MEMBERS PRESENT: Blaker Bolling, Purnendu Mandal, Glenda Lowry, Clara Reese, James Sottile (President), Melisa Reed, Elaine Baker, Kellie Bean, Pam Mulder, Stephen Haas, Cheryl Brown (Secretary), Carlos Lopez, Ray Rappold, Larry Stickler, Stan Sporny, Joan St. Germain, Jean Miller, Matt Carlton, Seth Bush, Chuck Somerville, Jeff May, Clayton Brooks, Ashok Vaseashta, Jamil Chaudri, Denise Landry, Bruce Brown, Susan Imes, Karen McNealy, Wendy Moorhead, Judith Arnold, Mildred Battle, Donna Donathan (Vice-President), Gerald Doyle, Blake Sypher, Robert Williams, Kenneth Guyer, Beverly Delidow, John Szarek, Rudy Wang, Mike Gibbs, Charles Clements, Isabel Pino, Vernon Reichenbecher, Jerry Jones, Chuck Bailey, Dan Hollis, and Michael Robinson. 

MEMBERS ABSENT: Kurt Olmosk, Joe Abramson, Bart Cagle, Roxane Dufrene, Nick Freidin, Susan Welch, David Chaffin, and Fred Pauley. 

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Dallas Brozik present. 

GUESTS: Sarah Denman, Michael McGuffey, Don Van Horn, Frances Hensley, Tony Williams, Barbara Winters, Corley Dennison, and Marshall Onofrio. 

Faculty Senate President Sottile called the meeting to order at approximately 4:00 p.m. 

1.                  APPROVAL OF MINUTES: 

There was a quorum. Minutes of the February 28, 2002 meeting were approved as read. 

2.                  ANNOUNCEMENTS: 

A.        Please clean up cups and other garbage as you leave.

B.        Introduction of newly elected Senator, Mike Gibbs, School of Medicine.

C.        Please revise your calendar: The last Executive Committee meeting for this academic year is scheduled for Monday, April 29, 2002 at 12:00 p.m. in the John Spotts Room; Recommendations to be considered at the April 29, 2002 meeting are due into the Faculty Senate office by 4:30 p.m. on Monday, April 22, 2002; and the Faculty Senate meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 9, 2002 at 4:00 p.m. You may check the schedules online at

D.        A request has been sent to Nick Freidin to submit specific charges for the Academic Freedom Ad Hoc Committee.

E.         The Executive Committee has charged the Faculty Personnel Committee to investigate and then report to the Faculty Senate their research results of providing leave to faculty for maternity, parental, catastrophic illness and long-term sickness. Also the rationale of the pre-approval required of 12-month faculty for leave requests.

F.         April meeting dates: ACF April 18, 2002; HEPC April 19, 2002 at WVUIT in Montgomery, WV and MUBOG is scheduled for May 6, 2002.

G.        The President has approved the following Recommendations: SR-01-02-15 (CC)-course additions for COLA and COEHS; SR-01-02-16 (CC)-course changes for COLA; and SR-01-02-17 (CC)-course changes for COFA.

H.        Announced that Faculty Senate, Classified Staff Council and Student Government Association are coordinating a Town Hall Meeting for Higher Education to be held on Monday, April 22, 2002 beginning at 6:30 p.m. in the MSC Alumni Lounge. All faculty are urged to attend. 

I.           The General Faculty Meeting will be held Thursday, April 18, 2002 beginning at 2:00 p.m. in the Playhouse of the Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center. All faculty are urged to attend. Retiring faculty will be honored and a reception will follow in the lobby.

J.          Discussed the evaluation of Faculty Senate President and the Faculty Senate office. Also discussed the formation this semester of the various ad hoc committees.

K.       Discussion of faculty achievement web page. 


Dr. Angel discussed the following:

·        The Campaign Chair for National Prominence, Mr. Tim Haymaker, was on campus today. A kickoff is being planned for September with a number of events to take place here and by satellite. They hope to have 40% to 50% of funds raised by then.

·        Efforts to obtain additional monies from the federal government include “Briefings of the Congressional Delegation” of which there have been two and another is planned for April 29, 2002 with 25 to 30 university personnel going to Washington, DC.

·        West Virginia’s budget allocates $18 million in new dollars for higher education this year. Dr. Angel feels the Governor and Legislature are in support of higher education. He explained that higher education was allocated $18 million last year but had $9 million removed with the 3% budget reduction. There are five state funding sources for higher education with $4.5 million allocated for research and community colleges, so in fact, there is only $5 million in new money, which will make it difficult to do some of the things as done in the past. Tuition increases are supposed to offset the loss. The HEPC approves of increases to 10%. The MUBOG met via telephone and approved a 9.5% increase for this coming year.

·        Dr. Angel then spoke of the 40 states that have or will soon cut their budgets, which will create tuition increases across the nation. Single year increases are easier on students, but not multiple year increases. The national average of increase may be anywhere from 8% to 10%. The University should know what funds it will have to work with when the HEPC meets in April.

·        Legislative leaders fear there will be less money next year. Dr. Angel feels we have no reason to worry yet. We need federal and private dollars to meet our goals. The current projection is half the money from the state compared with last year—should be $1 to $1.5 million less overall. 

4.                  ACF REPORT:            Dr. Ben Miller absent, no report given. 

5.                  BOARD OF GOVERNOR’S REPORT: 

Dr. Onofrio stated that at their last meeting the budget was their central topic of discussion; Dr. Riley made a presentation about the Community & Technical College; the Board approved the architects’ design for the alumni center, approved fund raising plans for the alumni center, and awarded the building contract for the residence/dining hall. The Academic Affairs Committee will meet in April for the annual academic program reviews. Those approved will be forwarded to the university president, then the MUBOG, and then to the HEPC.

He reported on the Faculty Senate charge of investigating the process of evaluation for upper administrative levels. The university president is responsible for direct evaluation of senior vice-presidents; senior vice-presidents responsible for vice-presidents and on down the line. As established by policy, every fourth year on a rotating basis, a Dean will supervise college staff and faculty in the evaluation of their Dean. It was requested that he also provide information on the evaluation process for Departmental Chairs and Division Heads. 


Parliamentarian Brozik reminded Senators that during discussion of the Recommendations he would be enforcing the rule that a Senator may only speak twice to a topic. Due to the nature of some of the Recommendations it was felt there may be a need for more time for discussion as people may want to speak in a looser context. 

Dr. Sottile gave a review of the reasons for the Recommendations that deal with Constitutional revision. He related that the Constitutional Ad Hoc Committee was formed, as per a charge from the Faculty Senate, to review the Constitution as to revisions needed due to the withdrawal of the Community College and the creation of the Graduate Council and its Bylaws as per legislative and university mandates. The Graduate Council replaced the Graduate Committee as listed in the Standing Committee section of the Constitution and there are issues as how the Graduate Council will relate with the Senate and its Standing Committees. He also explained the rationale for revising the Faculty Senate president’s term of office. There is precedence in that the president of the Graduate Council, Classified Staff Council and Faculty Senate Standing Committee Chairs may serve a four-year term. A discussion period followed.



SR-01-02-18 (FPC): Recommends that should the dean or other head of an academic unit fail in his/her duties to hold an election for Faculty Senate purposes and to report the results of that election to the Faculty Senate president, the Faculty Senate shall initiate and conduct the election. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED.


SR-01-02-19 (UF): CONFIDENTIAL Recommends that the following individuals be added to our previous recommendation for consideration as commencement speaker at a future commencement exercise.  


            SR-01-02-19 (UF): WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED. 

SR-01-02-20 (EC): Recommends that the Ethics Ad Hoc Committee document be approved for broadcast through the all-faculty list serve. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED AS AMENDED. 

SR-01-02-21 (EC): Recommends that the following revisions be made to the Faculty Senate Constitution to make the language reflect verbiage used presently within the university community. These changes will become effective with Senate approval. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED. 

SR-01-02-22 (EC): Recommends that the Constitutional Ad Hoc Committee’s proposed three amendments to the Faculty Senate Constitution be approved for presentation to the full faculty for their deliberation and subsequent vote. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED. 

SR-01-02-23 (EC): Recommends that the following revisions be made to the Faculty Senate Constitution to make the language reflect verbiage used presently within the university community. Upon approval by the Senate, these revisions will be presented to the full Faculty for their approval to put in ballot format and subsequent vote. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED AS AMENDED. 

8.                  STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS: 

            Each liaison reported to-date on their respective committee. 

                        Academic Planning                             Blaker Bolling
                     *Athletic                                           Glenda Lowry
                        Budget & Academic Policy                Wendy Moorhead
                        Curriculum                                         Larry Stickler
                        Faculty Development                         Beverly Delidow
                        *Faculty Personnel                            Elaine Baker

                        Graduate Council                              Fred Pauley (Jerry Jones read his report)

*Requests made by Senators:  Steve Hensley will be invited to attend the April Faculty Senate meeting to discuss counseling services available to students and how faculty may make a referral of a student. Also, Dr. Sottile and Senator Jamil Chaudri will meet with Dr. Sarah Denman to discuss the approval process for sabbatical requests. 

9.                  REQUESTS TO SPEAK TO THE SENATE: 

Blaker Bolling requested the Constitutional Ad Hoc Committee to review the section dealing with Senator attendance. There are no provisions for obtaining an alternate if a Senator has to be absent.

Jamil Chaudri requested that the Faculty Senate office not schedule meetings on any religious holiday. 


            There were none.