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Name: Pier Paolo Claudio
Title: Associate Professor
Office: Biochemistry and Microbiology & Surgery/ SOM
Phone: 304-696-3516
Expert: Gene Therapy, Stem Cells

Research Based:
Book Chapters:
1. De Luca A., Baldi A., Claudio P.P., Howard C.M., Campisi S., Giordano A., Condorelli G. (1995): The retinoblastoma gene and its role in cancer and differentiation. In Future Trends in Endocrinology. Ares-Serono Symposia Series-Frontiers in Endocrinology 14: 197-206.

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8. Tiziana Tonini, Pier Paolo Claudio, Antonio Giordano and Gaetano Romano. (2004): in Methods in Molecular Biology. Cell cycle control and dysregulation protocols. Part IV RETROVIRIDAE-BASED VECTORS: PROTOCOLS FOR LENTIVIRAL – AND RETROVIRAL-MEDIATED GENE TRANSFER TO ENGINEER CELL CULTURE SYSTEMS. Determination of functional viral titer by drug-resistance colony assay, expression, expression of green fluorescent protein, and beta-galactosidase staining. Humana Press, Chapter 19.

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10. Pier Paolo Claudio, Antonio Giordano. Angiogenesis and cancer. Practical Medical Oncology . Ed M. Lopez. Second Edition 2005.

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2. Califano L., Claudio P.P. (1995): I tumori della parotide. (Parotid tumors) Ed. Scientifiche Italiane. Napoli, 1-148.
Publications (peer reviewed):
1. Francesco Claudio, Francesco Cacace, Michele Pizzorusso, Ornella Schiappa, Pier Paolo Claudio, Franco Ionna, Paolo Marcolin, Antonio Amato. (1983): Strategia di trattamento delle aree di drenaggio linfonodale nei tumori del cavo orale. (Strategy of treatment for lymphonodal drenage areas in tumors of the oral cavity) Il medico italiano, 27: 225 - 237.

2. Califano, A. Cortese, P.P. Claudio. (1989): L'alimentazione artificiale in chirurgia maxillo facciale. (Artificial nutrition in maxillo-facial surgery) Boll. Soc. It. Chir. 10, 3: 173 - 177.

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1989-1994 Fellowship awarded for training in Maxillo-Facial Surgery at the
Department of Maxillo-Facial Surgery, University of Naples “Federico II,” Italy.

1994-1995 Fellowship from “Lega Nazionale Lotta contro i Tumori” of the
National Institute of Tumor “Fondazione Senatore Pascale,” Naples, Italy.

1995-1997 Fellowship from the American-Italian Cancer Foundation, New York, USA.

1999-2001 Fellowship from the “Associazione Leonardo di Capua”, Napoli, Italy.
Professional Awards
1987 II Edition of the national award for young researchers “A. Schweitzer”, Italy.

1989 M.D. Degree, Summa cum laude.

1994 Residency program in Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Summa cum laude.

1999 Lions Club Napoli-Mergellina Award for outstanding achievements in cancer research.

2002 Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, 2002 edition.

2003 Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, 2003 edition

2003 2000 Outstanding Scientists of the 21st Century.

2004 Who’s Who in Science and Engineering, 2004 edition

2004 Research Board of Advisors, Who’s is Who.

2004 Rotary Club – Napoli Award for outstanding achievements in gene therapy

2007 International Award “Sebetia-Ter” for Biomedical Sciences

2008 Lion’s Club Fondi Award for Stem Cell Research
Research Grants
WW Smith Charity Foundation. # C0305
Pier Paolo Claudio (PI): Ultrasound enhancement of viral-mediated gene transfer following systemic administration. $ 120,000 (Expired 2006)

NIH R01 CA60999: Rb2/p130 from the mechanism to gene therapy.
Pier Paolo Claudio (CoPI) $ 1,250,000 (Expired 2009)

NIH P01 NS36466-08: Project #2 Tumor suppressor Rb family/pRb2 in medulloblastoma.
Pier Paolo Claudio (CoPI) $ 750,000 Project#2 (Expired 2009)

CDDC grant: Microgravity sensitization to chemotherapy of multi-drug resistant cancer cells
Pier Paolo Claudio (PI) $ 20,000/year (Expired 2008)

NIH R21 CA131395 Ultrasound guided site-specific gene delivery in prostate cancer
Pier Paolo Claudio (PI) $ 385,000 - Active 2009-2011

NIH R03: Image guided enhancement of mda-7 gene therapy in pancreas adenocarcinoma
Pier Paolo Claudio (PI) $100,000 - Active 2009-2011

Other Achievements:
Journal Editor:
2001- The women’s oncology review (Assistant and contributing Editor)

2004- Regional Editor of the Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research (Editor-USA)

2005- International Journal of Biomedical Science (Molecular Biology Section)

2005- Drugs News and Perspectives (Editor-USA)

2005- Drugs of Today (Editor USA)

2005- Drugs of the Future (Editor USA).

2006- Journal Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research (Editor-USA)

2008 Current Signal Transduction Therapy (Editor-USA)
University Services:
2006-present Member of Marshall University Library Committee

2007-present Member of the Marshall University Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)

2008-present Member of the Marshall University Faculty Senate

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