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Name: John Parker
Title: Assistant Professor
Office: Family & Community Health/MUSOM
Phone: 304-691-1198
Expert: Family Medicine, Rural Health, International Health

Research Based:
Journal Article:
J Occup Med. 1991 Jun;33(6):688-90. Success in basic combat training: the role of cigarette smoking.Blake GH, Parker JA Jr.
Department of Family Medicine, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson 39216.

We studied whether cigarette smoking affected a soldier's ability to complete basic combat training. Demographic and tobacco use information was collected from a cohort of soldiers before they began training. A list of all graduates was obtained and analyzed against the initial questionnaire data. In this prospective study, the smoking group comprised 339 soldiers and the nonsmoking group comprised 535 soldiers. We found that those soldiers who smoked one or more packs of cigarettes per day were at a greater risk for failing basic combat training (relative risk = 2.05, P = 0.092. There was no relationship observed between a soldier's education and his ability to complete basic combat training. Our data indicate that smoking one or more packs of cigarettes per day may adversely affect a soldier's ability to complete basic combat training.

PMID: 1865249

Professional/Community Based Service:
Medical care to Legislators and Staff:
Doc for a Day. I have participated since 2005 in this program of the West Virginia Academy of Family Physicians, in which members provide acute medical services to law makers and employees at the Capitol building in Charleston, WV.

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