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Name: Mary W Mhango
Title: Associate Professor & FCS Program Coordinator
Office: Family and Consumer Sciences/COEHS
Phone: 304-696-3535

Research Based:
Refereed journal articles , and books:
Niehm, L., Gregoire, M., Austin, T., & Mhango, M. (2005, November). Building
potential for entrepreneurship in family and consumer sciences. Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences, (in press).

Mhango, M; Niehm, L. & Marcketti, S. (2005). Small retailers' integration of
e- commerce technology: personal and business perspectives of Iowa business owners. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, 17(2), 70-90.

Mhango, M. W. and Niehm, L.S. (2005). The second-hand clothing distribution channel: opportunities for retail entrepreneurs in Malawi. Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management, 9(3), 342- 356.

Mhango, M. W. (2000). An investigation of male and female employment
Opportunities and training needs in home economics related businesses in Botswana. Mosenodi. 8(1), 19-25.

Pratt, C.; Mhango, M.; Miller, J. & Noor, I. (1996). Family variables, nutrient intake and perceived health among Malawian women. Journal of Consumer Studies and Home Economics. 21, 75-84.

Bogopa, G., Mhango, M., & Brandon, D. (1999). Home Economics
Productivity Pupilsí Book series (1, 2, & 3). Gaborone: Macmillan Botswana Publishing Company.
Bogopa, G., Mhango, M. & Brandon, D. (1999). Home Economics for
Productivity Book 1, 2, & 3: Teachersí Guide. Gaborone: Macmillan Botswana Publishing Company.

Scholarly awards
2005 Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund, World Bank, PhD Dissertation Research

2003 Alice M. Ford Graduate Scholarship, College of Family and Consumer Sciences, Iowa State University

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