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Name: John G Rankin
Title: Professor
Office: Forensic Science / SOM
Phone: 304- 690-4377
Expert: forensic chemistry

Research Based:
“Target Compound Ratio and Chemometric Analyses for the Individualization of Neat Ignitable Liquids and Residues from Fire Debris”, Interflam2010, Nottingham, England, International Meeting, July 2010, Oral Presentation.

“Individualization of Ignitable Liquid Residues in Fire Debris”, Tripartite Symposium, Pittsburgh, PA, May 2010, Invited Paper.

“Application of PCA and Cluster Analysis to Gasoline GCMS Pattern Matching”, AAFS 2010, Seattle, WV, Feb 2010, Presentation at Workshop – “Chemometrics for Forensic Scientists: The Good, the Bad and the Misleading” – Chair of workshop)

“Comparison of Organic Components of Pre and Post Blast Smokeless Powders by HPLC” AAFS 2010, Seattle, WV, Feb 2010, Co-author, Poster Presentation.

“The Differentiation of Kerosene Samples by Target Compound Ratio Analysis”, AAFS 2010, Seattle, WV, Feb 2010, Co-author, Poster Presentation.

“Chemometric Analysis of Target Compound Ratios of Gasoline and Gasoline Residues”, Eastern Analytical Symposium, Somerset, NJ, Nov. 2009, Invited Paper.

“GCIR as a Tool for Analysis of Smokeless Powder Residues from IED’s”, AAFS 2009, Denver, CO, Feb. 2009, Oral Presentation.

“Target Compound Analysis for the Individualization of Gasolines”, AAFS 2007, San Antonio, TX, Feb 2007, Poster Presentation.

“Comparsion of HPLC and MECE for the Analysis of Organic Constituents in Smokeless Powder”, AAFS 2007, San Antonio, TX, Feb 2007, Poster Presentation.

Professional/Community Based Service:
Professional Organizations:
American Chemical Society (Analytical; Chemistry and Law Divisions)

American Academy of Forensic Science (Fellow)

Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists
Program Chair MAAFS 2008 Meeting, Huntington,

American Board of Criminalists, Diplomate, Fire Debris Specialist and Drug Analysis Specialist

Society for Applied Spectroscopy

Sigma Xi (professional research fraternity)

ASTM E-30 Committee: Forensic Science (Chair 30.01 Criminalistics Subcommittee); E54 Committee: Homeland Security Applications

Technical Working Group for Fire and Explosives (TWGFEX), Co-chair, Explosive Lab Education and Training Committee

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