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Name: Chong Kim
Title: Professor
Office: LCOB
Phone: 304-696-2682
Expert: Organizational Behavior

Research Based:
The following intellectual contributions are included only for the recent five years of presentation, proceedings, and journal publications. (from 1999 to 2004)
“Job Satisfaction And Leadership Practice Related to Safety Performance: A Case for a Manufacturing Firm,” (with Charles T. Barady, Inco Alloys, Karl A. Heck, Inco Alloys,David R. Koepp, Inco Alloys, Scott R. Pinkham, Inco Alloys), presented at the annual meeting of Academy of Management, Aug. 10, 1999, Chicago, IL.

“Attitudinal Characteristics of An Ideal Professor Versus Actual Attitudinal Characteristics of Professors,” Working paper presentation to Division of Management and Marketing Research Forum, Sept. 28, 1999, College of Business, Marshall University. (With Earl Damewood and Norma Thompson).

“Physicians as Leaders,” A paper presentation for Senior Symposium of MU Medical students. School of Medicine, Huntington, WV, Aug. 4, 2000.

“Modification of Professor’s Attitudes As Perceived by Their Students,” Division of Management and Marketing Research Forum, April 20, 2001. (Co-authored with E. Damewood, and N. Hodge).
Kim, Chong W. B. Bolling, S. Sotas, S. Hages, and W. Li, “An Experiment at Rising Sun Life Insurance Company,” The Proceedings of the Southeast Case Research ssociation, bruary 18-20, 1999, Savannah, GA,

Kim, Chong W. and Chul-boo Huh, Group Culture and Its Impact on Insurance Sales: An Experiment For A Japanese Firm, Proceedings of the Pan-Pacific Conference XVI, May 31-June 2, 1999, Fiji, pp. 217-219.

Chul-boo Huh, Kim, Chong W. and Chi-Duck Har, “Comparative Analysis of the Korean and U.S. Management Education: A Knowledge Based Odyssey.” Proceedings of the Pan-Pacific Conference XVII, May 31-June 2, 2000, Gold Coast, Australia , pp. 156-158.

Andrew Sikula, Sr. and Chong W. Kim, Management Motivational Myths, Proceedings of the IEMS and ICC&IE, March 4 - 7, 2001, Cocoa Beach, FL, pp. 435-439.

Caul B. Huh, Chong W. Kim and Sikula, Sr., A, “Cultural Influence on the Boundary Spanning Role: Case of a Korean Firm,” Proceedings of the Pan-Pacific Conference XVIII,May 27-30, 2001, Vina Del mar, Chile, pp. 160-162

Chong W. Kim and Purnendu Mandal, “Human Issues in Strategic Alliance” Proceedings of the 2002 IRMA International Conference, Seattle, WA, May 19 -22, 2002.

Purnendu Mandal and Chong W. Kim, “The Role of IT Architecture in Strategic Alliance,” Proceedings of the IRMA International Conference. Seattle, WA, May 2002.

Chong Kim, & Margie McInerney, “The Model of Reasoned Responses: Use of the Golden Mean and Implications to Management Practice,” Proceedings of the Pan-Pacific Conference XIX , Bankok, May 28 - 31, pp. 67-79, 2002.

Chong W. Kim & Andrew Sikula Sr., “Three types of People in the Workplace: 3D Theory,” Proceedings of the Pan-Pacific Confrence XX, Shanghai, China, May 28 - 30, pp., 2003.

Chong W. Kim, Earl Damewood, and Norma Thompson, “Can We Alter Professor Attitude and Improve Student Evaluations?” Proceedings of The 8th Annual Fall Educators’ Conference, Nashville, TN, Sept. 11-13, 2003.

Kim, Chong W., Margie McInerney, and Charles Braun, The Philosophy of the Golden Mean: Its Implications To Management Practice, Ethics & Critical Thinking Quarterly,Journal, Volume 100, Issue 1, March 15, 2000, Section six.

Kim, Chong W., Earl Damewood, Marshall University, and Norma Hodge, Marshall University, Professor Attitude: Its Effect On Teaching Evaluations, Journal of Management Education, Vol. 24, number 4, August, 2000, pp. 458-473.

Andrew Sikula, Sr., Kurt Olmosk, Chong W. Kim, and Stephen Cupps, A New Theory of Management, Ethics & Behavior. Vol. 11, number 1, 2001, pp. 3-21.

Kim, Chong W., Dennis Emmett, and Andrew Sikula. Sr., Employee Relations Ethics and the Changing Nature of the American Work Force, Ethics & Behavior Vol. 11, number 1,2001, pp. 23-38.

Chong W. Kim and Sikula, A; Bolling, B. W., “The Concept of Trinity And Its Application to Management Practice,” Insights to a Changing World Journal, Vol. 2002, Issue 1. pp. 1 - 21.

Chul B. Huh, Chong W. Kim and Andy Sikula, “A Comparative Analysis of Korean and American Management Education: A Knowledge-Based Odyssey,” International Journal of Value-Based Management,. Vol.. 15, pp. 1-17, 2002.

Chong W. Kim, Margie McInerney, and Robert Alexander, “Job Satisfaction Related to Safe Performance: A Case for a Manufacturing Firm”, The Coastal Business Journal. Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 63-71, 2002.

Chong W. Kim, Purnendu Mandal, & Dale H. Shao, “Role of Behavior Factors in Strategic Alliances,” Computing InformationTechnology: The Human Side, edited by teven Gordon, London: IRM Press, pp 233 - 251, 2003.

Andy Sikula, Sr. & Chong W. Kim, “Three Types of People In The Workplace: 3D Theory, Ethics & Critical Thinking Journal, March 15, 2005. Accepted for publication.

Professional/Community Based Service:
Elder, First Presbyterian Church in Huntington

Board member of Huntington Rotary Club

President, Master Kim's School of Traditional Tae Kwon Do


Received the Marshall University Distinguished Service Award, April 2003

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