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Name: Harlan Smith II
Title: Professor
Office: Finance&Economics/ LCOB
Phone: 304-696-3233

Research Based:
Book Reviews:
(1999). [Review of the book Beyond economic liberalization in Africa: Structural adjustment and the alternatives]. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, 1(1),
(1997, June). Discussant comments: Gender differences. Proceedings of the 1997 Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Economic Association (pp. 188-189). Shippensburg University, Shippensburg, PA.

& Baisden, J., Jackson, J., & Wilkins, A. J. (1999, February). The final frontier: Developing oral communications skills in the economics major. Proceedings of the 10th Annual Conference on Teaching Economics: Instruction and Classroom-Based Research (pp. 121-129). Robert Morris College, Pittsburgh, PA.
(1997, Summer). Introducing students to the competing schools of thought in Intermediate Macroeconomics. Journal of Economic Education, 28(3), 206 221.

& Sansom, A. (1999, Spring). Coping with the senior thesis seminar: Some thoughts for both students and professors. Pennsylvania Economic Review , 7(1), 48-55.
Conference Presentations

& Sweetser, W. (1997, February). Redesigning the introductory economics curriculum to develop writing/communication skills. Paper presentation at the National Writing Across the Curriculum Conference, Charleston, SC.

& Sansom, A. (1997, March). The senior thesis seminar: Do’s and don’ts for students and professors. Paper presented at the 1997 annual meetings of the Midwest Business Economics Association, Chicago, IL.

& Wilkins, A. J. (1998, February). From senior seminar to “Capstone Experience”: One department’s journey toward its students needs. Paper presented at the 9th Annual Conference on Teaching Economics: Instruction and Classroom-Based Research, Robert Morris College, Pittsburgh, PA.

& Anderson, L. (1998, September). Incorporating the AACSB perspectives into the BBA core through faculty/administration collaboration. Paper presented at the AACSB Continuous Improvement Symposium, Dallas, TX.

& Wilkins, A.J. (1999, April). Techniques for developing our students’ oral communications skills. Paper presented at the 5th Annual University of Kentucky Economics Teaching Workshop. Gatton College of Business and Economics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

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