student Handbook: Introduction; Off-Campus Conduct; Definitions; Board of Trustees’ Policies. MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED.

 SR-00-01-(28) 69R (CC): Recommends the approval of a College of Education and Human Services, Human Development and Allied Technologies, Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in Adult and Technical Education (ATE).  MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED.

 SR-00-01-(31) 72 (CC): Recommends approval of the listed COURSE DELETIONS for the following college: College of Information Technology and Engineering (CITE). MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED.

 SR-00-01-(32) 73 (CC): Recommends approval of the listed CHANGE OF ALPHA DESIGNATOR for the College of Information Technology and Engineering. MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED.

SR-00-01-(33) 74 (CC): Recommends approval of the attached CURRICULUM UPDATE/REVISION for the B. S. Degree in Safety Technology within the College of Information Technology and Engineering. MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED.

 SR-00-01-(34) 75 (CC): Recommends approval of the listed CHANGE OF ALPHA DESIGNATOR for the College of Information Technology and Engineering. MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED.

 SR-00-01-(35) 76 (CC): Recommends approval of the listed COURSE CHANGES for the College of Information Technology and Engineering. MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED.

 SR-00-01-(36) 77 (CC): Recommends approval of the listed COURSE ADDITIONS in the following colleges and /or schools: Elizabeth McDowell Lewis College of Business and the College of Information Technology & Engineering.  LCOB CLASSES APPROVED; MOVED TO REMOVE ENGR 219 PENDING RECEIPT OF LETTER OF NON-DUPLICATION, SECONDED AND PASSED; MOVED TO INCLUDE ENGR 111 AND ENGR 112 WHICH HAS LETTER OF NON-DUPLICATION, SECONDED, AND PASSED.

 SR-00-01-(37) 78 (PFPC): Recommends that the Faculty Senate request the following: That President Dan Angel, after consulting with the PFPC and the Provost, set priorities and reserve sufficient funds to update and refurnish at least two classrooms a year on the Marshall campus. The goal is to have one or two classrooms on each floor upgraded to electronic classroom status and to replace broken or worn out furniture and upgrade lighting and wiring in all classrooms At least one or two classrooms on each floor of the academic buildings should be upgraded to electronic classroom status. For all other classrooms on each floor, broken or worn out furniture require replacement, and lighting and wiring require upgrading to support today’s technology. MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED AS AMENDED


                       Each liaison, except as noted, reported to-date on their respective committee.

                    Curriculum Committee                          Maudie Karickhoff
                    Faculty Development                            Kenneth Guyer
                    Graduate Committee/Council                Joyce Meikamp (not given)
                    Legislative Affairs                                 Rainey Duke
                    Library Committee                               Mike Castellani


 Dr. Barbara Tarter, Assistant Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean of Enrollment Management distributed bookmarks that outline the various departments supervised by her office and she requested our assistance in letting her know what recruiting ideas we may have.

        Mr. M. Joseph Hughes addressed the Senate to obtain its support of his request to receive and publish the instructor evaluations.


           There were none.

 The meeting adjourned at approximately 5:35 p.m.