MEMBERS PRESENT: Nancy Lankton, Deepak Subedi, Maurice Lockridge (Assistant Chair), Shane Tomblin, Jonathan Cox, Mark Zanter, Susan Jackson, Larry Stickler, Brian Morgan, Karen Mitchell, Ralph Oberste-Vorth, Aley El-Shazly, Derrick Kolling, Wendy Trzyna, Burnis Morris, Sandra Prunty (Recording Secretary), Muhammad Amjad, Kelly Harlow, Tricia Leonard, Gary McIlvain, Pat Conlon, Wael Zatar, John Biros, Chuck Bailey, Tracy Christofero, Janet Dozier, Mindy Backus, James Sottile, Laura Wyant, Keith Beard, Camilla Brammer (Chair), Marty Laubach, Donna Sullivan, Barbara Tarter, Genevieve Meyers, Nicholas Kelling, Daniel Holbrook, Jose′ Morillo, Paige Muellerleile, Kathleen Bledsoe, Jennifer Sias, Elaine Hardman, Rudy Wang, Charles Clements, John Jasko, John Wilkinson, Maria Serrat, Vincent Sollars, Jung Han Kim, Nalini Santanam, Eldon Larsen, Sandra Stroebel, Bizu Wubie, Andrew Burck, and Lori Ellison.


MEMBERS ABSENT: Liz Murray, Robin O’Keefe, Pier Paulo Claudio, Rita Gandhy, Doug Miles, Terrence Patterson, Piyali Dasgupta, Raj Khanna, Zach Tankersley, Elsa Mangiarua, and Frankie Puckett,


PARLIAMENTARIAN: Cheryl Brown present.


GUESTS: Charles Stivason, David Pittenger, Bill Rosenberger, Rudy Pauley, Gayle Ormiston, Robert Bookwalter, Don Van Horn, Michael McGuffey, Stephen Kopp, Mary Todd, Charles Somerville, Monica Brooks, Frances Hensley, and Jamil Chaudri.


Declaring that there was a quorum, Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. Camilla Brammer called the meeting to order at approximately 4:01 p.m.




Minutes of the May 6, 2010 meeting were approved as written.


2.     ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dr. Camilla Brammer


A.    Requested a moment of silence in remembrance of Dr. Ernest Walker who died in June. He had served many years on the Faculty Senate as a School of Medicine representative.

B.    Announced a reminder that Senators should sit around the table, others should sit at the chairs provided and cell phones should be set to “silent” mode. To ensure an accurate recording of the meeting, Senators should use the microphones when speaking and are to state their name and department. Also, remember to sign-in as attendance is taken and a senator may be removed after three absences in an academic year.

C.    Introduced Professor Cheryl Brown as the Parliamentarian and requested that she provide a brief overview about the agenda, meeting procedures, and executive session.

D.    Announced the September meeting schedules: ACF – scheduled to meet September 24, 2010 in Charleston, WV; HEPC – is not scheduled to meet until December 2010; and the MUBOG – their next meeting is scheduled for October 21, 2010.

E.     Announced that the fall General Faculty meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 29, 2010 beginning at 2:00 p.m. in the Booth Experimental Theatre of the Joan C. Edwards Fine Arts Performing Center. All faculty are encouraged to attend.

F.     Announced that the next meeting of the Executive Committee is scheduled for Monday, October 11, 2010 beginning at 12:00 p.m. in the John Spotts Room of the Memorial Student Center.

G.    Announced that the Graduate School of Education & Professional Development has been granted college status and faculty representatives have been placed on the Faculty Senate and standing committees.

H.    Announced that the School of Kinesiology has moved to the College of Health Professions and the Natural Resources and Recreation Management department (formerly Recreation & Park Resources) has moved to the College of Science.

I.       Announced that CITE’s undergraduate engineering program has received accreditation from ABET.

J.      Announced that the university president’s office has taken action on all recommendations from the 2009-2010 academic year.

K.    Informed those present that a new student services office has been opened in the former Alumni Lounge in the Memorial Student Center. The Student Resource Center will provide many services for the students, some of which are, general academic advising; assistance with the E-Portfolio, academic skills, financial aid, housing, veterans, career development, developing educational plans; conducting workshops on time-management, note-taking and test-taking strategies; reviewing assessment data from first-year inventories and take/recommend appropriate intervention strategies. More information is available at www.

L.     Requested volunteers to serve as Faculty Senate Liaisons to the Academic Planning Committee and the Athletic Committee. Those interested may contact her after the meeting. PAT CONLON VOLUNTEERED TO SERVE ON THE ATHLETIC COMMITTEE.

M.   Distributed certificates to those senators having perfect attendance last year: Joe Stone, LCOB; Maurice Lockridge, LCOB; Karen Mitchell, COS; Burnis Morris, SOJMC; Pat Conlon, CITE; Janet Dozier, COEHS; Marty Laubach, COLA; Donna Sullivan, COLA; Barbara Tarter, COLA; Elaine Hardman, SOM; Charles Clements, SOM; Pier Paolo Claudio, SOM; Tracy Christofero, South Charleston campus at-large representative; Eldon Larsen, Graduate Council; Cheryl Brown, Parliamentarian; Cam Brammer, COLA; Linda Dobbs, COFA; and Basant Karna, COS.

N.    Requested that each senator introduce themselves by stating their name and college.


SR-10-11-01 AC: Recommends that the Director of the Buck Harless Student Athlete Program (BHSAP) serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Assistant/Associate Dean’s Council. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.



He welcomed everyone back and provided the following updates:

·       This is the largest freshman class with 2,073 full-time equivalent students which is a 8.3% increase. The challenge now is to keep them through graduation and to continue increasing enrollment. The total enrollment has increased 5.7% or 600 students.

·       A comprehensive retention plan is in place and the new Student Resource Center in the Memorial Student Center is one tool; so far this semester 1,000 students have sought assistance in the Center. The Week of Welcome (WOW)/freshman orientation is another tool being used to increase retention.

·       The announcement that CITE has received ABET accreditation is very beneficial as the graduates can now take certification examinations.

·       A two-year agreement was recently signed with Mount West Community & Technical College; they will remain on campus this year but will possibly move to their new facility next year.

·       A bond refinancing is currently being undertaken that will result in no cost to the university; the MUBOG will decide now to spend the refunded monies.

·       The University acquired the Stone & Thomas building on Third Avenue and will use the space for a Fine Arts Incubator, a urban connection between the university and community.

·       Professor Penny Kroll has been hired as the director of the Physical Therapy program.

·       There has been a reissue of the recreation center and residence halls refinancing which will keep the university from paying higher fees.

·       The Office of Research Integrity has been granted a five-year extension on its accreditation for its human subject review process and is the only institution in the state to receive such an extension.

·       Faculty should receive letters sometime next week that will explain the incremental salary increase as a lump sum; the issuance of bonuses is prohibited by WV state code but there is one procedure that can be followed.

5.     REPORT OF THE PROVOST: Dr. Gayle Ormiston

He welcomed everyone back, gave a brief overview of the semester calendar, and provided the following updates:

·       There are several presentations taking place this month and he urged faculty to participate.

·       Due to HEPC Series 51 a Textbook Affordability Committee has been formed with 12 members, five of which are faculty; they will select deadlines for textbook submission by faculty.

·       The Campus Conversations will continue with the first scheduled for October 5, 2010 to begin at 3:00 p.m. The speaker with be Dr. Kopp who will discuss university planning and resources.

·       In October there will be a tech summit pertaining to the next generation classroom needs; faculty is urged to provide input.

·       The Academic Master Plan is a guide or road map containing plans so students can achieve graduation in four years; it has been developed with four themes – developing the student body, developing faculty, developing faculty programs, and developing financial aspects.

·       He expressed gratitude to Chair Brammer and the faculty who participated on the Promotion & Tenure Ad Hoc Committee during the summer.

6.     BOARD OF GOVERNOR’S REPORT: Dr. Larry Stickler

·       The Board met June 17, 2010 and officers were elected. Two members had fulfilled their term.

·       The Board met August 26, 2010 and approved the salary increase for faculty; a letter of explanation about how the increase will be administered will be forthcoming.

·       He reminded those present that there is no separate section on the Board’s agenda for academics and that Provost Ormiston will provide information and updates on faculty accomplishments during his report to the Board. Also, the agenda is set by the executive committee and he forwards it to faculty as soon as he receives it.

·       He attended the HEPC sponsored Board of Governors Summit this summer.

·       If any faculty would like a Board member to visit or even teach a class in their area of expertise, contact Larry and he will assist with the arrangement.

7.     ACF REPORT: Dr. Chuck Bailey



8.     REQUESTS TO SPEAK TO THE SENATE: (5 minutes per person)

A. Dr. Jamil Chaudri (Faculty Development Funding)


There were none.



Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. Sandra Prunty, Recording Secretary

Faculty Senate