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Name: Mary Moore
Title: Professor
Office: English/COLA
Phone: 304-696-2405
Expert: Scholarship in Renaissance poetry, Shakespeare, early modern women, modernist women.

Creative Works:
 Poetry Book. 1998, The Book of Snow. Cleveland: Cleveland State University Press, 64 pp. Original poetry.

o “The Gin of Time.” Nimrod, 2011 Awards issue. Finalist.
o “Elizabeth’s Rule,” “The Platonist’s Complaint,” “Glossing the Monastary Garden,” “The Courtier Comments on Ladies,” “The Glass of Fashion.” Cavalier, The Literary Couture. April through June features, 2011.
o “Five for California,” Connotations Press, February 2011. On-line.
o “What Holds Us Together,” “Rock is the Premise,” “Why Bird?” “Pliny and I,” “The Climate of Climbing the Stairs,” Evolutionary Review. 2012.
o “The Blue Glass Bottle by Blenko” and “Van Gogh’s Stars” Spring 2010 issue 2river view, a refereed, national on-line journal with audio.
o “Winged Nike” in American Poetry Journal, Winter 2008.
o “Weaving Water,” in Coal, an anthology. Blair Mountain Press. 2006
o “Tin Roofs, A Corona,” and “Cardinal” in Kestrel, Combined Issue Winter 2006.
o “Indigo Bunting’s Blue,” and ‘Flicker.” Prairie Schooner, Fall 2006.
o “Word Girl” and “Beautiful Daughter” in Literary Mama, an anthology. Eds. Amy Hudock and Carol Buckram. Seal Press. 2006
o “Stars and Stones,” “West Virginia, Late Summer,” “What Air Says,” and “First Wounds, Then Words”, Wild Sweet Notes, Volume II. A refereed anthology. October 2004.
o “Angels of West Virginia,” “On Margaret’s Painting, Bucky’s Farm,” Sows’ Ear Review, 2004, a refereed national journal of creative writing.
o “The Hawk of Showing,” Appalachian Newsletter, 2004, an un-refereed regional newsletter
o "WoodWord for Gwendolyn Brooks," "A Mind of Winter, I, II, III," Perihelion, March 2001. A refereed national, on-line journal.
o "Red." Nimrod, Winter 2001, a refereed international journal.
o "Lively in Her Soul" in Letters to Our Mothers. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1998. 319-325. A refereed national anthology.
o "To a Grown Daughter" and "Dream of My Mother Going to Alaska." Mockingbird. Vol. 2., No. 1, June 1995. 24.
o "Mothering" and, "Trees of Capitol Park." Poet News, September, 1995. 5.
o "Rosie," "The Eclipse at the Lucky Cafe," "Reflections: Two Sonnets," Mockingbird, Vol 1 No. 1 (Spring 1994).
o "Door," Poetry. May 1994. 91.
o "Dean Keeping Bees in Kentucky," "Sebastopol," Prairie Schooner. Fall 1993.159.
o "Like a Great Wind," "Parachute," New Letters, Vol 59, No. 2., 1993. 39-41
o "Yellow." Nimrod. Fall 1992 Awards Issue. N.p. known
o "Mater Mother." Field. No. 46 (Spring 1992). 45.
o "Fontanel," Poetry. December 1993. 136.
o "Cosmology of the Irish Mother." Poetry. V. CLVI, No. 6. (September 1990). 331.
o "Memorial Day, San Francisco." Negative Capability. VII.III (1988). 114-117.
o "Light Bulb," "The Juggler of Morning." Pinchpenny. 8.3 (1987). 25.
o "The Way Up Is the Way Down," “The Way Down Is the Way Up," "Morning, Bodega Bay," "Ecology of the Siskiyou Watershed." Quercus. 4.2 (1985). 21-25.

In Refereed Anthologies
o "Lively in Her Soul" in Letters to Our Mothers. New York, Simon Schuster, 1997.
o "The Delta," Landing Signals, Sacramento Poetry Center, 1986.

As to the Trees That Blossom at Night, White Bear Books, Occidental, California. 1980. Partially funded by an NEA small press grant.

Research Based:
(2000). Desiring Voices, Women Sonneteers and Petrarchism. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press. 290 pp. Original scholarship. Treats women poets rewriting, revising or satirizing love sonnet conventions.
(March, 2009)“’Wit the Web’”: Mary Wroth’s and Gaspara Stampa’s Performative Wit.” Renaissance Society of America, international multi-disciplinary conference on Renaissance studies. Los Angeles California.

(2006, November). "Speaking Wounds. Reading Violence in Mystical Poetry, Music, and Graphics." To be presented at Attending to Early Modern Women--and Men, 11-9-11/11 at the Univerity of Maryland, College Park Maryland.

(2003, April). "Ariel and the Matter of Theatre in The Tempest." Renaissance Society of America, Toronto, Canada.

(2001,December). "Speaking Silence: Christina Rossetti and Petrarch." Paper presented at Modern Language Association of America, New Orleans, Lousianna.

(2002, April). "Mary Sidney's Coupled Work, Poetry as Performance." Paper presented at Renaissance Society of America. Tucson Arizona.

(2002, April). Writing the Writing Center. Paper presented at Mid-Atlantic Writing Conference, Chesepeake College, Chesapeake, Maryland.

"Speaking Silence: Petrarch and Christina Rossetti." Modern Language Association. Refereed journal. New Orleans, Lousianna. December 2001.

Reading New Poems. University of Southeastern Oklahoma. March 2000.

"'Monstrous in Show': Contending Views of the Poet's Womb." Early Modern Culture Group Conference, November 17-19, 1998. Newport Rhode Island, University of Rhode Island.

Panel and Presentation: "Bodies of Light, Bodies of Matter: Female Self-Fashioning in Wroth, Weston, and Stampa." Mary Moore, MaryEllen Lamb, Louise Schleiner. Crossing the Boundaries; Early Modern Women. November 1997. University of Maryland.

"Eating Desire, Embracing Error: Self-Knowledge in Labé and Petrarch." Shakespeare Association of West Virginia, Montgomery West Virginia. April 23-24, 1996.

"The Labyrinth of Style and the Female Sense of Self in Lady Mary Wroth's 'Pamphilia to Amphilanthus.'" Central and South-Central Renaissance Conference, March 20-23, 1996. St. Louis, Mo.

"For Love to See Himself'; Mary Wroth and Petrarch's Mirror." Modern Language Association, San Diego, California. December 1994.

"The Thirst for Self; Lady Mary Wroth's Echo and Narcissus." Philological Association of the Pacific Coast, November 4, 1994.

"Petrarch and the Guise of Blindness." Sixteenth Century Studies Conference. December 1993. St. Louis.
(1997, November). Bodies of light, bodies of matter: Female self-fashioning in Wroth, Weston, and Stampa. Proceedings of the 1997 Attending Women’s Conference, University of Maryland.
Refereed and Invited Articles:
Forthcoming: "The Poetry of Robert Sidney." Ed. Margaret Hannay and Mary Ellen Lamb. The Research Companion to the Sidney Family, 1500-1700. Ashgate Press. Estimated 2014.

"Laura’s Laurels: Petrarca’s rime 1 and 85 and Rossetti’s ‘Mona Innominata, 1 and 8’." Victorian Poetry. Forthcoming, Spring 2012.

"Desiring Styles: Teaching Renaissance Prose Styles Through Imitation." Teaching Renaissance Prose, ed. Margaret Ferguson, Susana Monta (New York: Modern Language Association), 2009.

"Lady Mary Wroth and the Labyrinth of Style." Ed. Mary Ellen Lamb, Mary Wroth (Aldershot England: Ashgate Publishing) 2009. Reprinted from: Studies in English Literature 1500-1900, 38, 109-125.

“The Labyrinth of Style in Pamphilia to Amphilanthus.” Reprinted from SEL. Ed. Schoenberg, Thomas J; Trudeau, Lawrence J. Literary Criticism from 1400-1800. Vol 139. Farmington Hills, MI, Gale Publications, 2007.

"Wonder, Imagination, and the Matter of Theatre in Shakespeare's The Tempest." Philsophy and Literature, special issue on Shakespeare's language, Winter 2006.

"Mary Sidney's 'Coupled Worke': Poetry as Performance." Annals of Scholarship, 2005.

"Sites of Petrarchism, A Review of William Kennedy's book of that title. Spenser Studies. 2005.

"Lady Mary Wroth and the Labyrinth of Style." Studies in English Literature 1500-1900, 38, 109-125.

Professional/Community Based Service:
Administrative; Writing-Related:
Assistant Director, Honors, from Fall 2005 through Spring 2010.

Ran the university Writing Center for five years (2000-2005), during which period usage has tripled.

Participates in poetry readings offered by the university or by community-based groups.

Participates in a bi-weekly poetry workshop composed of Marshall University and community-based writers.

Participates in a play-reading and film group with faculty from diverse departments and including members of the local community.


Distinguished Artists and Scholars
2000/2001. Distinguished Scholarship Award, Junior level. One of two awards for research contributions to the University.
Hedrick Outstanding Faculty
2004/2005. The Hedrick Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching, Scholarship, and Service. Offered once a year to one faculty member from the University.

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