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Name: Donna M. Sullivan
Title: Associate Professor
Office: Sociology/COLA
Phone: 304-696-6394
Expert: Gerontology; productive activities in aging: older learners, volunteers, paid employment, caregiving; Community aging; Public Policy; Research methods: ethnography, action research, surveys, secondary data analysis; content analysis.

Research Based:

Conference Presentations:
2008 Barksdale, K, Owens, P., Spatig, L., Baisden, T., Sullivan, D. “The Glass Castle: How teachers help aspiring students to succeed.” Panelist at the Appalachian Studies Association, 31st Annual Conference, Huntington, WV, March 2008.

2006 Sullivan, DM. "Working Class Women and Employment at Older Ages," Southern Gerontological Society Conference, Lexington, KY, April 2006.

2004 Sullivan, DM. “Occupational Aging in Place: The Case of Older Waitresses,” Gerontological Society of America, 57th Annual Conference, Washington, DC, November 2004.

2003 Silverstein, Nina, Murtha, Jenai, Jawad, May, and Sullivan, Donna. “Gerontological Education: Evaluating the Manning Gerontology Certificate Program after 21 years,” American Society on Aging (ASA), Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL

2002 Turner, Barbara F. and Sullivan, Donna. “Subjective changes with age in how men feel masculine,” Gerontological Society of America, 55th Annual Conference, Boston, MA.

2002 Silverstein, Nina, Murtha, Jenai, and Sullivan, Donna. "Gerontology and the Older Learner: The Manning Certificate Program After 21 Years." Gerontological Society of America (GSA), 55th Annual Conference, Boston, MA.
2007 Sullivan, Donna M. "Work and Retirement Prospects of Career Waitresses." Anthropology and Aging Quarterly, Feb/Mar 2007.

2005 Silverstein, Nina M., Sullivan, Donna M., Jawad, May, Murtha, Jenai. “The Value of a Gerontology Certificate: A Survey of the Frank J. Manning Alumni 1980-2001.” Gerontology & Geriatrics Education, Volume: 26 Issue: 2.

2004 Silverstein, Nina M., Murtha, Jenai, Sullivan, Donna M., and Jawad, May. “Training Older Adults for Community Service.” The Older Learner, Fall 2004 V12 N4, American Society on Aging.

2004 Silverstein, Nina M., Murtha, Jenai, Sullivan, Donna M., Jawad, May. The Frank J. Manning Certificate in Gerontology Alumni Survey. 21 Years of Service to Elders. Boston, MA: The Gerontology Institute, University of Massachusetts Boston.

2002 Caro, Francis G., Porell, Frank W., Sullivan, Donna M., ~Safran-Norton, Clare, and Miltiades, Helen, “Home Health and Home Care in Massachusetts after the Balanced Budget Act of 1997: Implications of Cost Containment Pressures for Service Authorizations.” The Home Health Care Services Quarterly, Vol. 21(1), 47-66.

Professional/Community Based Service:
University Service:
Faculty Senate, COLA Representative, 2006-present
University Functions Committee, FS Liason, 2006-present
Graduate Program Director, Sociology MA Degree Program, Jan/Dec 2008; Co-Director, Jan/May 2009.
MU One Book Committee, 2007-2008
UNI 101 Faculty, 2006-2008

Community Service
Newspaper Quotes: Huntington Herald Dispatch, 2005, 2007; Dominion Post (Morgantown, WV) 2006; Magic Valley Times-News (Twin Falls, ID), 2006
Wayne County, WV, Vision 50/50, Community & Economic Development Analysis, 2007-2008


MU, COLA, Outstanding Teacher Award, 2008
Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Grant, 2008
Finalist for Pickens-Queen Teachers Award, 2008
MU-Advance, Mini-Grant for travel, 2008
MU COLA Travel Funds, 2007
MU INCO Foundation Grants, 2006
MU Quinlan Endowment Funding, 2006
Ronald E. McNair, Academic Excellence Award, 2004
Sigma Phi Omega, Gerontology Honor Society
Michael Lenz Memorial Research Award, UMB, 2001
Craig Bollinger Dissertation Grant, UMB, 2001
Alpha Kappa Delta, Sociology Honor Society
Ronald E. McNair Research Fellow, 1994-1997

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