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Date Passed by Senate Committee of Origin Date Approved Recommendation Summary
09/17/87BY-LAWS09/17 Adoption of By-Law #1 re: voting procedure for general faculty
09/17/87FPC9/17 BOR rep to serve as ex officio, non-voting member of FPC
09/17/87SCW09/17 Re: Constitution wording change - pg. 24 re: voting membership
09/17/87FS09/17 Re: Invitation to BOR, key people in legislature or other key people to address special session of Senate
09/17/87FS09/17 Re: Date of Senate meetings for Spring semester 87/88
10/29/87EC10/29 Re: Release time for Senate President
10/29/87EC10/29 Re: 8th Floor Lounge - Smith Hall
10/29/87ECDisapproved Re: Meeting date for 12/87 Senate meeting
10/29/87ASCR10/29 Approval of Grade Appeal Officers
10/29/87ASCR10/29 Composition of Curriculum Sub-Committee
10/29/87ASCR10/29 Acceptance of Appeals Report from Dr. Ron Gain
10/29/87AP11/10 Re: appointment of community members as non-voting ex-officio members on AP Committee
10/29/87AP11/10 Re: referral of issues to be considered by AP by the Senate President
10/29/87AC11/10 Re: Student Activity Fee increase
10/29/87ASCR11/11Resolution re: pre-arranged, administrative decisions re: academic matters
10/29/87GR11/01Re: routing of graduate course requests & changes
10/29/87GR11/10Re: change of designator in Speech Pathology from SPH to SPA
10/29/87GR11/10Re: Graduate Committee sub-committees
10/29/87FS11/11Creation of Summer School Committee
10/29/87FS11/11Clarification of Student Fee increase
11/18/87ASCR11/19Curricula Action - HST 375,376, 377, ART 414/514, 448, NUR 222, 240, CR 473/573, 560-563, SPH 104H, 345
11/18/87FPC11/19Re: subsection 4, Section IV, C on pg. 6 of Greenbook
11/18/87FPC11/19Re: pg. 21, Greenbook, "Academic Regulations"
11/18/87ASCR11/19Re: Incomplete Documentation Form
11/18/87LC11/19Re: Committee & Senate input prior to any reduction of the budget
11/18/87ASCR11/19Curricula Action: AE, VTE, EDM, ENG
11/18/87FS11/19Adoption of recommendations from Legislative Affairs Committee
11/18/87FSDisapprovedDemand that the legislature raise taxes to support higher education
11/18/87ASCR11/19Curricula Action
12/10/87BA12/10Approval of "draft" of the 1989/1990 Budget Request Process
12/10/87FPC12/10Re: MU Policy on Termination of Faculty Due to Program Reduction or Discontinuance
12/10/87GR12/14Re: Graduate Faculty status
12/10/87GR12/14That the Graduate Dean shall rule on the approval/disapproval of clinical graduate faculty status
12/10/87GR12/14Re: Curricula Action
12/10/87GR12/14Re: Curricula Action - ECN 562, EDF 630, BSC 660,661,662
12/10/87GR12/14Amendment to Graduate Catalog re: graduate candidacy policies
12/10/87GRDisapprovedRe: distribution of Graduate Advisor Checklist
12/10/87FS12/14Creation of a commitee or appointment of appropriate body to compile statistical data on work loads
01/26/88FS02/01Establishes Senate meeting time
01/26/88FS02/01Recording in Senate minutes of those Senators who've missed three meetings
01/26/88LC02/01Re: Library personnel who are to serve as ex-officio non-voting members of the LC
01/26/88PFPC02/01Re: First priority to Science Building Renovation
02/23/88GR02/25Re: Graduate Faculty Status application approval
02/23/88GR02/25Curricula Action - PHY, PMC, ENG
02/23/88ASCR02/25That Speech Pathology course designators be moved to the Psychology Department
02/23/88ASCR02/25That the designator ITL be used for the Instructional Technology & Library Science courses
02/23/88ASCR02/25Re: ITV credit courses
02/23/88ASCR02/25Curricula Action
02/23/88ASCR02/25Re: Statement in catalog re: ITV courses
02/23/88FS02/25Re: appointments to university-wide search committees and external faculty to college committees
02/23/88FS02/25Re: Committee to Study Student Fee's repon
02/23/88FS02/25Thank you to Cabell-Wayne delegation to legislature's support of the retirement benefit for nine-month faculty
03/29/88ASCR04/06Re: Curricula Action
03/29/88ASCR04/06Re: Curricula Action
03/29/88ASCR04/06Re: Academic Forgiveness Policy
03/29/88ASCR04/08 Re: Residency requirements
03/29/88FPCDisapproved Re: approval of amended Modest Proposal for Summer School document
03/29/88FPC04/08 Approval for adoption of Institutional Headng Committee procedures on an interim basis
03/29/88GR04/08 Curricula Action: ENG 503, Cl 527, ANA 620
03/29/88PFPC04/06 Re: Movement of tennis courts
03/29/88PFPC04/08 Change designation of CH 353 to special purpose use & CH 407 to seminar/conference room
03/29/88PFPC04/08 Parking sticker enforcement only 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday thru Friday
03/29/88PFPC04/06 That Campus Technology be denied Room 336 in OM
03/29/88EC04/06 That a section of the Greenbook be identified for Faculty Senate Policy Statements
03/29/88EC04/06 Development of university-wide policy by the Academic VP to resolve inequities in scheduling & other inequities
03/29/88FS04/06 Re: formation of special Senate committe to conduct an inquiry re: the Social Work Program
04/26/88FPC04/26 Adoption of change in Part 2 of the Hearing Panel Subcommittee Report
04/26/88FPC04/26Adoption of Dr. Coffey's faculty development policy on an interim basis
04/26/88GR04/12Re: graduate faculty status recommendations
04/26/88GR04/26Re: print types for thesis manuscripts
04/26/88GR04/11Re: graduate faculty status for Gabrielle DuVerglas
04/26/88SCW05/12Re: resolution to establish support for condom machines
04/26/88UF04/12Re: Honorary degree for Ms. Verna Gibson
04/26/88EC04/26All faculty concerns & matters not addressed by a standing committee shall be presented to the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate
04/26/88FSDisapprovedRe: Summer School Guidelines
04/26/88FS05/05Re: Summer School Guidelines
05/24/88ASCR06/06ASCR 12/4/87 minutes correction re: HEC 420
05/24/88ASCR06/06Acceptance of Course Change-Addition-Deletion form
05/24/88ASCR06/06Curricula Action
05/24/88ASCR06/06Curricula Action
05/24/88ASCR06/06That the Dietetics Program be allowed to transfer from COLA to COE
05/24/88FPC06/06Approval of the Promotion and Tenure criteria with amendments
06/07/88PFPC06/08To relocate the parking meters from the Fine Arts Bldg. to the back row of Lots F, S, and G
06/07/88PFPC06/08To reopen 18th St., 19th St., College Ave., as well as "I" lot as metered lots
06/09/88PFPC07/11Re: Increase in fee to $15 for student parking permit holders