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Name: Jeffrey Powell
Title: Professor
Office: Philosophy/COLA
Phone: 304-696-2705

Research Based:
(1998, April). Ethics and the environment. Paper presented by invitation at the Society, Ethics and Technology conference at Wheeling Jesuit University , Wheeling,WV.

(1999, April). Nothing. Absolutely nothing . . . . Paper presented for the Samuel Beckett and contemporary French thought panel, Blue Ridge International Conference on the Humanities and the Arts, Appalachian State University, Boone, NC.

(1999, July). Henri Bergson: A maddening ontology. Three day seminar presented at the Collegium Phaenomenologcum, Citta di Castello, Italy.


Review of Groundless Grounds: A Study of Wittgenstein and Heidegger by Lee Braver, forthcoming in Review of Metaphysics

“The Writing of Heidegger,” forthcoming in Research in Phenomenology

“Heidegger, Celan, and the Absolute Poem,” forthcoming in the Journal of the College English Association

Heidegger and Language, editor, Indiana University Press, 2013

Introduction to Heidegger and Language, November 2012

“The Way to Heidegger’s Way to Language,” in Heidegger and Language, November 2012

Review of The Movement of Nihilism, in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, January 2012

“Being Just with Freud…After Derrida,” in Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study Of Literature, September 2011

“Heidegger and the Communicative World,” Research in Phenomenology, vol. 40, spring 2010

“The Abyss of Repetition,” Epochç: A Journal for the History of Philosophy, spring 2010, pp.363-82

“A Possible Death?” in Theory at Buffalo, fall 2009

“Exposing the Body,” Research in Phenomenology, vol. 38/3, fall 2008

Review of Metaphor and Continental Philosophy, Clive Cazeaux, Notre Dame Philosophical Review, February 2009

The History of Beyng, trans. of Die Geschichte des Seyns, Martin Heidegger (under contract with Indiana University Press)

“Die Nietzsche-Vorlesungen im Rahmen des Denkweges Heideggers,” Heidegger-Jahrbuch 2, 2005

Entry for John Sallis, Edinburgh Dictionary of Continental Philosophy, 2005

"Spiritual Death/Poetic Death," International Studies in Philosophy, vol. XXXVI, 2004

"An Enlightened Madness," Human Studies: A Journal for Philosophy and the Social Sciences, vol. 25, 2002

"Union Carbide and the Revenge of Bhopal," Ethics West Virginia (Spring/Summer, 1999)

"The Encyclopedia of Madness," International Studies in Philosophy, XXXX (2), 93-103, 1998

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