MEMBERS PRESENT: Eldon Larsen (Chair), Rex McClure, Shane Tomblin, Nancy Lankton, Uday Tate, Larry Stickler, Fredrick Bartolovic, Mike Murphy, Burnis Morris (Assistant Chair), Sandra Prunty, Muhammad Amjad, Mark Timmons, Yi-Po Chiu, Susan Welch, John Biros, Jamil Chaudri, Scott Simonton, Cam Brammer (Recording Secretary), Barbara Tarter, Kevin Law, Eric Migernier, Pamela Mulder, Anthony Viola, Kristi Fondren, Aley El-Shazly, Derrick Kolling, Wendy Trzyna, Carl Mummert, Alfred Akinsete, Suzanne Strait, Mindy Armstead, Bin Wang, Sandra Stroebel, Lori Ellison, Tom Hisiro, Zach Tankersley Charles Clements, Jung Han Kim, Fadi Alkhankan, Emine Koc, John Wilkinson, Jim Denvir, Travis Salisbury, Stephanie Anderson, Eric Blough, Kelli Johnson and Thom Walker.

MEMBERS ABSENT:  Daesung Ha, Mark Zanter, Robin Conley, Susan Gilpin, Marianna Linz, Bizunesh Wubie, Isaac Larison, Harold Blanco, Tina Cartwright, Piyali Dasgupta, and Mary Payne.

EX-OFFICIO, VOTING MEMBERS PRESENT: Tracy Christofero (Graduate Council), Beth Campbell (ACF)

GUESTS:  Stephen Kopp, Michael McGuffey, R.B. Bookwalter, Corley Dennison, Mary Beth Reynolds, Jan Fox, Haiyang Chen, Lacie Pierson (HD), Mary Ellen Heuton, Monika Sawhney, Wael Zatar, Michael Prewitt, Marty Amerikaner, Rob Rabe, Philippe Georgel, Stephen Mewaldt, Janet Dooley, Don Van Horn, Paris Webb, E. David Cartwright, Andrew Gooding, and Steve Hensley

Declaring that there was a quorum, Faculty Senate Chair, Dr. Eldon Larsen called the meeting to order at approximately 4:05 p.m.


Minutes of the April 17, 2014 meetings were approved as written.

•    ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Dr. Eldon Larsen

•    Senators should sit around the table, others should sit at the chairs provided, and cell phones should be set to silent mode.  All should remember to sign in legibly.
•    The next meeting of the BOG is scheduled for June 25 and 26, 2014 in the Shawkey Dining Room of the Memorial Student Center.
•    The 2014-2016 Chair of Faculty Senate is Dr. Larry Stickler, CAM.
•    The 2014-2016 Assistant Chair of Faculty Senate is Dr. Philippe Georgel, COS
•    The 2014-2016 Secretary of Faculty Senate is Ms. Lori Ellison, COEPD.
•    Dr. Larsen reminded the Faculty Senate that he will remain as Chair until August 2014.


SR-13-14-79 FDC Changes to the criteria for the Pickens Queen, Reynolds & Hedrick Awards WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.

SR-13-14-81 PFPC Parking in the garage WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.


SR-13-14-83 PFPC Proposal of Storm Ready program WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.

SR-13-14-84 CC Curriculum Changes in CAM, COB, and COHP WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.

SR-13-14-85 CC Curriculum Additions in COHP, and COLA WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.

SR-13-14-86 CC Undergraduate Change of AoE in CAM, COB, and COHP WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.

SR-13-14-87 CC Undergraduate Course Deletion in COHP WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.

SR-13-14-88 FDC Update INCO requirements WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.

SR-13-14-89 LAC Transfer credit with 2-4 year institutions WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.

SR-13-14-90 LC Intent to Plan Guidelines WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.

•          Motion to suspend the agenda WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.
Dr. Larsen was recognized for his work with the Faculty Senate over the past two years.  He received a standing ovation.
Dr. Larsen stated his was his pleasure working with the Faculty Senate.
•          Motion to move back to the agenda WAS MOVED, SECONDED, AND APPROVED.


•       We will be having the Legislative Forums again this upcoming year. He thinks what was printed in the White Paper, "How Decreasing Government Funding is Changing Higher Education" is highly relevant to the upcoming elections or re-elections to the House. You can find the link on the 20/20 website. West Virginia is well far below the surrounding states.
•       There are a number of projects and initiatives that will be worked on during the summer.  There will be a small workgroup will be focused on federal compliance and assurance for the Higher Education Commission Re-Accreditation that are coming up in the Fall2015.
•       Portfolio Reviews and Niche Statements will be worked on over the summer.  He expects to receive the Academic Portfolio Reviews and Niche Statement by the end of May.  Service Portfolio will continue in earnest over the summer.
•    They are going to continue evaluating different budget models and will reconvene the BWG in the early Fall to review the recommendations.
•    Tools for monitoring perspective KPI's- Key Performance Indicators.  They will review and decide on which ones they want to adopt.
•    The Faculty Salary Adjustment Methodology is a very key item for over the summer.  The Board of
Governors approved the first phase of the $1.2 million adjustments to salaries. How we are going to distribute the funding will involve feedback from the departments and colleges and will be presented in the August Board meeting, which a date hasn't been set at this time.
•    Noel-Levitz will present its initial early report on Financial Aid adjustments and any changes that will be made.  This information should be up on the website before we begin the recruiting season.
•    Commencement for the Medical School is tomorrow, May 9, 2014.  He thanked all the faculty that will be attending the commencement.

REPORT  OF THE PROVOST: Dr. Gayle Ormiston- No Report

•          BOARD  OF GOVERNOR'S REPORT: Dr. Marty Amerikaner

•    Dr. Amerikaner will summarize the email that he sent out to faculty regarding the last BOG
1.  The Board accepted all program reviews that were conducted earlier last Spring;
2.   The Board approved the revised tuition and fees schedules;
3.   Intents to Plan were approved;
4.   Dr. Andrew Nichols was recognized by Dr. Paul Hill of the HEPC for his work in traffic engineering.
5.   Dr. Kateryna Schray, the West Virginia Teacher of the Year was introduced to the Board.
6.  A new slate of officers were elected:
a.        Mr. Mike Sellards, Chair
b.        Mr. Ed Howard, Vice-Chair
c.        Mr. Wyatt Skaggs, Secretary;
7.  The last BOG meeting will be June 25, 2014 for this academic year;
8.   He also stated he thinks that this past year, in comparison to previous years, since his time on the BOG, it has been one of more attention towards academics and faculty interest by the Board;
9.  The revisions to the Faculty Salary and Promotion & Tenure that passed the Faculty Senate were approved as was the next fiscal year budget and faculty and staff raises. This has been a long term project with many working on it.  He thanked the senior administration for their work.

       ACF REPORT: Dr. Beth Campbell

•    The Great Teachers Seminar is still open but she spoke with CTL, they need to you to get your information in as soon as possible as they will need to send those names in soon.
•    Two updates:
1. The last meeting of the ACF April25 in Fairmont;
2. The update on SB 330 is that it's in process.
•    Keep an eye on the Joint Resolution regarding credit transfer Agreement and Articulation Agreement, which was passed at the April 25th meeting, the HEPC and the CCTCE are working on drafting an articulation agreement this year, and the ACF is advocating strongly for faculty to be involved at the table for discussions.
•    The next ACF meeting is at Canaan Valley on July 20-21, 2014. Dr. Campbell is taking three issues to that meeting.  They are:
1. No more budget cuts to Higher Education;
2. The legislator needs to buckle down and find alternative revenue sources;
3. ACF wants faculty seats at the table for the discussion on the articulation agreement.
•    The next HEPC meeting will be August 1, 2014 in Charleston.

• Dr. Kopp would like to know if the ACF would be willing to examine the annual assessments that the HEPC makes at four-year institutions.  For every in-state student we are assessed $35 per student; and $150 for every non-resident. There have been no changes in the assessments despite the nearly $15% reduction in state appropriations that have impacted the university. The HEPC funding has not been impacted. Dr. Kopp suggested we look at the "under the hood" to see how funds are flowing and what funds are going to HEPC, and he suspects this is happening at the Community & Technical Colleges Council as well. Why are we being assessed a fixed dollar amount?  Why isn't that being reduced by the same % of reduction to the state appropriations?


•    Faculty Salary Adjustment Team:  We are about 2/3 away from the target goal of roughly $3M, which will put every faculty member at their rank within their discipline.  It's a three year effort.

•    Budget Working Group: At the last meeting they discussed responsibilities of the members and the importance of communication.  Shane Tomblin suggested the faculty seek out the dates of the BWG meetings.  They will begin to review the draft of the FY 2016 budget and it's been decided the "sources and uses" will be looked at, at different points in time. They will continue to meet about every couple of weeks through the summer.  They are also looking at various budget models, and it has been suggested that they will be looking at a hybrid, not a single model.

FS Min May 8 4:00 pm•    Vision/Mission:  Tracy Christofero stated the Vision/Mission Group met last Monday for the last time in this academic year and decided what they' wanted to do when they picked up in the Fall. They still have a year until our accreditation review.  They will break over the summer and take back up in the Fall.

•    Roles & Responsibilities: No report.

•    Communications Plan:  No report

•    Academic Portfolio:  No report

•    Service Portfolio:  They had a kick off meeting this week with the Team Leads. The first meeting will be next week with all the members there.  The deliverables target is September 1, 2014.  They have a lot of work ahead of them. They will focus on areas of P-card travel.

•    Pro-Forma Model:  See Dr. Kopp's comments above.


•    The committee liaisons gave brief reports from their respective committees.

•          OTHER BUSINESS:

•    None

•          REQUESTS TO SPEAK TO THE SENATE: (5 minutes per person)

•    None


•    None


Respectfully Submitted,

Cam Brammer
Dr. Camilla Brammer, Recording Secretary
Faculty Senate