MEMBERS PRESENT: Blaker Bolling, Purnendu Mandal, Glenda Lowry, Clara Reese, James Sottile, Jr. (President), Roxane Dufrene, Melisa Reed, Elaine Baker, Pam Mulder, Stephen Haas, Karl Winton, Cheryl Brown (Secretary), Ray Rappold, Jerry Jones, Fred Pauley, Chuck Bailey, Dan Hollis, Larry Stickler, Stan Sporny, Mike Murphy, Joan St. Germain, Matt Carlton, Seth Bush, Chuck Somerville, Clayton Brooks, Rebecca Appleton, Bruce Brown, Sandra Marra, Karen McNealy, Wendy Moorhead, Judith Arnold, Donna Donathan (Vice-President), Scott Simonton, Blake Sypher, Robert Williams, Kenneth Guyer, Beverly Delidow, David Chaffin, Rudy Wang, and Mike Gibbs.


MEMBERS ABSENT: Kurt Olmosk, Uday Tate, Kellie Bean, Richard Garnett, Jeff May, Ashok Vaseashta, Denise Landry, Mildred Battle, Gerald Doyle, Charles Clements, Isabel Pino, and Vernon Reichenbecher.


PARLIAMENTARIAN: Dallas Brozik present.


GUESTS: Eldon Larsen, Don Van Horn, Tony Williams, Vicki Riley, Frances Hensley, Barbara Tarter, Marshall Onofrio, Christina Murphy, Elizabeth Lee, Sarah Denman, and Michael McGuffey.


Faculty Senate President Sottile called the meeting to order at approximately 4:11 p.m.


2.                  ANNOUNCEMENTS:


A.     Reminder that Senators should sit around the table, others should sit at the chairs or oval table provided.

B.     Requested that all present introduce themselves with name, department, and college. 

C.     Presentation of attendance certificates to Senators with perfect attendance AY 2001-2002. Reminder to senators that the Constitutional Ad Hoc Committee decided NOT to change the attendance policy as stated in the Faculty Constitution, and NO substitutes will be permitted. An absence is an absence.

D.     Announced that Dr. Angel has canceled all 9:00 a.m. classes on the Huntington campus on Wednesday, September 11th for observation of the one-year anniversary of the terrorist attacks. There will be a ceremony titled “9-11: Student Reflections, One Year Later” near the John Marshall statue. Classes will resume at 10:00 a.m.

E.      Solicited senators for Liaison positions on the following standing committees: Curriculum (Larry Stickler), Library/fall replacement for Nick Freidin (Karl Winton), and University Functions (Joan St. Germain).

F.      Obtained approval for Executive Committee representation: Ken Guyer—SOM, Scott Simonton—CITE, and Purnendu Mandal—LCOB. MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.

G.     Announced that the COLA Dean has approved a departmental name change—Classical Studies is now “Classics.” Rationale: Classical Studies derives from an earlier era and no longer fits the national norm for free standing departments in that field.

H.     Solicited Senators input for suggestions about PowerPoint presentation(s) for profiling faculty achievements.

I.        Announced the September meeting schedules: ACF – September 13, 2002; HEPC – September 12 & 13, 2002 at the Embassy Suites, Charleston, WV; and the MUBOG – September 18, 2002.

J.       Announced the General Faculty Meeting to be held Tuesday, September 24, 2002 beginning at 2:00 p.m. in the Playhouse of the Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center. All faculty are urged to attend. President Angel will present his State of the University Address and new faculty will be introduced.

K.    Announced that the President has approved the following Recommendations: SR-01-02-28 BAPC—Academic Probation & Suspension Policy; SR-01-02-29 CC—course additions for College of Fine Arts and College of Liberal Arts.

L.      Announced that the President has disapproved the following Recommendations which have been returned to committee: SR-01-02-18 FPC—Should an election not be held by Dean or other, the Faculty Senate shall initiate and conduct the election; SR-01-02-27R FPC—Policy for conducting a vote of no confidence; and SR-01-02-30 FS—Policy relating to smoking at academic building entrances.

M.   Dr. Sottile related that he has asked each standing committee chair/secretary to create three items that their committee will work on related to improving the university. Basically to create a “Plan of Action” for the academic year. An example would be the Research Committee’s creation of the Research Scholars Awards.

N.    Dr. Sottile related that he has asked the standing committee chair/secretary to attend the Faculty Senate meetings when their committee has a recommendation being presented.

O.    Informed members of this summer’s work on the faculty achievements web site: obtained extra help personnel to input information into web database; currently working to obtain extra help personnel to develop PowerPoint presentation(s) that will be a 15 minute profile of faculty that will be used on the web or Adelphia Channel 25; and reminded faculty to submit their listing of achievements to Bernice Bullock.

P.      Dr. Sottile announced that he will be attending a meeting with Chancellor Mullens and the ACF and FS Presidents at WV State College on Friday, September 13, 2002 beginning at 11 a.m.




1.                  APPROVAL OF MINUTES:


There was a quorum. Minutes of the May 9, 2002 meeting were approved as read.




SR-02-03-(2) 32 EC: The Constitutional Ad Hoc Committee recommends that the following revisions be made to The Constitution of the Marshall University Faculty in order to align its language with Senate Bill 653 and the Marshall Community & Technical College’s The Constitution of the Faculty.  These changes will become effective with Senate approval contingent upon approval by the faculty of the proposed Constitutional amendments. MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.


SR-02-03-(3) 33 EC: The Constitutional Ad Hoc Committee recommends that the following revisions be made to The Constitution of the Marshall University Faculty in order to align its language with current procedures; and Senate Bill 653 and the Marshall Community & Technical College’s The Constitution of the Faculty. MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.




SR-02-03-(1) 31 EC: Recommends that the University President request the university legal counsel to pursue the validity of faculty being charged for 52 weeks for the Huntington City Service Fee when faculty contracts are for nine months. Legal counsel is to request the City of Huntington to revisit the policy and determine what changes are necessary and how faculty will pay for their contractual period. MOVED, SECONDED, AND DISAPPROVED.


5.         ACF REPORT:


Dr. Ben Miller absent, no report given.


6.                  BOARD OF GOVERNOR’S REPORT:


Dr. Onofrio reported that the MU Board of Governor’s had met July 10, 2002, August 19, 2002 and their next meetings are scheduled for September 9th & 18th, 2002. There were also some meetings held telephonically. There are two new members on the Board: Robert Shell and Menis E. Ketchum. The Board has approved the 2002-2003 budget and various capital improvement projects. The Board has discussed the possibility of a 10% budget cut for 2003-2004 which would reduce MU’s budget by $7 million. He reminded us that higher education was exempted from the last budget cut but probably will not be exempted this time. He stated that a budget cut could occur later this year and that actions currently in effect include a moderate hiring freeze and being proactive with our legislators. There is still a possibility of a tuition increase.


He is still gathering information about the administrator evaluation process. He wishes to present the information in a printed format at the next Faculty Senate meeting.


He informed us that his term expires in April 2003 and that he is eligible for re-election.


Dr. Sottile requested that Elaine Baker give an update on the Faculty Evaluation & Compensation Committee. She related that the committee has not yet met and arrangements are being finalized for Dr. Raoul Arreola’s presentation on September 27, 2002 about his method for designing a faculty evaluation system. The September meeting provides preparation for his two day session scheduled for January 2003.




2.                  A. Faculty Workload Policy


Dr. Sottile discussed the draft of the ”Proposal for a Flexible Workload Policy” that was prepared by the Faculty Workload Ad Hoc Committee. He solicited comments from those present.


Dr. Martin Amerikaner, chair of the ad hoc committee, stated that the guiding principles of the committee were to prepare a flexible policy that will allow a change in the workload as the university changes; a policy that promotes, encourages, and recognizes the work and diversity of faculty in their career goals; provides accountability; and demonstrates that faculty are doing what they say they are doing.


As each college/department is different there should be local control, a decentralization of the decision making policy for workloads. Deans are in the best position to make these decisions with faculty during a consultation to develop a workload plan.


What is needed is a system that truly evaluates and recognizes faculty contributions.


Dr. S. Denman stated that Dr. Angel is planning to establish a task force to seek ways of managing the budget in anticipation of a reduction. She also stated that the HEPC is reviewing all state programs and will be making announcements about program cuts due to low figures in enrollment, productivity, and graduation rates.


7.                  REQUESTS TO SPEAK TO THE SENATE:


There were none.




There were none.