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Name: G. F. Kojo (George) Arthur
Title: Associate Professor
Office: Education Foundations and Technology/COEHS
Phone: 304-696-2876

Creative Works:
 Cloth As Metaphor. Exhibition on the adinkra cloth symbols of the Akan of Ghana 1993-2004. 
 Catalogue of Adinkra Cloth Symbols of the Akan of Ghana.
Accra, Ghana: CEFIKS Publications, 2003.
This CD-ROM catalogs over 800 adinkra cloth symbols of the Akan of Ghana. It contains pictures of cloth samplea including cloths collected in 1817 now in the British Museum; 1825 cloth that is in a museum in Leiden, Holland, and 1896 cloth that is in the National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC.
 Akan Cultural Symbols Project Online
Web site
(With Robert Rowe)
This project is designed as an educational resource to show the relationships between Akan visual arts and Akan verbal genres. It is also to show some aspects of the rich cultural heritage of the Akan of Ghana. The Project comprises this web site, a series of books and catalogues, photo exhibitions, lectures and workshops and multi-media CD-ROMs. The web site combines a series of short essays on various aspects of Akan society including economics, cosmology and political beliefs with discussions of areas of Akan life where symbolism is prominent, in particular, architecture, metal casting, textiles and wood carving. The whole site is generously illustrated and complemented by an extensive links section and a full bibliography. The project is based at Marshall University -

Research Based:
Cloth As Metaphor: (Re)reading the adinkra cloth symbols of the Akan of Ghana. Accra, Ghana: CEFIKS Publications, 2001.
Cloth As Metaphor is a book about Indigenous symbols and the arts of the Akan df Ghana in West Africa. The Akan of Ghana and the Ivory Coast (West Africa) encode a number of symbols in their hand-woven and hand-printed cloths such as the adinkra and kente cloths. The symbols encoded in these cloths are linked to proverbs, stories, songs, maxims, beliefs and everyday expressions. These symbols in essence constitute a writing system with which the Akan communicate. As a writing system the adinkra cloth symbols, for example, may be grouped as pictograms, ideograms, and phonograms. This book contains over 700 adinkra cloth symbols with their names and meanings and some of the stories and proverbs associated with the symbols. It develops themes from the texts encoded in the proverbs, stories, and maxims associated with these symbols. The themes covered are: cosmology, social and political organization, social and ethical values, economics, and knowledge of the Akan of Ghana.

Professional/Community Based Service:
Outreach Program - Akan Cultural Symbols Project:
The Akan Cultural Symbols Project has a schools/community outreach program that has been taken to public and private schools, public libraries, churches, and universities.

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