MEMBERS PRESENT: Rex McClure, Jackie Agesa, Deepak Subedi, Nancy Lankton, Shane Tomblin, Jonathan Cox, Mark Zanter, Susan Jackson, Larry Stickler, Brian Morgan, Karen Mitchell, David Mallory, Carl Mummert, Aley El-Shazly, Derrick Kolling, Wendy Trzyna, Robin O’Keefe, Burnis Morris, Sandra Prunty (Recording Secretary), Muhammad Amjad, Susan Frank, Tricia Leonard, Gary McIlvain, Pat Conlon, Allan Stern, John Biros, Tracy Christofero, Janet Dozier, Mindy Backus, James Sottile, Camilla Brammer (Chair), Marty Laubach, Donna Sullivan, Barbara Tarter, Susan Gilpin, Marybeth Beller, Daniel Holbrook, Jose Morillo, Paige Muellerleile, Kathleen Bledsoe, Kelli Johnson, Charles Clements, Nalini Santanam, Terence Patterson, Raj Khanna, Maria Serrat, Jung Han Kim, Eldon Larsen, Sandra Stroebel, Bizunesh Wubie, Andrew Burck, and Lori Ellison.


MEMBERS ABSENT: Karen McNealy, Keith Beard, Piyali Dasgupta, John Wilkinson, Zach Tankersley, and Vincent Sollars.


PARLIAMENTARIAN: Cheryl Brown and Bert Gross (substitute) present.


GUESTS: Rudy Pauley, David Pittenger, Frances Hensley, Eden Adkins, Bill Rosenberger, Glenn Anderson, Jeff Pappas, Larry Schmitz, Robert Bookwalter, Chuck Somerville, Michael McGuffey, Mary Todd, Jan Fox, Chong Kim, Jamil Chaudri, Stephen Kopp, Matt Turner, Wael Zatar, Don Van Horn, Monica Brooks, Donna Spindel, Charles Hossler, and Mike Prewitt.


Declaring that there was a quorum, Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. Camilla Brammer called the meeting to order at approximately 4:00 p.m.




Minutes of the May 5, 2011 meeting were approved as written.


2.    ELECTION OF ASSISTANT CHAIR: Dr. Camilla Brammer

Chair Brammer explained that Assistant Chair Maurice Lockridge had terminated his employment with the university thus the necessity to elect a replacement and per Article VI, Section 5G of The Constitution of the Marshall University Faculty any senator was eligible to fill the un-expired term.

She opened the floor for nominations. Larry Stickler and Eldon Larsen were nominated. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED TO CLOSE THE NOMINATIONS. Voting materials were distributed to all senators then the recording secretary and parliamentarian tallied the votes.

Chair Brammer announced that Larry Stickler had been elected as Assistant Chair.


3.    ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dr. Camilla Brammer

A.    Welcomed everyone.

B.    Requested a moment of silence in remembrance of Joe Stone, representative from the Lewis College of Business, who died this summer. Joe had served 20 years in one capacity or another during the Faculty Senate’s 25 years. On the faculty’s behalf a memorial contribution to the American Cancer Society has been made.

C.    Announced a reminder that senators should sit around the table, others should sit at the chairs provided and cell phones should be set to “silent” mode. To ensure an accurate recording of the meeting, senators should use the microphones when speaking and are to state their name and department. All should remember to sign in.

D.    Welcomed new senators: Nancy Lankton and Jackie Agesa from LCOB; Carl Mummert from COS; and Allan Stern from CITE.

E.     Introduced the newly elected faculty representatives: Karen McNealy was elected to the ACF and Marty Amerikaner was elected to the MUBOG. She announced that Professor Chuck Bailey has agreed to serve as alternative to the ACF.

F.     Announced that the following senators have been elected to the Executive Committee: John Biros – CITE, Rex McClure – LCOB, Raj Khanna – SOM, and Wendy Trzyna – COS.

G.    Announced the September meeting schedules: ACF – met Friday, September 9, 2011 in Charleston, WV; HEPC – next meeting scheduled for December 9, 2011 in Charleston, WV; and the MUBOG – next meeting is scheduled for October 18, 2011.

H.    Announced that the fall General Faculty meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 28, 2011 to begin at 2:00 p.m. in the Booth Experimental Theatre of the Joan C. Edwards Fine Arts Performing Center. New faculty will be introduced and state of the faculty and university addresses will be delivered.

I.       Announced that the next meeting of the Executive Committee is scheduled for Monday, October 10, 2011 to begin at 12:00 p.m. in the Memorial Student Center’s John Spotts Room.

J.      Announced that effective July 1, 2011 the College of Education & Human Services changed its name to College of Education with the resulting personnel shifts. Although eight affected faculty will remain on the Huntington Campus, the Human Services components of Adult & Technical Education and Counseling were placed under the supervision of the Graduate School of Professional Development located on the South Charleston Campus and two faculty of the Family & Consumer Sciences component transferred to the College of Education, with another transferring to the College of Health Profession’s Dietetics Department. An updated Faculty Senate apportionment calculation was prepared for the affected three colleges with the results indicating no adjustments to representation.

K.    Announced other personnel changes that occurred at the university this summer: Dr. Betsy Dulin resigned as the dean of CITE, Dr. Wael Zatar has been named as interim dean; Dr. Robert Nerhood has been named as interim dean of the School of Medicine with Dr. Charles McKown continuing to serve as Vice President for Health Science Advancement; Dr. Kevin Yingling has been named as dean of the School of Pharmacy; Kelli Prejean has accepted an appointment in the Center for Teaching and Learning; Andrew Gooding is the new director for the Regents BA Program; and Patricia Proctor has been named the founding director of the Simon Perry Center for Constitutional Democracy.

L.     Distributed certificates for perfect attendance at Faculty Senate meetings during the 2010-2011 academic year to Shane Tomblin, Aley El-Shazly, Wendy Trzyna, Burnis Morris, Sandra Prunty, Tricia Leonard, Gary McIlvain, Pat Conlon, Marty Laubach, Barbara Tarter, Paige Muellerleile, Kathleen Bledsoe, Eldon Larsen, Bizunesh Wubie, Tracy Christofero, and Camilla Brammer.

M.   Expressed appreciation to the following senators for their perfect attendance for a portion of the year, due to their being elected as a temporary substitute or replacement: Nancy Lankton, David Mallory, Carl Mummert, Jose Morillo, and Kelli Johnson.

N.    Announced that the Legislative Affairs Committee has been charged to review for endorsement the Advisory Council of Faculty’s Faculty Issues 2011-12.

O.    Solicited a Liaison for the Faculty Personnel Committee. ANDREW BURCK VOLUNTEERED.

P.     Announced that all senators were invited to a wine and cheese reception following the Faculty Senate meeting. The reception is being hosted by Provost Ormiston to recognize newly tenured and promoted faculty.

Q.    Announced that Bert Gross, former Faculty Senate chair, would serve as parliamentarian during the discussion of the recommendations as Cheryl Brown is the chair of the Promotion & Tenure Review Ad Hoc Committee.


SR-11-12-(01) 39 PTRAHC: Recommends approval of the Marshall University Board of Governors Policy No. AA-26, Faculty Promotion. WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED TO TABLE.

SR-11-12-(02) 40 PTRAHC: Recommends approval of the Marshall University Board of Governors Policy No. AA-22, Annual Evaluation of Faculty.  WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED TO TABLE UNTIL THE OCTOBER MEETING.



He stated that due to the length of time taken for discussion of the recommendations he would defer his report and deliver it at the general faculty meeting.

6.     REPORT OF THE PROVOST: Dr. Gayle Ormiston

Absent, no report.

7.     BOARD OF GOVERNOR’S REPORT: Dr. Marty Amerikaner

Distributed earlier by email; hardcopy on file in the Faculty Senate office.


8.     REQUESTS TO SPEAK TO THE SENATE: (5 minutes per person)

There were none.


There were none.



Respectfully Submitted,


Dr. Sandra Prunty, Recording Secretary

Faculty Senate