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Name: Todd Green
Title: Associate Professor
Office: School of Medicine
Phone: 304-696-7329

Research Based:
Cui. X., & Green, T. L. (1997). Interaction of laminin b2 with eps8 and desmin in transfected mouse C2C12 muscle cells [Abstract]. Molecular Biology of the Cell, 8, 1028.

Kamphaus, G. D., & Green, T. L. (1999). The role of domain I in laminin chain assembly [Abstract]. Protein Science, 8 (Suppl. 1), 121.

Wright, G., Reichenbecher, V., Green, T., Wright, G. L., & Wang, S. (1997). Paraquat inhibits the processing of human manganese-dependent superoxide dismutase by SF-9 insect cell mitochondria. Experimental Cell Research, 234, 78-84.


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