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Name: Joseph Stone
Title: Professor
Office: Accountancy & Legal Environment/LCOB
Phone: 304-696-2666

Research Based:
Presentations :
Broce, P., & Radig, W. (1999,March 17-19). Has executive compensation increased proportionately with company sales and profits? Paper presented at the MBAA Anniversary Meeting, Chicago, IL.

Broce, P., Adkins, N., & Radig, W. (1999, March 17-19). Can 99 models pass the industry performance standards in computer technology? Accounting standards put to the test. Paper presented at the the MBAA Anniversary Meeting, Chicago, IL.
Broce, P., Adkins, N., & Radig, W. (1997, May). Change the teaching of depreciation. The West Virginia CPA, 15-17.

Broce, P., Adkins, N., & Radig, W. (1997, Fall). Teaching computer literacy. The West Virginia CPA.

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