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Name: Vincent Sollars
Title: Assistant Professor
Office: Biochemistry and Microbiology / SOM
Phone: 304-696-7357
Expert: Stem Cells, Leukemia, Cancer genetics, Gene regulation

Research Based:
Book Chapter:
Multigenerational selection and detection of altered histone acetylation and methylation patterns: toward a quantitative epigenetics in Drosophila (2004). Mark D. Garfinkel, Vincent E. Sollars, Xiangyi Lu, and Douglas M. Ruden. Methods Mol Biol 287, 151-168.
Journal Article:
Omega 3 fatty acids reduce myeloid progenitor cell frequency in the bone marrow of mice and promote progenitor cell differentiation (2009). Melinda E. Varney, W. Elaine Hardman, and Vincent E. Sollars. Lipids in Health and Disease 8(9).
Journal Article:
Defect in early lung defense against Pseudomonas aeruginosa in DBA/2 mice is associated with acute inflammatory lung injury and reduced bactericidal activity in naïve macrophages (2007). Kari R. Wilson, Jennifer M. Napper, James Denvir, Vincent E. Sollars, and Hongwei D. Yu. Microbiology 153(4), pp. 968-979.
Journal Article:
Analysis of Pre-leukemic Expansion of Myeloid Progenitors in Inbred Strains of Mice (2006). Vincent E. Sollars, Edward Pequignot, Jay L. Rothstein, and Arthur M. Buchberg. Mammalian Genome 17(8), 808-821.
Journal Article:
Diversity in secreted PLA2-IIA activity among inbred mouse strains that are resistant or susceptible to ApcMin/+ tumorigenesis (2005). Marina Markova, Revati A. Koratkar, Karen A. Silverman, Vincent E. Sollars, Melina MacPhee-Pellini, Rhonda Walters, Juan P. Palazzo, Arthur M. Buchberg, Linda D. Siracusa and Steven A. Farber. Oncogene 24, 6450-6458.
Journal Article:
The Epigenomic Viewpoint on Cellular Differentiation of Myeloid Progenitor Cells as it Pertains to Leukemogenesis (2005). Vincent E. Sollars. Current Genomics 6 (3), 137-144.
Journal Article:
Epigenetic modification as an enabling mechanism for leukemic transformation (2005). Vincent E. Sollars. Frontiers in Bioscience 10, 1635-1646.
Journal Article:
Waddington’s Widget: Hsp90 and the inheritance of acquired characters (2003). Douglas M. Ruden, Mark D. Garfinkel, Vincent E. Sollars and Xiangyi Lu. Seminars in Cell and Molecular Biology 14, 301-310.
Journal Article:
Evidence for an epigenetic mechanism by which Hsp90 acts as a capacitor for morphological evolution (2003). Vincent Sollars, Xiangyi Lu, Li Xiao, Xiaoyan Wang, Mark D. Garfinkel, and Douglas M. Ruden. Nature Genetics 33, pp. 70-74.
Journal Article:
A novel transgenic line of mice exhibiting autosomal recessive male-specific lethality and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (2002). Vincent E. Sollars, Benjamin J. McEntee, Julie B. Engiles, Jay L. Rothstein and Arthur M. Buchberg. Human Molecular Genetics 11(22), pp. 2777-2786.
Journal Article:
Membrane Fusion Proteins are Required for oskar mRNA Localization in the Drosophila Egg Chamber. Douglas M. Ruden, Vincent Sollars, Xiaoyan Wang, Daisuke Mori, and Marina Alterman (2000). Developmental Biology 218, pp. 314-325.
Journal Article:
A Drosophila Kinesin-like Protein, Klp38B, Functions during Meiosis, Mitosis and Segmentation. Douglas M. Ruden, Wei Cui, Vincent Sollars, and Marina Alterman (1997). Developmental Biology 191, pp. 284-296.

Professional/Community Based Service:
Professional Association:
International Association of Medical Science Educators (IAMSE) (member since 2008)
Professional Association:
American Association for Cancer Research (member since 2005)
Professional Association:
Genetics Society of America (member since 1996).
Professional Association:
American Association for the Advancement of Science (member since 1996).
Professional Association:
The American Society of Hematology (member since 2005).
University Association:
University of Kansas Alumni Association (member since 1995).
University Association:
Member of the Marshall University, Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine Alumni Association (member since 2004).

William King Candlin Memorial Physiology Scholarship
(1999) This award of $3,000 was established in 1967 in memory of this University of Kansas student who died in a tragic accident. Awarded by the Department of Molecular Biosciences of the University of Kansas for excellence in graduate research.
Burton Electron Microscopy Award
(1999) – this competitive funding award of $200 was established by a noted microscopist and University of Kansas professor to provide funds for projects using electron microscopy.
While a post-doctoral fellow at Thomas Jefferson University (2000-2004), I was supported by an NIH Training Grant (T32-CA09678) and a March of Dimes Research Grant (658).
West Virginia Research Challenge Award (7/01/2004 – 6/30/2007) from the State of West Virginia. This grant sponsors building basic and translational research components of the Joan C. Edwards School of Medicine. Role: Co-Investigator
Master Educator
Designated a Master Educator by Marshall University School of Medicine in 2008

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