MEMBERS PRESENT: Kurt Olmosk, Joe Abramson, Purnendu Mandal, Glenda Lowry, Bart Cagle, Clara Reese, James Sottile (President), Roxane Dufrene, Melisa Reed, Elaine Baker, Janet Badia, Stephen Haas, Nick Freidin, Cheryl Brown (Secretary), Ray Rappold, Larry Stickler, Matt Carlton, Seth Bush, Chuck Somerville, Clayton Brooks, Jamil Chaudri, Susan Welch, Denise Landry, Bruce Brown, Susan Imes, Karen McNealy, Wendy Moorhead, Judith Arnold, Mildred Battle, Gerald Doyle, Blake Sypher, Robert Williams, Kenneth Guyer, Beverly Delidow, David Chaffin, Rudy Wang, Mike Gibbs, Isabel Pino, Vernon Reichenbecher, Jerry Jones, Fred Pauley, Chuck Bailey, and Dan Hollis. 

MEMBERS ABSENT: Blaker Bolling, Pam Mulder, Carlos Lopez, Stan Sporny, Joan St. Germain, Jean Miller, Jeff May, Ashok Vaseashta, Donna Donathan (Vice-President), John Szarek, Charles Clements, and Michael Robinson. 

PARLIAMENTARIAN: Dallas Brozik present. 

GUESTS:  Allan Stern, Linda Wilkinson, Brandon Lee Dingess, Ben Miller, Joe Wyatt, Sarah Denman, Hal Shaver, Corley Dennison, Frances Hensley, Amy Saunders, Tony Szwilski, Brad Bertani, and Lance West. 

Faculty Senate President Sottile called the meeting to order at approximately 4:06 p.m. 

1.                  APPROVAL OF MINUTES: 

There was a quorum. Minutes of the March 28, 2002 meeting were approved as read. 

2.                  ANNOUNCEMENTS: 

A.     Reminder that Senators should sit around the table, others should sit at the chairs or oval table provided.

B.     Meeting schedules: ACF – May 16, 2002; HEPC – May 17, 2002 in a location to be announced; and the MUBOG – May 7, 2002.

C.     The Executive Committee will hold its last meeting for this academic year on Monday, April 29, 2002 beginning at 12:00 p.m. in the MSC John Spotts Room.

D.     The Faculty Senate will hold its last meeting for this academic year on Thursday, May 9, 2002 beginning at 4:00 p.m. in the MSC Alumni Lounge.

E.      Ballots for the proposed Faculty Constitution amendments were mailed to all faculty on April 23rd with a return date of May 3rd. Please encourage faculty in your department to vote. Due to receiving several questions from faculty about Amendment #1, President Sottile will send an explanatory e-mail to all faculty.

F.      Discussion of the distributed 2002-03 Senate meeting date schedule.

G.     Discussion of the Standing Committee liaisons for next academic year.

H.     Discussion of the reformation of the Academic Freedom Ad Hoc Committee.

I.        Discussion of the formed Merit/Evaluation/Comp Committee and a date to hold a workshop.           


Dr. Angel stated that he is proud to announce that this year’s graduating class is the largest ever for Marshall University, there are 2,575 students graduating.

He declared there is good news relating to the capital debt reallocation issue. He then proceeded to provide background information of what has transpired since August 2001—The Chancellor’s proposal to change the structure of the debt reallocation; how Marshall would have lost $20 million in the next 10 years; the preparation of a proposal paper in November 2001; meetings with HEPC and legislative members to garner their support; the receipt of a legislative letter in February 2002; and a meeting with the Chancellor in April 2002 where he indicated the issue is off the table. He asked those present to write letters of thanks to the legislative leaders for their input and support. 

He then updated the Senate about the Capital Campaign Project, which will kickoff September 19, 20, & 21, 2002 with a number of events and a few that include academics. The group hopes to have at least half of the money raised by that time.  

Next Monday, April 29, 2002, will begin the third DC Legislative Day with 30 representatives from Marshall traveling to Washington, DC to meet with West Virginia’s congressional and senate legislative body. 

4.                  ACF REPORT:

Dr. Ben Miller distributed and spoke of a handout (on file in Senate office) that compares the average base salary of classified, non-classified, and faculty salaries. This information was extracted from a report by the HEPC. 

He informed the Senate that the HEPC has posted six rules--Series 19 through 24--for review and a 30-day comment period, which ends May 24, 2002. The rules may be reviewed online at Look for the Proposed Rules heading and the Rules & Policies Page link.  

He spoke of the legislative action this year that lifted the 20-year cap on the increment pay received by all state and higher education non-classified employees. There is to be action next year to remove this cap for higher education classified employees. He feels faculty should also receive this increment. 

5.                  FEEDBACK FORM SENATE: 

  Dr. Sottile stated he had received two items to discuss with the Senate. The first was a suggestion to designate entrances of each
  academic building as being for smokers and all other entrances being designated smoke free. There was discussion. It was decided to
  request the Executive Committee to draft a recommendation for presentation to the Senate at its May 9, 2002 meeting.

  The next item was a clarification of the charges for the Academic Freedom Ad Hoc Committee. As part of the discussion the committee
 may wish to solicit random samplings to determine if freedom of expression has been hindered. The samplings may include faculty, students, administrative offices, personnel, and the local media. Also the committee may wish to determine if “free speech zones” should be established at Marshall. The committee is to then report their findings to the Senate.
It was moved, seconded, and approved to charge the Academic Freedom Ad Hoc Committee to investigate the status of freedom of expression on Marshall’s campus and report their findings back to the Faculty Senate.


8.                  REQUESTS TO SPEAK TO THE SENATE: 

A.     Mr. Stephen Hensley, Dean, Student Affairs, distributed a handout (on file in Senate office) about the Counseling Services offered to students. He stated that these services should be used when a student is in a “crisis” situation or status. He spoke of the recent student suicide and what services have been provided. He introduced several of the Counseling Services’ staff. 

B.     Dr. Joe Wyatt distributed a handout (on file in Senate office) about the Psychology Clinic and the services it offers to students, faculty, staff, and the public. He stated that the clinic’s services are by appointment only and should be used when a student is in need of evaluation or on-going therapy, not in a crisis situation or status. 



SR-01-02-24 (CC): Recommends approval of the listed COURSE DELETION for the following college and/or school: COLLEGE OF SCIENCE. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED. 

SR-01-02-25 (CC): Recommends approval of the listed COURSE CHANGES for the following college and/or school: COLLEGE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED. 

SR-01-02-26 (CC): Recommends approval of the listed COURSE ADDITIONS for the following colleges and/or schools: COLLEGE OF EDUCATION & HUMAN SERVICES; COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS; AND COLLEGE OF SCIENCE. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED. 

7.                  STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS: 

            Each liaison reported to-date on their respective committee.

                    Legislative Affairs                                Dan Hollis
                    Library                                                Nick Freidin (no report)
                 Physical Facilities & Planning               Rebecca Appleton
                    Research                                             Pam Mulder (no report)
                    Student Conduct & Welfare                Clara Reese
                    University Functions                            Bart Cagle

8.                  REQUESTS TO SPEAK TO THE SENATE: 

D.     Mrs. Linda Wilkinson stated she was invited to answer questions pertaining to her position as NCAA Faculty Representative. She discussed the training she received from her predecessor and the local and regional NCAA training she has attended. She gave an overview of the duties and responsibilities of this position. She related the various departments and personnel she coordinates with to perform her duties.

C.  Mr. Brad Bertani, Associate Director for Compliance introduced himself giving background of his involvement with NCAA
      compliance issues. He distributed a handout (on file in Senate office) that outlines the numerous compliance/rules training sessions he
      is planning with coaches, student-athletes, boosters, support and administrative staff, and many others. He stated his office motto is
      “Ask Before You Act.” If faculty have questions about compliance they can find information on-line at by
      following the Compliance link.


A.     Elaine Baker spoke of being concerned about anticipated changes in faculty job loads, which may result in increased faculty research and productivity, as a result of the goal to attain national prominence. She questioned: What should Marshall be doing? What does national prominence mean? How is it interpreted? What will be the changes in standards? What have the Deans been told? Dr. Angel and Dr. Sarah Denman will be invited to address this issue and questions at the May 9, 2002 Faculty Senate meeting. 

B.     Jamil Chaudri spoke of the relationship between student performance, faculty evaluations and grade inflation. He stated he has prepared a study and will share it with faculty.