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Name: Nicola Orsini
Title: Professor, Chairman
Office: Physics and Physical Science Department / COS
Phone: 304-696-2756
Expert: Atmospheric and Planetary Physics

Creative Works:
 a. Publications in Professional Journals
“Determination of the rate coefficient for the N2+ + 0 reaction in the ionosphere”, with co-authors. J.. Geophys. Res., 82, 1631, 1977.
“Quenching of metastable 2D oxygen ions in the thermosphere by atomic oxygen”, with co-authors, J. Geophys. Res., 82, 4829, 1977.
“The charge exchange reaction of metastable O+(2D) ions with molecular oxygen as a source of 02+ in the thermosphere”, with co-authors, Geophys. Res. Letts., 1978.
“Charge exchange of metastable 2D oxygen ions with N2 in the thermosphere”, with co-authors, Planet. Space Sci., 25, 1171, 1977. “Determination of the N2 + recombination rate coefficient in the ionosphere”, with co-authors, Geophys. Res. Letts., 4, 431, 1977.
“The Effect of N2 Recombination on the Aeronomic Determination of the charge exchange rate coefficient of O+(2D), with N2”, with co-authors, Geophys. Res. Letts., .5.,657, 1978.
“Study of 0+ Biteouts': The molecular ion chemistry in the 'Biteout' region of the nighttime equatorial ionosphere”, Technical Report, Norlin Communications, Inc., Space Physics Laboratory, Item 54/NAS 5-23011, 1978.
“The distribution and variability of mesospheric odd nitrogen: a theoretical investigation”, J. of Atmos. and Terr. Phys. 44,479-488, 1982.
“Solar disturbances and mesospheric odd nitrogen”, J. of Atmos. and Terr. Phys.44,489,1982.
“Geophysical interpretation of Mid Latitude Nitric Oxide Measurements”, Transaction, American Geophysical Union, Vol. 64, No. 18, May 1983.
“Nitric Oxide in the Upper Stratosphere: Measurements and Geophysical Interpretation”, with co-authors, J. of Geophys. Res., 88, C15, 10, 809
Dec. 1983
“Geomagnetic Activity Effects on the Equatorial Neutral Thermosphere”, with co-authors, Transaction, American Geophysical Union, Vol. 71, No. 43, October 1990.

b. Publications for Laboratory Use
Contributed to major revision of Physics 202 and Physics 204 Laboratory Manuals now being published by Tichenor Publishing Co., Work done in 1983, 1984.
Wrote some experiment instructions for Astronomy 400L/500L laboratory course.
c. Short Courses, Workshops
Chautauqua Short Course on Remote Sensing, 1980-81.
Chautauqua Short Course on Astronomy Bizarre 1982-83.
Chautauqua Short Course on Teaching Introductory Astronomy, May 1994.
Chautauqua Short Course on introducing Observational Equipment and
Activities into the Introductory Astronomy Course, June 1995.
Web CT Workshop, November 13, 1988
Seminar on “Conflict Management and Confrontation Skills: Jan. 11,
1999, Charleston, WV.
Chautauqua Short Course on A Radio View of the Universe and the New
Green Bank Telescope, June 1999.

d. Papers Presented In Professional Meetings
“A study of the diurnal and seasonal behavior of N2+ in the thermosphere
using the AE-C satellite”, American Geophysical Union Meeting,
Spring 1976.
“A study of vibrationally excited N2+ ions in the thermosphere using the
Atmosphere Explorer-C satellite”, American Geophysical Union Meetings,
December, 1976.
“The N2+ recombination rate coefficient as a function of the electron to
atomic oxygen density ratio using the AE-C satellite measurements”,
American Geophysical Union Meeting, Spring 1978.
“Molecular Ion Chemistry in the 0+ 'Biteout' Region of the Nighttime
Equatorial Ionosphere”, Atmosphere Explorer Team Meeting, Goddard
Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, June, 1978.
“Stratospheric odd nitrogen: a comparison between calculations and
Measurements”, Atmospheric Sciences group, Goddard Space Flight
Center, July 1982.
“Geophysical Interpretation of Mid Latitude Nitric Oxide Measurements”, American Geophysical Union Meeting, June 1, 1983, Philadelphia, PA.
Other Meetings Attended

American Geophysical Union Spring Meeting, Baltimore, MD, May 25-29, 981.
American Geophysical Union Spring Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, May 31 – June 4, 1982.
Blue Grass Chapter of Health Physics Society, Lexington, KY, May 21, 1998.
Appalachian Section of American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), Huntington, WV, November 4, 5, 1983, Morgantown, WV, November 1984. Athens, OH, November 1985.
Appalachian Section and Southern Ohio Section of AAPT, Chillicothe, OH, April 1986.
AAPT, West Virginia Wesleyan College, November 1987.
AAPT, Davis and Elkins College, November 1988. “Radar Echo of the Venusian Surface: July 17, 1990. The University of Michigan.

“Thermal Ion Upwelling in the High-Latitude Ionosphere” July 27, 1990, The University of Michigan.
Weekly Seminars for the Space Physics Laboratory Researchers, Summer 1990, The University of Michigan.
Appalachian Section of AAPT, West Virginia Institute of Technology, Montgomery, WV, October 26-27, 1990.
Appalachian Section of AAPT, Marshall University, Fall 1982

Papers presented to “Local” Audiences
“The nighttime equatorial “Biteout” in the earth’s Ionosphere”, Marshall University Physics and Physical Science Department, May 1980.
“The Chemistry of the Ionosphere”, Marshall University Chemistry Seminar, November 1980.
“Black Holes” Marshall Science Fiction Society, December 1981.
“What is a Black Hole”, Marshall University Chi Beta Phi, November 1982.


Research Based:
Teaching Activities:
a. Curriculum Development
Developed new course Astronomy Laboratory 400L/500L and
Developed prototypes for some laboratory apparatus, 1982. This course is now required for many teaching specializations.
Taught Special Topics course (PHY 480/580) on atmospheric physics during 1 st summer term 1983.
Contributed to major revision of Physics 202 and Physics 204 Laboratory manuals along with other department faculty.
Developed new course Physics 412/512, Atmospheric Physics with Computer Simulation, 1989. The course is now part of the M.S. Program in Physical Science.
2005 Organized the Open House for Physics Department to honor Albert Einstein’s five major scientific papers in 1905.
2005 Made modifications and upgrades to Physics 101L, and the Astronomy 400/500 lab reports.

b. Field Trips
Accompanied students in PHY 412/512 “Atmospheric Physics” to The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor on April 10-12 1990. These students used The University of Michigan's computer facilities and their data.

Take Astronomy 400/500 students to, "Astronomy Weekend", Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, Prestonsburg, KY.
Field trip with Society of Physics Students (SPS) to National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO), Green Bank, WV April 13, 2004.
Field trip with PS 110 students to the Haverhill Chemical Plant in Haverhill, OH, April 22, 2004.
Accompanied physics majors to the Wright Patterson AFB lab, April 2005.

c. Team teach yearly sessions of Curriculum and Instruction Course 562/205 at Logan and Wayne County, West Virginia.

d. Team teach Physics 431/631 – 432/632, Seminar.


Professional/Community Based Service:
Community Service:
Supplies information and interviews to local news media regarding atmospheric and astronomical phenomena.
“Astronomy”, talk presented to middle school students of Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, Huntington, WV, November 1982
“Life and Death of Stars”, talk presented to Middle School students of Our Lady of Fatima, Huntington, WY., December 1982.
“Evolution of a Black Hole”, talk presented to Beverly Hills Middle School students, Huntington, WY., November 1983.
Talk on Haley's comet and on other topics dealing with astronomical Phenomena, Milton Senior Citizen Luncheon Meeting at Milton Presbyterian Church, November 13, 1985
Talk on “The Evolution of Stars”, Huntington Museum of Art, Studio 5, May 6, 1989

Talk on “Stars Like Us”, Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, Prestonsburg, KY, Astronomy Weekend 1989, November 11, 1989
Talk on “Planets”, Beverly Hills Middle School (7th graders), May 27, 1992
Talk to Peyton Elementary (5th graders), February 24 and March 3, 1994
Talk on “Eclipses”, Marshall University and Huntington Community,
May 10, 1994
Talk on “Tour of the Universe”, Our Lady of Fatima School (5th graders), November 7, 1994
Talk on “Stars & Planets”, Guyandotte Elementary (5th graders), November 29, 1994
Talk on “Planets”, Cammack Middle School (6th graders), April 25, 1995.
Advised Ms. Dinkins and helped her with Astronomy activities for her 9th grade Earth Science class, April 2, 1998.
Science Fair Judge, South Point High School, December 8, 1999.
Science Fair Judge, Huntington High School, January 6, 2000.
Grand Prize Judge, West Virginia State Science & Engineering Fair, Marshall University, April 2, 2000.
Presented a summary of part of the IMPACT Symposium, Marshall University College of Education, October 22, 2000.
Served as a judge for the “State Science & Engineering Fair”, Marshall University, March 31, 2001.
Science Fair Judge, St. Joseph Catholic High School, March 9, 2004.
Presentation and workshop, Guyandotte Elementary School (3rd graders), May 26, 2004.
Served as a judge for the “State Science & Engineering Fair”, Marshall University, Spring 2004.
Consultant for “The Underwood Law Offices” of Huntington, WV for the case of Rhetta Skaggs vs. Days Inn of Huntington, Spring 2005.
Talk on “Planets”, Guyandotte Elementary School, Spring 2005.
Talk on “How to Incorporate more Physics in Teaching”, Cabell County high school teachers, Spring 2005.
Led workshop for the Center for Academic Excellence on the “Cassini Huygen’s Mission to Titan”, Booth Experimental Theatre,
April 4, 2005.
Talk “Curved Space Time, Black Holes & Gravity’s Final Victory”, October 14, 2005.
Served as judge for West Virginia State Science & Engineering Fair, Spring 2005.
Judge for the Astronomy Grand Prize given by the Ohio Valley Astronomical Society, April 2, 2005.

Interviews by Local Media
Supplies information and interviews to local news media regarding atmospheric and astronomical phenomena.

9/11/92 “Harvest Moon” Christy Gibson (Herald-Dispatch)
2/4/93 Yeager Students
9/7/93 “Asteroids” (Marshall University Parthenon)
11/30/93 “Cultural Diversity” Nathan Wyrick (student)
2/18/94 Yeager Students
3/3/94 Yeager Students
5/5/94 Annual Eclipse (Herald-Dispatch)
6/23/94 “Comet Shoemaker-Levey 9” (Marshall University Parthenon
6/27/94 “Comet Shoemaker-Levey 9 Collision with Jupiter” Beckey Bookwalter (Herald-Dispatch)
11/16/94 “Phases of Moon” Becky Bookwalter (Herald-Dispatch)
2/15/96 “Story on Venus” Shannon Marts (Herald-Dispatch)
2/29/96 “Story on Calendar” (Leap Year) David Bentley Channel 3 TV
4/8/96 “Questions on Daylight Savings Time” David Bentley Channel 3 TV
9/27/96 “Lunar Eclipse, Public’s Reaction” Melissa Rakes (Herald-Dispatch)
11/14/96 “Mars & Space Probe” Eric Fossell (Herald-Dispatch For Your Info Page)
2/3/97 “Hale-Bopp” Jerry Mathinson (Channel 13 TV)
2/13/97 “Hale-Bopp” Eric Fossell (Herald-Dispatch)
5/18/98 “Comets & Asteroids” Rob Serey (Channel 3) plus 3 follow-up disc
11/17/98 “The Cause of Meteor Showers” (Herald-Dispatch)
22/26/98 “Meteor Showers” Lisa Osborn (Herald-Dispatch0
3/1/99 “Blue Moons” Debra Cramer (WSAZ-TV)
7/12/99 “Global Warming” (WSAZ-TV staff)
7/30/99 “Roller Coasters” Bob Withers (Herald-Dispatch, For Your Info Page
8/11/99 “Meteor Showers” Tony Cavalier
11/17/99 “Leonid Meteor Shower” Carrie Cline (Channel 3 TV)
1/3/00 “Millennium” (Herald-Dispatch, For Your Info Page)
9/23/03 “Autumnal Equinox” (Anglia University students)
9/29/03 “Aurora Borealis and Solar Flares” Tony Cavalier (WSAZ Channel 3)
9/29/03 “Aurora Borealis and Solar Flares” (WOWK Channel 13)
4/13/04 “NRAO Trip” Sarah Hereford (Marshall University Parthenon)
11/10/04 “Communication disruption due to Increase in Solar Particles Arriving on Earth” classroom presentation Tony Cavalier (WSAZ Channel 3)


Awards and Honors
Two-month appointment as a Visiting Research Scientist at The University of Michigan Space Physics Research Laboratory in Ann Arbor, MI. Summer 1990.
Marshall University - Summer Research Award, topic, “Data Acquisition for Ionospheric Modeling”, 1989.
Selected as a Yeager Professor to teach a highly selected group of students based on their high academic standing which have been awarded a Yeager Scholarship at Marshall University. 1987-1991
Fulbright Exchange Teacher, US-UK Teacher Exchange Program, 1984-85.
Marshall University Foundation Research Grant, topic, "Nitric Oxide in the Upper Stratosphere", 1983.
NASA/ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship, 1981, 1982
Block Grant Award, (1-75/4-75 & 9-73/4-74), The University of Michigan
Mildred Weed Goodrich Fellowship, (1-73), The University of Michigan.
First Graduate Scholarship Predoctoral Fellowship, The University of Michigan
Professor of the Year Award from Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, Fall 2000.
Fabulous Faculty Member 2000-2001 Award from Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society.
Nominated as an “Outstanding Faculty Member” from The Gamma Beta Society, April 11, 2001.

Other Achievements:
Scientific Societies:
American Geophysical Union
Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society
Appalachian Section American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT)
Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program (Mutual Educational Exchange Program)

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