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Name: Corley Dennison
Title: Professor & Dean
Office: Journalism/SOJMC
Phone: 304-696-7038

Research Based:
Book Chapters:
(1998). Prime time TV. A History of Mass Media, Chicago: Fitzroy-Dearborn.

(1998). Radio payola scandals. A History of Mass Media, Chicago: Fitzroy-Dearborn.

Book Reviews:
(1997). [Review of the book The Sound and the Story]. Journal of Radio Studies, (4), pp. 238-239.

(1997). [Review of the book Edwin Armstrong, Man of High Fidelity]. Journal of Radio Studies, (4), pp. 238-239.

(1997). V-chip, a novel form of censorship. Paper presented at the National Communication Association, National Conference, Chicago IL.

(1997). The radio accessories business of the 1920s. Paper presented a the Popular Culture Association National Conference, San Antonio, TX.

(1998). Radio advertising decisions in the tri-state. Paper presented at the Popular Culture Association national conference, Orlando, FL.

Brown, M., & Dennison, C. (1998, April). Integrating radio into the home. Studies in Popular Culture, (xx)3, pp. 1-19.

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