MEMBERS PRESENT:  Kurt Olmosk, Joe Abramson, Purnendu Mandal, Glenda Lowry, Bart Cagle, Clara Reese, Roxane Dufrene, Melisa Reed, Elaine Baker, Kellie Bean, Pam Mulder, Stephen Haas, Nick Freidin, Marybeth Beller, Carlos Lopez, Ray Rappold, Larry Stickler, Stan Sporny, Joan St. Germain, Jean Miller, Matt Carlton, Seth Bush, Chuck Somerville, Jeff May, Clayton Brooks, Ashok Vaseashta, Jamil Chaudri, Susan Welch, Denise Landry, Bruce Brown, Susan Imes, Karen McNealy, Wendy Moorhead, Judith Arnold, Mildred Battle, Donna Donathan (Vice-President), Gerald Doyle, Blake Sypher, Kenneth Guyer, Beverly Delidow, David Chaffin, John Szarek, Charles Clements, Isabel Pino, Jerry Jones, Fred Pauley, Chuck Bailey, Dan Hollis, and Michael Robinson. 

MEMBERS ABSENT: Blaker Bolling, James Sottile (President), Robert Williams, Rudy Wang, and Vernon Reichenbecher. 

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Dallas Brozik present. 

GUESTS: Brandon Lee Dingess, Allan Stern, Tony Williams, Christina Murphy, Hal Shaver, Frances Hensley, Sarah Denman, Ben Miller, Don Van Horn, Marshall Onofrio, and Corley Dennison. 

Faculty Senate Vice-President Donathan called the meeting to order at approximately 4:00 p.m. 

1.                  APPROVAL OF MINUTES: 

There was a quorum. Minutes of the January 24, 2002 meeting were approved as read. 

2.                  ANNOUNCEMENTS: 

A.     Dr. Sottile is attending a conference. Remind Senators to be sure to sign-in.

B.     Introduction of Seth Bush, Chemistry/COS as replacement for Hamid Chahryar-Manini. Introduction of Jean Miller, Art/COFA as temporary replacement for Mike Murphy (on sabbatical).

C.     The President has approved recommendation SR-01-02-13 (FS): Recommends to the President that he marshal all the available resources—faculty, staff, and students—to express to the Legislature our deep concern over potential budget cuts.

D.     The Executive Committee has made the following charges: Athletic Committee to develop specific duties for the recently appointed Athletic Subcommittee; Budget & Academic Policy Committee to review the proposed new Probation/Suspension Policy; Marshall Onofrio to speak with Dr. Angel to seek his opinion about the evaluation process for administrative level employees; and the Curriculum Committee to develop guidelines pertaining to areas of emphasis, departmental changes to graduation requirements, and minors.

E.      February meeting schedule: MUBOG – March 5, 2002 in Huntington, WV.

F.      Announcement that MU Day at the Capitol is scheduled for Wednesday, March 6, 2002 from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Faculty Senate has a table reserved. Senators are encouraged to attend.

G.     Announcement that Faculty Senate, Staff Council and Student Government Association are coordinating a Town Hall Meeting for Higher Education to be held on Monday, April 22, 2002 beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the MSC Alumni Lounge.

H.     Announcement of informational items from the Curriculum Committee: The MCTC has approved changes in its Management Technology and Occupational Development programs. The Music Department has approved changes in its Piano Proficiency examination for undergraduate Music Majors, the test is now a graduation requirement.

I.        Announcement that the Budget & Academic Policy Committee reported their charge to review the request to make Honors Seminars a high demand course has been withdrawn by the University Honors Program.

J.       Announcement that--due to scheduling conflicts--Linda Wilkinson, NCAA faculty rep and Brad Bertani, NCAA compliance director will not be here until the April 28th meeting.

K.    Dr. Sarah Denman responded to questions asked at last month’s meeting about travel regulations and faculty raise monies. See handouts. 

3.               ACF REPORT: 

Ben Miller reported that a subcommittee consisting of members of ACF and ACCE (Advisory Council of Classified Employees) are trying to   be the voice for faculty and staff in leading the discussion of system-wide issues with legislators. Their goal is to have dialogue with legislators about these identified issues: PEIA, the evaluation process for merit raises, where does the evaluation of administrators fit in the scheme of merit raises, outsourcing of staff positions and part-time faculty, retirement contribution ratio, the right of higher education employees to serve in the legislature, and getting faculty and staff representation on the HEPC. 

The ACF made a presentation to the HEPC during its last meeting. They are trying to education the HEPC of all that faculty do and their impact on the university system. They have asked the HEPC to support commitments written for them by ACF: To recognize the necessity of faculty as full partners in shaping and leading higher education in West Virginia, a partnership model consistent with good management practices; to recognize the importance of full-time teaching faculty essential to the effective and efficient running of any viable institution of higher education; to recognize the importance of faculty involvement in the economic and cultural life of the community since the programs and projects the faculty bring to the community serve to enhance the lives of all West Virginians; to recognize the importance of scholarly research and grant monies brought to the state by faculty; and to support the mandated merit evaluation with sufficient professional development funding. 


SR-01-02-14 (PFPC): Recommends that the University post signs near all campus building entrances prohibiting smoking from within (a to be specified) distance from the building entrance. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND RETURNED TO COMMITTEE. 

SR-01-02-15 (CC): Recommends approval of the listed COURSE ADDITIONS in the following colleges and/or schools: College of Liberal Arts and College of Education and Human Services. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED. 

SR-01-02-16 (CC): Recommends approval of the listed COURSE CHANGES for the College of Liberal Arts. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED. 

SR-01-02-17 (CC): Recommends approval of the listed COURSE CHANGES for the College of Fine Arts. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED. 

5.                  STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS: 

            Each liaison reported to-date on their respective committee. 

Legislative Affairs                                Dan Hollis
Library                                                Nick Freidin
Physical Facilities & Planning               Rebecca Appleton
Research                                             Pam Mulder
Student Conduct & Welfare                Clara Reese
University Functions                            Bart Cagle

6.                  REQUESTS TO SPEAK TO THE SENATE: 

A.     Dr. Larry Stickler, COFA, related that the Greenbook is in need of revision as the latest version is August 1997. Frances Hensley stated that they are in the process of updating the Greenbook and should have it completed by the end of this semester.

B.     Dr. Kellie Bean, COLA, questioned which standing committee would investigate there being no maternity leave benefits for faculty except those arranged within departments. Also, there are no leave provisions for fathers who wish to provide after birth care. Vice-President Donathan stated she would present this issue to the Executive Committee and request they charge the appropriate standing committee to investigate.

C.     Dr. Nick Freidin, COLA, requested the reformation of the Academic Freedom Ad Hoc Committee to look at all forms of expression. 


            There were none.