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Name: Calvin Kent
Title: Vice President CBER
Office: CBER
Phone: 304-696-6005

Research Based:
(1998, April 21). Deregulation and competition in the electric utility industry: The limits of economic theory. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Private Enterprise Education, Dallas, TX.

(1999, March 5). Teaching cash flow as a concept in entrepreneurship. Paper presented at the Second Annual Conference on Entrepreneurship, Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, Kansas City, MO.
(1996, November 7). The potential impact of technological progress on U. S. energy markets: A comment. Paper presented at the Federal Advisory Committee on Energy Statistics, Washington, DC.

(1997, April 14). Issues in mid-term modeling of energy markets. Paper presented at the Federal Advisory Committee on Energy Statistics, Washington, DC.

& Capehart, R. (1998). Restructuring the West Virginia revenue system: The potential for an SBT. Proceedings of the 91st Annual Conference on Taxation, National Tax Association (pp. 281-393). Austin TX.

& Rushing, F. (1998). The status of K-12 entrepreneurship education in the United States. Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, 1998, Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Entrepreneurship Research Conference (pp. 677-379). Gent, Belgium.

Capehart, R. & Caryl, M. (1997). West Virginia Governorís Commission makes reform recommendation. State Tax Notes, 15,(9), 541-581.

Burton, M., & Hatcher, R. (1997). The Impact on the economically disadvantaged of the sales tax on food: Evidence from West Virginia. State Tax Notes, 15,(19), 1201-1204.

Burton, M., & Hicks, M. (1998). Evaluating comprehensive tax reform: Lessons from West Virginia. State Tax Notes, 16(20), 1-11.

& Rushing, F. Entrepreneurship in principles of economics texts: An update. Journal of Economic Education, 30(2), 184-188.

Innovations in instruction for business and related subjects: The unfinished agenda. The Journal of Private Enterprise, 13(1), 1-12.

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