ON THURSDAY, APRIL 24, 2003, AT 4:00 P.M. IN ROOM 2E11 OF



MEMBERS PRESENT: Kurt Olmosk, Joe Abramson, Purnendu Mandal, Glenda Lowry, Sissy Isaacs, Clara Reese, James Sottile, Jr. (President), Roxane Dufrene, Melisa Reed, Elaine Baker, Kellie Bean, Pam Mulder, Stephen Haas, Nick Freidin, Cheryl Brown, Ray Rappold, Jerry Jones, Fred Pauley, Chuck Bailey, Dan Hollis, Larry Stickler (Vice-President), Stan Sporny, Mike Murphy, Joan St. Germain, Seth Bush, Chuck Somerville, Clayton Brooks (Secretary), Karen Mitchell, Karen Bailey, Bruce Brown, Susan Imes, Karen McNealy, Wendy Moorhead, Judith Arnold, Donna Donathan, Eldon Larsen, Blake Sypher, Kenneth Guyer, Beverly Delidow, Rudy Wang, Mike Gibbs, Charles Clements, Vernon Reichenbecher.


MEMBERS ABSENT: Blaker Bolling, Jerise Fogel, Matt Carlton, Jeff May, Ashok Vaseashta, Rebecca Appleton, Robert Williams, Isabel Pino.


PARLIAMENTARIAN: Dallas Brozik present.


GUESTS: Jaime Meeks, Hal Shaver, John Allan.


Faculty Senate President James Sottile, Jr. called the meeting to order at approximately 4:05 p.m.


1.                  APPROVAL OF MINUTES:


There was a quorum. Minutes of the March 27, 2003 meeting were approved as read.


2.                 ANNOUNCEMENTS:

A.     Announced the April meeting schedules: ACF – April 24, 2003 @ HEPC office in Charleston, WV; HEPC – April 24, 2003 in Charleston, WV; and the MUBOG – none scheduled.

B.     Announced that the last meeting for this academic year of the Executive Committee will be April 28, 2003 and will be held in the MSC John Spotts room.

C.     Announced that the last meeting for this academic year of the Faculty Senate will be May 8, 2003 at 4:00 p.m. in the MSC Alumni Lounge.

D.     Requested approval to dissolve the following ad hoc committees: Ethics, Constitutional Review, and Faculty Workload. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED

E.      Reminded those present that a motion was made, seconded, and approved at the March 27, 2003 meeting to conduct all future voting by electronic means. Announced that there are 14 faculty that do not have a MUNet account and will not be able to vote electronically. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED TO SUSPEND BYLAW #1 FOR THE SPRING FACULTY ELECTION WITH THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION. FACULTY WHO DO NOT HAVE MUNET ACCOUNTS WILL BE GIVEN PAPER BALLOTS. IF A FACULTY MEMBER CANNOT VOTE BY ELECTRONIC MEANS AFTER ASSISTANCE FROM TERRI TOMBLIN-BYRD AND BERNICE BULLOCK, THE FACULTY SENATE PARLIAMENTARIAN AND SECRETARY WILL DETERMINE THE NEED FOR A PAPER BALLOT.

F.      Announced that the University President has approved the following Recommendations:
SR-02-03-(13) 43R SCWC: Recommends a revision to the Student Handbook and Academic Planner on page 46 under the section Probation as an additional item, (4) Loss of Privilege of Participation in Advanced Registration stating “The student will relinquish his/her advanced registration privileges for one year and therefore will register at the end of advanced registration for currently enrolled students. Exceptions may be granted by the Office of Judicial Affairs in those instances where the student is in need of a required course in order to progress academically.” This policy does not affect academic standing.
SR-02-03-(44) 74 CC: Recommends approval of the listed COURSE ADDITIONS for the COLLEGE OF
SR-02-03-(45) 75 CC: Recommends approval of the listed COURSE DELETION and COURSE CHANGES for the COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS.
SR-02-03-(46) 76 CC: Recommends approval of the listed CURRICULUM ACTION REQUEST from the COLLEGE OF NURSING & HEALTH PROFESSIONS.
SR-02-03-(48) 78 EC: Recommends a revision of the Course Substitution Policy for Students with Learning Disabilities [SR-02-03-(28) 58 BAPC] to remove representation of the Graduate Council on the Course Substitution Committee.

G.     Rudy Wang announced that there will be an interim session of the WV Legislature on May 4-6 and June 8-10. He requested faculty to contact him about visiting the session to rally for support of the request that WV Code be revised to move faculty into another section so they may become eligible to receive the Annual Employee Increment.


3.                  THE PATRIOT ACT RESOLUTION [SR-02-03-(59) 89 EC]:




SR-02-03-(55) 85 PFPC
: Recommends that each year the Physical Facilities & Planning Committee after consulting with the Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, the Senior Vice President for Operations, the Registrar, and interested department chairs, identify and recommend for refurbishing as many classrooms as the allocated budget will allow with the goal of updating between two or more and eight classrooms per year. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED AS AMENDED


SR-02-03-(56) 86 FPC: WHEREAS, the Faculty Personnel Committee was charged with formulating a policy for conducting Votes of No Confidence, and after careful deliberation and consideration regarding fairness to the parties that would be involved, this document has been drafted to outline processes that would be taken to initiate and complete a Vote of Confidence/No Confidence under Faculty Senate guidelines; now therefore, be it WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED


SR-02-03-(57) 87 CC: Recommends approval of the listed COURSE ADDITION in the following college and/or school: COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED


SR-02-03-(58) 88 CC: Recommends approval of the listed COURSE CHANGE for the COLLEGE OF EDUCATION & HUMAN SERVICES. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND PASSED




Each liaison reported to-date on their respective committee.


6.                  REQUESTS TO SPEAK TO THE SENATE:

A.  Jaime Meeks, President, Golden Key International Honour Society.
      She distributed pamphlets about and discussed this new service organization available to students.

B.  Dr. Clayton Brooks presented a humorous response to comments about


There were none.