MEMBERS PRESENT: Kurt Olmosk, Purnendu Mandal, Glenda Lowry, Sissy Isaacs, Clara Reese, James Sottile, Jr. (President), Roxane Dufrene, Melisa Reed, Elaine Baker, Pam Mulder, Stephen Haas, Cheryl Brown, Ray Rappold, Chuck Bailey, Dan Hollis, Larry Stickler (Vice-President), Stan Sporny, Mike Murphy, Joan St. Germain, Matt Carlton, Seth Bush, Jeff May, Clayton Brooks (Secretary), Ashok Vaseashta, Karen Mitchell, Bruce Brown, Sandra Marra, Karen McNealy, Wendy Moorhead, Judith Arnold, Donna Donathan, Scott Simonton, Blake Sypher, Robert Williams, Kenneth Guyer, David Chaffin, Rudy Wang, Charles Clements, Isabel Pino, and Vernon Reichenbecher.


MEMBERS ABSENT: Blaker Bolling, Kellie Bean, Karl Winton, Richard Garnett, Jerry Jones, Fred Pauley, Chuck Somerville, Rebecca Appleton, Denise Landry, Beverly Delidow, and Mike Gibbs.


PARLIAMENTARIAN: Dallas Brozik present.


GUESTS: Frances Hensley, Carl Johnson, Barbara Tarter, Elizabeth Lee, Eldon Larsen, Lynne Welch, Tony Williams, Michael McGuffey, Marshall Onofrio, Hal Shaver, Barbara Winters, Kris Parker, and Steve Hensley.


Faculty Senate President Sottile called the meeting to order at approximately 4:05 p.m.


1.                  APPROVAL OF MINUTES:


There was a quorum. Minutes of the October 24, 2002 meeting were approved as read.


2.                  ANNOUNCEMENTS:


A.     Reminder that Senators should sit around the table, others should sit at the chairs or oval table provided.

B.     Moved, seconded and approved for Clayton Brooks to serve as the Secretary for the Faculty Senate.

C.     Announced that the next Faculty Senate meeting will be on Thursday, December 12, 2002 beginning at 4:00 p.m. in the MSC Alumni Lounge to accommodate for the holiday break.

D.     Announced that the next Executive Committee meeting will be on Monday, December 2, 2002 beginning at 12:00 p.m. in the MSC John Spotts Room to accommodate for the holiday break.

E.      Announced that Clara Reese, ATE, will serve as the Senate representative to the Reynolds/Pickens-Queen Committee.

F.      Thank you to Jessica Taylor of the Criminal Justice Department for coordinating the faculty sponsored Red Cross blood drive.

G.     Discussed with Senate to prioritize faculty feedback 1) funding for faculty salaries/resources; 2) opinion that we have strayed from the fundamental mission of the university; 3) updating physical facilities/classroom equipment; 4) ways to have a greater legislative impact; and 5) development of a workload/research policy. Dr. Sottile is to take the list to the Executive Committee to have it prioritized and to develop a plan of action.

H.     Announced that the president has approved the following recommendations: SR-02-03-(4) 34 LA: Recommends that the Faculty Senate ask the University President, Dr. Dan Angel, and the Marshall University Board of Governors to exercise all available resources and connections with the Legislature and Governor’s office to mitigate any potential budgetary reductions in higher education. SR-02-03-(5) 35 EC: Recommends that the Faculty Senate, the University President, and the Marshall University Board of Governors support an enhancement legislation on SB653 which re-

instates the voting memberships on the WV Higher Education Policy Commission for faculty, classified staff employees, and students. SR-02-03-(8) 38 BAPC: Recommends that the University adopt the attached Academic Calendar 2003 – 2004 and the Academic Calendar 2004 – 2005. SR-02-03-(9) 39 BAPC: Recommends a revision to the late registration policy as proposed by the Deans Council. The revised policy would read as follows: “Beginning in Fall 2003, late registration for on-campus, undergraduate students will be limited to the first three days of each regular semester. Schedule adjustment for enrolled students will continue to be held during the first week of each regular semester.”

I.        Provided update on the purchase of electronic voting software which will be connected to the Banner System. A trial run of the software was planned for later in December 2002.

J.       Announced that proxy votes or substitutions for standing committee and senate members are not allowed. In order for any motion to move forward in any standing committee there must be a quorum. If a member of a standing committee misses more than three meetings they must be removed from the committee.




Dr. Angel stated there were four items he wished to discuss. First, that yesterday was Senator Robert C. Byrd’s 85th birthday. Second, he is pleased with the number of faculty and staff registered for the grant writing program. Third, he is very happy with the $6 million received from the lottery revenue bonding fund. He stated that Marshall University is in support of the Kinetic Park and Pullman Square projects being undertaken by the City of Huntington as these are relevant to the economy for the next 15 to 20 years. He urged everyone to read the paperback book published by the Southern Regional Growth Board entitled, “Innovation U” which describes us as moving into an era of knowledge based economy growth.


Dr. Angel stated that every state in the nation is going through economic bad times. West Virginia’s deficit is over a couple hundred million and growing, and over 25 states are facing a deficit over $1 billion this year. Each state is considering different methods – tax increases, new taxes, tax cuts – to combat the anticipated deficit. He feels the economic stimulus package we have received will take a while to develop but we will eventually be better off because of it.


Dr. Angel then distributed a hardcopy of his state of the university address “Upping the Ante: Engagement for Public Good” (on file in Senate office) and urged everyone to become familiar with the contents as several of the items will be discussed in the next legislative session.


4.                  ACF REPORT:


Dr. Chuck Bailey attended the November 14, 2002 meeting of the ACF in place of Dr. Ben Miller. He distributed a brochure (on file in Senate office) that lists the ACF’s legislative concerns for 2003. He stated that of the four listed, the “Incremental Salary Increases Based on Years of Service” is receiving the most discussion.


He related that the ACF’s proposal for evaluation of administrators is still in draft form.


He informed the Senate that, as there has been no evaluation of the program’s quality, the HEPC is planning a survey (on file in Senate office) of college courses for high school students as this program is drawing students at a significant level statewide. After the survey, there may be some on-campus audits of the programs and faculty used to teach these courses.


He also related that HERF monies have been used to fund the Great Teachers Seminar with a budget of approximately $20,000, and the Chancellor has requested an increase to $70,000 but has not identified any new programs to justify the increase.


He reported that by 2008 the entry level ACT scores for math will be 20 for admission to a college level math course. The thought is that this score will relate to students having skills to do “C” work.


5.                  BOARD OF GOVERNOR’S REPORT:


Dr. Onofrio reported that the BOG met November 13, 2002 and discussed the following – topping out of the dorm complex, which is one month from completion; received and reviewed the 2001-2002 audit report; they continue to investigate bond re-issuing and debt reallocation; there was a presentation from the College of Education; and that at each meeting they continue the transitional work of transferring tasks of the policy bulletins from the HEPC to the BOG. Their goal is  to develop a clear statement of duties and responsibilities.


He also reported that the Budget Reduction Task Force had its last meeting today where the members reviewed a draft of their report that will be presented to Dr. Angel. Their report, with suggested time-lines, includes 3- 6- 10% budget reductions affecting the entire university. He stated that faculty promotions will continue despite the rate of reduction. There is a question as to the legality of reallocating student fees.




SR-02-03-(7) 37 LA: Recommends that the Faculty Senate find Marshall’s current peer universities to be appropriate and to urge the Legislature to not seek to change them until the scheduled review under the original plan. Nevertheless, any proposed change in the peer group should be based on the same criteria used to select the current peer universities. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED UNANIMOUSLY.


SR-02-03-(10) 40 FPC: Recommends that should the dean or other head of an academic unit (as defined in the Faculty Constitution) fail in his/her duties to hold an election for Faculty Senate purposes and to report the results of that election to the Faculty Senate president, the Faculty Senate shall initiate and conduct the election. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED.


SR-02-03-(11) 41 CC: Recommends approval of the listed ADDITION OF ENGINEERING MINOR in the ENGINEERING DIVISION of the COLLEGE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING with completion of any five of the following courses with a grade of C or better in each course. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED.






Each liaison reported to-date on their respective committee.

8.                  REQUESTS TO SPEAK TO THE SENATE:


Mr. Kris Parker, SGA President, spoke of the importance of the United Way Campaign and how the agency had assisted him in his youth. He spent a lot of time at a local Boys & Girls Clubs that receives funding from the United Way as well as a scholarship from the Club for his college tuition.