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Name: Michael Norton
Title: Professor
Office: Chemistry/COS
Phone: 304-696-6627
Expert: Nanotechnology Web Page:

Research Based:
Funded Projects:

Research Grants totaling $1,190,000.

Conducting research contributing to the development of molecular nanotechnology with emphasis in the area of DNA synthesis and molecular modeling.

10/01/03-6/30/04, Higher Education Policy commission, Development of DNA Testing Expertise and Corporate Facility in Huntington $167,500
The major goals of this project are to define unique biochemical signatures and develop sensor mechanisms which can be exploited for identification purposes.

4/30/01-3/31/04, USARO, $358,876
DNA Nanostructures for Surface Patterning.
The major goals of this project are to design synthetic DNA nanostructures which can direct the assembly of electronically/photonically active nanosystems.

10/01/02-6/30/03, Higher Education Policy Commission, $254,719 "Development of DNA Testing Expertise and Corporate Facility in Huntington". The major goals of this project are to define unique biochemical signatures which can be exploited for identification purposes.

Strait, S. G., & Ghosh, P. K. (1996, August 1-1998, July 31). Acquisition of analytical scanning electron microscope for undergraduate education at Marshall University. National Science Foundation, co-principal investigators, $85,000 ($185,000 with match).

(1996 September 1-2000 December 30). Interfacial processes in compound electrodeposition. National Science Foundation, $156,000.

Strait, S. G., & Ghosh. P. K. (1999 May-2002, May). Quantitative measurement laboratory. National Science Foundation, co-principal investigator, $170,000.

Representative Publications:

Dykes, A.C., Fultz, M.E., Norton, M.L. and Wright, G.L., Mirotubule-dependent PKC Localization in A7r5 Smooth Muscle Cells, American Journal Physiol. Cell Physiol., 285, C76-C87, 2003.

Gannett; P., Powell, J., Johnson, E., Darian, E., Dalal, N., Norton, M., and Budil, D. Solid Phase DNA Binding Detection by EPR Spectroscopy, Tetrahedron Letters, 43, 1931-1933, 2002.
Synergistic Activities:

Norton, M.L. and Dykes, A.C.; Cooperativity in DNA Object Self Assembly, Proceedings 2002 2nd IEEE Conference on Nanotechnology, 291-294, 2002.

Zill, SN, Frazier, SF, Neff, D, Quimby, L, Carney, M, DiCaprio, R, Thuma, J and Norton, M. Three Dimensional Graphic Reconstruction of the Insect Exoskeleton through Confocal Imaging of Endogenous Fluorescence, Microscopy Res Tech; 48(6), 367-84, 2000.

Battistella-Patterson, A., Fultz, M., Li, C., Geng, W., Norton,M., and Wright, G.; PKCa Translocation is Microtubule-Dependent in Passaged Smooth Muscle Cells. Acta Physiol. Scand., 170, 87-97, 2000.

Hereditary Hemochromatosis, Walker, E.M., Wolfe, M.D., Norton, M.L., Walker, S.M., Jones, M.M., Annals of Clinical and Laboratory Science, 1998, 28, 300-312.

Liang, M., Lackey, N., Carter, S., and Norton, M.L.; Electrodeposited Silver Arrays Fabricated Utilizing Self-Assembled Alkanethiolate Monolayer Photoresist , J. Electrochem. Soc., 143, 3117 - 3121, 1996.

Rohrer, G.S., Lu, Weier, Norton, M.L., Blake, M.A., and Rohrer, C.L.; Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Crystal Chemical Models of Na0.82WO3 (001) Surface, J. Solid State Chem., 109,359-371, 1994.

Lu, Weier; Nevins, Neysa; Norton, Michael L. and Rohrer,Gregory S.; "Termination Layer Variations on the Cleaved Rb1/3WO3 (0001) Surface Determined by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy", Surface Science, 291, 395 - 401, 1993.

Chong, Ngee-Sing, Norton, M.L., and Anderson, James L., Application of Polypyrrole Film substrates for Characterization of Metallic Electrodeposits by Transmission Electron Microscopy and Electron Diffraction , Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 138, 1263-1268, 1991.

Norton, Michael L., Mantovani, J. G., and Warmack, R. J., "Scanning Tunneling Microscopy of the Intergrowth Tungsten Bronze Rb.05WO3," Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology A, 7(4), 2898-2900, 1989.

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