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Name: Beverly Delidow
Title: Associate Professor
Office: School of Medicine
Phone: 304-696-7266

Research Based:
Funded Grants:
"-catenin function and retinoic acid in melanoma", project 1 of NIH COBRE. Sept 2004-August 2009.
Funded Grants:
(1998, May). Career Enhancement Award, NSF and the West Virginia Chapter of AWIS, $1,500.

(1998, August 1-2001, July 31). Cell-cell adhesion and regulation of pituitary prolactin. NSF grant # IBN-9810327, $229,144.

(1998, September [for 2 to 5 years]). Cell-cell adhesion and pituitary lactotroph function. NIH AREA grant #1R15DK54330-01, $74, 981 direct costs.

Spangler, P. R., & Delidow, B. C. (1997, June 813). Glucocorticoid regulation of the cadherin-catenin cell adhesion system in 235-1 pituitary tumor cells. Poster session presented at the 1997 Gordon Research Conference on Cell Contact and Adhesion, Procter Academy, Andover, NH.

Wang, M., Bhamidipaty, S. V., & Black, L .D. (1998, Feb 1-6). Glucocorticoid inhibition of 235-1 pituitary tumor cell cycle. Poster session presented at the 1998 Gordon Research Conference on Prolactin, Harbortown Resort, Ventura, CA.

Wang, M., Bhamidipaty, S. V., & Black, L .D. (1998, April 18-22). Glucocorticoid inhibition of 235-1 pituitary tumor cell cycle. Poster session presented at Experimental Biology 98, San Francisco, CA.
(1997). Molecular cloning of PCR fragments with cohesive ends. Molecular Biotechnology, 8, 53-60.

Spangler, P .R., & Delidow, B. C. (1998). Co-regulation of pituitary tumor cell adhesion and prolactin gene expression by glucocorticoid. Journal of Cellular Physiology, 174, 115-124.

Delidow BC, Wang M, Bhamidipaty SV, Black LD. (2002) Glucocorticoid inhibition of 235-1 rat pituitary tumor cell cycle progression. Endocrine 17: 119-127.

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