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Name: Marty Laubach
Title: Associate Professor
Office: Sociology / COLA
Phone: (304) 696-2798
Expert: Sociology of Religion, Work and Organizations, Science and Knowledge,

Research Based:
Laubach, Marty. 2007. “The Epistemology of Esoteric Culture: Spiritual Claim-Making within the American Neopagan Community.” Journal of Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies, 3:45-79.
Laubach, Marty, Luis Martinie, and Roselinda Clemons. 2007. “The Practitioner, the Priest, and the Professor: Perspectives on Self-Initiation in the American Neopagan Community.” Journal for the Academic Study of Magic, 4:13-34.
Laubach, Marty. 2004. “The Social Effects of Psychism: Spiritual Experience and the Construction of Privatized Religion.” Sociology of Religion, 65(3):239-263
Laubach, Marty. 2005. “Consent, Informal Organizational, and Job Rewards: A Mixed Methods Analysis.” Social Forces, 84(2): 1535–1566
Book chapter:
Earley, P. Christopher and Marty Laubach. 2001. “Structural Identity Theory and the Dynamics of Cross-Cultural Work Groups.” Pp 256-283 in Martin J. Gannon and Karen L. Newman (eds.), Blackwell Handbook of Cross-Cultural Management. Blackwell Publishing
Encyclopedia Entry:
Laubach, Marty. 2005. “Covenant of Unitarian Universalist Pagans.” Jeffrey Kaplan and Bron Taylor (eds.), Encyclopedia of Religion and Nature. New York: Continuum

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