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Name: Matthew J Comeau
Title: Associate Professor/Director of Graduate Athletic Training
Office: School of Kinesiology / COHP
Phone: 304-696-2925

Creative Works:
 Marshall University Technology Summit, 2010 - Presented on Use of Wimba Live Classroom 
 Thinking about an E-Course? 2nd Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning. August 17-18, 2010. Huntington, WV. 

Research Based:
Conference Presentation:
Finnicum, P, Comeau, M, Green, J, Mathis, M, Zeiger, J. Technological Tools of the Trade for Teachers. National Wellness Conference, 2010.
Conference Presentation:
Graves, M, Tchistiakova, Z, Adams, T, Comeau, M. Comparison of Disease Risk Categories Based on BMI and Percent Body Fat in High School Females. ACSM Annual Conference, 2010
Conference Presentation:
Comeau, M, Williams, R, Graves, M, Adams T, Evans, G, Brown, L. Comparison of Differences in Heart Rate Obtained During Graded Exercise Testing and Actual Fire Fighting Activities. ACSM Annual Conference, 2010
Journal Article:
Comeau, M.J., Lawson, P.M., Graves, M.M, Church, J.B., Adams II, T.M. Visualization Of The Passive Sink Phenomenon In Non-Exercising Muscle Using Two Sampling Sites. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. (Submitted for publication).
Journal Article:
Comeau, M.J., Adams II, T.M., Church, J.B., Graves, M.M, Lawson, P.M. Prediction of lower extremity lactate levels in exercising muscle utilizing upper extremity sampling sites after maximal effort exercise. Journal of Exercise Physiology Online. (Submitted for publication)

Professional/Community Based Service:
Member of Knights of Columbus (Transfer to Council 963)
-Elected Deputy Grand Knight (8/2010)
College Service:
University Research Committee – SOK Representative - 2009-2010
Community Service:
July 1-6, 2010: U.S. Youth Soccer Region I Championships, Barboursville, WV – Medical Staff
University Service:
Hedricks Award Committee - 2009-2010
University Service:
Legislative Affairs Committee - 2009-2010
University Service:
Faculty Development Committee for Online and Multimedia Instruction (FDCOMI) - 2009-2010
WV State Advisory Board:
Member - West Virginia State Advisory Board of the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Other Achievements:
Grant Submitted::
Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers’ Association. The Effects of an Elastic Posterior Counterforce on knee kinetics. $2150 (10/2010)
Seminar Attendance:
Marshall University Technology Summit, 2010
Seminar Attendance:
American College of Sports Medicine - Baltimore, MD; June 2-5, 2010
Seminar Attendance:
MURC Grant and Development Workshop – Spring 2010
Technical Training:
1. Online Faculty Development Programs. Sponsored by Wimba, Inc. 4-30-10

2. Wimba Study Break: Increasing Revenue and Enrollments via Collaborative Technology Sponsored by Wimba, Inc. 3-9-10

3. I Love (Wimba) CATs: Using Wimba Classroom to Bridge Online and Face-to-Face Learning and Assessment. Sponsored by Wimba, Inc. 12-3-09

4. Wimba Voice Design Basics. Sponsored by Wimba, Inc. 12-02-09

5. Twitter in the classroom. Marshall IT Development Presentation. Presenters: Jeremy Kendzierski and Albert Simon. 11-02-09.

6. Success with Wimba Classroom. Sponsored by Wimba, Inc. 10-29-09

7. New Ways to Collaborate with Wimba 6.0. Sponsored by Wimba, Inc. 10-27-09

8. Trends in Education and Technology: Best Practices in using Collaboration Software for On Campus and Virtual Campus Learning! Sponsored by Wimba, Inc. 10-26-09

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