MEMBERS PRESENT: Rex McClure, Joe Stone, Deepak Subedi, Maurice Lockridge (Assistant Chair), Linda Dobbs, Jonathan Cox, Joan St. Germain, Mark Zanter, Brian Morgan, Ralph Oberste-Vorth, Karen Mitchell, Liz Murray, Basant Karna, Huong Nguyen, Tom Jones, Burnis Morris, Jennifer Perry, Karen McNealy, Kelly Harlow, Sandra Prunty, Pat Conlon, Wael Zatar, Eldon Larsen, Janet Dozier, Jennifer Mak, Eric Arnold, Mary Jo Graham, Gregg Twietmeyer, Keith Beard, Camilla Brammer (Chair), Marty Laubach, Donna Sullivan, Barbara Tarter, Christina Burgueno, Christine Huhn, Kathleen Bledsoe, Jennifer Sias (Recording Secretary), Ernest Walker, Tina Sias, Mike Goldman, Rudy Wang, Elaine Hardman, Charles Clements, Pier Paolo Claudio, and Tracy Christofero.


MEMBERS ABSENT: Uday Tate, Bonita Lawrence, Chuck Bailey, Mike McComas, Chris White, Nancy Norton and those positions vacant (two in COLA and one at-large from South Charleston).


PARLIAMENTARIAN: Cheryl Brown present.


GUESTS: Whitney Burdette, Marlowe Herford, Larry Stickler, Mary Todd, Rosalyn Templeton, Michael McGuffey, Gayle Ormiston, Rudy Pauley, Donna Spindel, Frances Hensley, Charles Hossler, Stephen Kopp, Jamie Warner, Ben Miller, and Steve Hensley.


Declaring that there was a quorum, Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. Camilla Brammer called the meeting to order at approximately 4:02 p.m.




Minutes of the May 7, 2009 meeting were approved as read.


2.     ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dr. Camilla Brammer

A.    Chair Brammer welcomed everyone back and requested that those present help themselves to the refreshments.

B.    Announced a reminder that Senators should sit around the table, others should sit at the chairs provided and cell phones should be set to “silent” mode. To ensure an accurate recording of the meeting, Senators should use the microphones when speaking and are to state their name and department.

C.    Introduced Kyle Sowards from Facilities Scheduling who provided instructions and tips for using the microphones.

D.    Distributed certificates for those having perfect attendance last year.

E.     Announced the September meeting schedule: ACF: met September 17, 2009 in Charleston, WV; HEPC: no meeting scheduled until November; and the MUBOG – met September 8, 2009 in Huntington, WV.

F.     Announced that those present could pick up a meeting schedule for Academic Year 2009-2010 at the sign-in table and that there has been a meeting added in April 2010 for the purpose of electing officers. The calendar is also posted online at the Faculty Senate website.

G.    Announced that the university president has taken action on all recommendations from the 2008-09 academic year and if anyone has questions about a recommendation they can conduct a search online at the archive.

H.    Solicited a volunteer to act as Liaison for the Budget & Academic Policy Committee. KELLY HARLOW VOLUNTEERED. 

I.       Announced that the fall General Faculty meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, September 29, 2009 beginning at 2:00 p.m. in the Playhouse of the Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center. All senators are urged to attend.

J.      Announced that the University College has relocated to Laidley Hall.

K.    Announced that the College of Education & Human Services has approved a name change for its Division of Exercise Science, Sport, and Recreation to that of the School of Kinesiology.

L.     Announced that the College of Extended Education has changed its name to the Office of Outreach and Continuing Studies.

M.   Solicited a volunteer to serve on the Pickens-Queen committee. KAREN MCNEALY VOLUNTEERED.

N.    Solicited a volunteer to serve on the Reynolds committee. MARK ZANTER VOLUNTEERED.

O.    Solicited a volunteer to serve on the Hedrick committee. THERE WERE NO VOLUNTEERS.


SR-09-10-(01) 47 EC: Resolves that by a vote of the Faculty Senate that Bylaw #15 of ARTICLE IX within The Constitution of the Marshall University Faculty be deleted. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.


SR-09-10-(02) 48 EC: Resolves that the following changes to The Constitution of the Marshall University Faculty be brought to a vote of the faculty. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED




·       Freshman enrollment has increased by 200 full-time students which translates into an 11% increase from the previous year; in fall 2006 there were 1500 freshmen compared with 1900 now. The demographics indicate that enrollment is flat with WV residents and it is projected there will be a decline in the college age population within the next five years. The current recruitment and retention program is working well and will continue to develop to meet the needs in future years.

·       The university’s undergraduate education finances for fiscal year 2009 indicate a positive balance, the first in a decade; there was a $5 million deficit in 2006. It is anticipated that the 2010-11 base budget appropriation will be the same as the 2009-10. If the state’s revenues do not improve by 2011-12 then it is projected there will be a 4% base budget reduction and it is anticipated that federal stimulus monies will be utilized to fund the decrease.

·       Continuing to grow the enrollment and maintaining retention is the way to fund salary increases for faculty and staff. He has a deep commitment to increase salaries.

·       The search continues for a director of the doctoral physical therapy program. It is anticipated that once implemented this program will assist with the recruitment of students.

·       Over the summer a search was conducted and a new athletic director hired. Mike Hamrick is willing to meet with the Faculty Senate.

·       He would like to work with the Faculty Senate to see how best to include faculty in learning about state funding for higher education and the university’s budget planning so they may educate their peers. Any faculty interested should contact him.

·       The university has taken many precautions pertaining to the H1N1 virus and he recommended that faculty educate themselves about how best to deal with the illness and its possible effects on them and their students.

·       He provided a brief overview of the capital projects that had been completed on the campus during the summer; the College of Information Technology & Engineering accreditation site visit, they should receive the results in August 2010; and the events scheduled for Constitution Week.


5.     REPORT OF THE PROVOST: Dr. Gayle Ormiston


·       Thanked Chair Brammer for the gift of a fireman’s hat, in that Academic Affairs seems to be putting out a lot of “fires”. He also thanked Chair Brammer for her leadership of the Faculty Senate.

·       Stated that recent recruitment efforts have been successful and that focus must now be placed on retention. There is a point of concern in that there has been a decrease in the number of students retained from last spring; his office is instating a program where those students who did not return will be contacted to ascertain the reason why.

·       Due to the efforts of the Core Foundations Ad Hoc Committee there were ten faculty who worked over the summer and developed course proposals for nine Core I courses. The committee also created the Critical Thinking (CT) Criteria. He is currently identifying faculty who will teach the approximately 90 sections (45 sections each semester) of First Year Seminar (FYS) courses; those identified will receive reassigned time in 2010 to develop their course. He recognized Cheryl Brown for her service as chair of this committee.

·       Academic Affairs held a retreat in August with Time, Money, and Value being the theme. One result is the development of Campus Conversations, a means for faculty and the student body to discuss program development; an announcement of dates and times will be made in the near future.

6.     BOARD OF GOVERNOR’S REPORT: Dr. Larry Stickler


·       He was sworn in as the new faculty representative at the September 8, 2009 meeting. The Board also adopted an identity theft policy at that meeting.

·       Reminded everyone that notification of the 30 day comment period for the Modified Duties Policy has been sent and he urged everyone to submit their comments.

·       He restated what Dr. Kopp had reported about the projected budget reduction and the use of federal stimulus funds.

·       This year is when the WV Legislature will be reviewing SB603. This is the legislation that gave the  Board its expanded powers.

·       October 15, 2009 is the next meeting date for the Board.

7.     ACF REPORT: Dr. Ben Miller



8.     REQUESTS TO SPEAK TO THE SENATE: (5 minutes per person)

There were none.



A.  Donna Sullivan spoke about campus parking and requested the Physical Facilities & Planning Committee to investigate the issue.




Respectfully Submitted,


Ms. Jennifer Sias, Recording Secretary

Faculty Senate